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IIFT (26th Nov 2006) :

Will say that it was an attempt to make a tough paper in which they succeeded  but  in the process lost  the main focus of testing  the required  skill set.  Such kind of paper will not help the institute in improving the quality of candidates the institute get.
 It seems that the paper  was a result of the desire  to match the standards of CAT in which they failed.  IIFT is a great institute but something was not so great about this paper.
Looks like that the paper setters  believed that by  setting a difficult papers the prestige of the institute will improve but this is not true.  The paper should be set to test the skills you require and the focus should not be on setting a difficult paper. Anyway, the candidates don’t have to worry much as the selection is on the basis of ranking.   

New features in the IIFT 2006 TEST :

  1. Some questions had more than one correct answer and candidates could mark more than one option to gain more marks. Though failing to select all the right answer would not result in negative marking. Questions with one correct answer had negative marking .

  2. There may be sectional cut offs for this paper unlike the previous years.

There were 4 sections in the paper as per format given below. Paper was all about selection of proper question. 

The Quantitative section had two parts . In Part 1 there were 13 questions with multiple correct answer and there was no negative marking in this part. Each question in this part had 0.95 marks allocated. Part 2 had 17 question with only one option correct . Each question was of 0.95 marks with 0.32 negative marking for wrong answer. There were 10 question on Algebra, Geometry and arithmetic each. The questions were real tough and time consuming.

GK section had 26 question with multiple correct answer. There was no negative marking in this section and the maximum marks for each question was 0.85 .  The questions were very tough and if you got 5 or more answer correct you have performed well. Questions were from History , geography, Science, world bodies and world events, Constitution etc.

Reasoning and DI section  had 2 parts. In part 1 there were 15 questions with multiple correct answer  each question had maximum 1 marks and there was no negative marking for this part. Part 2 had 12 questions with one correct answer . There was negative marking of 1/3 for each wrong answer and 1 mark for each correct answer.
The section was very time consuming and tough.

The English section was divided into 2 parts. The verbal ability part had 15 questions with 0.96 marks allocated to each question and had negative marking of 0.32 for each wrong answer.
The second part was on RC which had 2 passages and 8 questions based on the 2 passages. There were multiple correct answer and there was no negative marking on RC based questions.

Expected Cut off   :

IIFT Delhi 23 with 6 cut off for each section.
IIFT Calcutta : 21
GIFT : 17
Sydenham  : 15

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