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IRMA (11th Nov 2007 ) :

The pattern of exam was similar to what was expected and was same as the pattern of last few years. There were 200 question divided into 4 sections and the paper was to be solved in 2 hours. There was no sectional time limit. Each question had 5 options and one correct answer was to be selected. Each correct answer was awarded by 1 marks and there was negative marking of 1/4 of each wrong answer.

The four sections of the paper were as follows :

SECTION 1 : ENGLISH USAGE and RC : This section was simple and less time consuming. There were 40 questions in this section out of which 15 questions were on RC.
In the RC section there was one passage on Water management and there were 15 questions based on it. The passage was of about 500 words and the questions were of moderate difficulty level.
The remaining 25 questions were on Paragraph arrangement ( 5 questions) , Cloze test ( 10 Questions) , and selection of a replacement phrase (10 question)

SECTION 2 : QA and DI. There were 50 questions in total out of which 20 questions were on DI and 30 question on QA.
The QA questions were based on BODMAS and numerical ability (10 questions) , number system, next number in Series ( 5 question) ,Compound Interest, Simple Interest, percentages, ratio, Fractions, mensuration etc. The DI section was based on 4 caselets , two on tabular form , one bar graph, and one on pie chart.

SECTION 3 : Analytical and Verbal ability : There were 50 questions in total in this section. The questions were equally distributed among following topics :
Arrangements ( Line and Circular) , Odd man out , Coding and decoding, Data sufficiency, family relationship, Cause effect, Strong and weak argument, definitely true, probably true etc, analogies, statement implication, Decision making, etc. Question were of moderate difficulty level.

SECTION 4 : Issue of social concern : This section judges the genuine interest of candidates in rural management . There were 60 questions in total in this section. This section had question based on Indian Economy, Agriculture, Rural economy , and industries and bodies related to Social development, International bodies ( ASEAN, UN etc) , government rules, regulations and policy, Cooperatives etc. This section was of moderate difficulty level .


95 for call from IRMA

85 for call from XIMB.

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