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(Solve this Hurdle by 16th Feb.)

There is no point in storing these hurdles for future use. Follow the main stream and solve these hurdles according to the dates given or earlier. Within 2 months time you will realise that there is shortage of time. As you would have already read many of our past MBA aspirants who got calls from top Management institutes have given credit to these Hurdles for their success.
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Q1. Price of a commodity is increased by 15 % and the total expense on that commodity is reduced by 8 % by making changes in the consumption. By how much % did the consumption change ?

Q2. The expense on certain commodity was increased by 38 % which was partially due to change in consumption and partially due to change in price. The price of the commodity which was earlier Rs 125 per Kg was now costing Rs 13 more per Kg. By how much percentage did the consumption change.

Q3. Price of a commodity is increased by 25 %. By how much % should the consumption be changes so that the expense becomes 1.5 times of the original.

Q4. The consumption of certain commodity was reduced by 10 % but the expense was increased by 8.9% due to the net result of two successive increase in price by same percentage. ( UrPercentile.com) By how much was the price increased at the first time.

Q5. Price of a commodity is increased by 25 %. By how much % should the consumption be reduced so that the expense remain the same.

Q6. Price of a commodity is decreased by certainm percentage and the consumption is increased by same percentage. The new expenditure on that commodity was reduced by 4 %. (UrPercentile.com) What was the original price of the commodity if the new price is Rs 100 per Kg.

Q7. Price of a commodity is increased by 50%. By how much % should the consumption be reduced so that the expense remain the same.

Q8. Price of a commodity is decreased by 50 %. By how much % can the consumption be increased so that the expense remain the same.

Q9. The consumption of a commodity was reduced by 25 % when its price was increased by certain percent. The expense remained the same. By how much percent was the price increased ?

Q10. The consumption of a commodity was increased by 16.66 % . When its price was reduced by certain percent, the expense remained the same. By how much percent was the price reduced ?



SET A ===

Q 11. Imbecility
Q 12. impromptu
Q 13. incipience
Q 14. inscrutable
Q 15. Lassitude
Q 16. Mendicant

SET B ====
A) Beginning.
B) without previous preparation
C) Weakness of mind
D) Tiredness
E) not to be discovered
F) Not at proper time
G) Beggar
H) Cannot be examined
I) flow of a liquid



Read the article below and answer the question mentioned after the passage :

Source: The Hindu Business Line

"RESPONDING to a request by the Paradip Port Trust (PPT), the Rail India Technical & Economic Services (RITES) has decided to prepare a master plan for rail and road infrastructure for the port.

RITES has constituted a high-powered expert committee to undertake the job. Mr S.K. Roy, a retired IRTS officer will be the project leader while Mr A. Ramji, a former General Manager of SER, and Mr Shanti Narain, a former member (traffic) of Rail Board, will be the other members.

Mr I.D. Amin and Mr Ramani, two former General Managers, too will be associated with it and Mr G.D. Brahma, General Manager, RITES, will be the coordinator. The team will shortly visit Paradip and is expected to finalise its findings within six months. The need for a master plan for rail-cum-road infrastructure for Paradip port has arisen because of the poor level of connectivity to the port town even as the prospects of economic activity picking up in the region are bright. The condition of the two roads, National Highway 5A, which links Paradip with National Highway 5, and State Highway 12, which connects Cuttack with Paradip, beggars description.

With the completion of the work on the doubling of the Cuttack-Paradip railway line, the rail connectivity however has improved a little and the work on electrification of the route is in progress. But that is not enough considering the amount of investments being planned for the region. There is a proposal for a new port, as part of the massive steel plant being planned by a Korean steel giant in the area. Several other entrepreneurs too are believed to have shown interest in making huge investments. PPT feels that the user industries must develop their own sidings. For example, Paradeep Phosphates Ltd, now under the management of K.K. Birla Group, does not have a siding of its own. It often creates problems for the port. PPT, therefore, is participating in two SPVs formed to improve both rail and road connectivity to the port.

It is participating in the equity of the Rs 430-crore Haridaspur-Paradip rail link project being executed by Rail Vikas Nigam Ltd (RVNL) in partnership with others. PPT is picking up 10 per cent of the Rs 185-crore equity. It has also committed Rs 40 crore and already paid Rs 10 crore in the SPV floated by National Highway Authority of India for widening NH 5A. PPT has also committed Rs 15 crore towards upgradation of the 90-km long Cuttack-Paradip road."

Q 17. Approximately how much has PPT committed to spend per Km on the state Highway 12.
1) Rs 16.66 Lakh per Km
2) Rs 166 Lakh per Km
3) Rs 15 crore per Km
4) Rs 18.5 crore .
5) Cannot be determined.

Answers of Above Hurdle-06
Those who solved the hurdle in less than 20 minutes and got 14 or more correct performed well.
Hurdle 06-Answers

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Ratio change on addition of liquid.A solution of two Liquids A and B is in ratio of 3:5.
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