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(Solve this Hurdle by 6th Feb.)

Following is Hurdle 04 on linear equations. Solving the first one for you :

Q1. 3 pens , 4 pencils and 5 pencil boxes cost Rs 312. 2 pens, 3 pencils and 4 pencil boxes cost Rs 236. 4
pens , 3 pencils and 5 boxes cost Rs 310. What will be the cost of 2 pens , 4 pencils and 6 boxes.

Let the Pen cost Rs X, Pencil cost Rs Y and Box cost Z.
Now from first statement we have : (i) 3X+4Y+5Z=312
from second we have (ii) 2X+3Y+4Z=236
from third we have (iii) 4X+3Y+5Z=310.
now subtract (ii) from iii) you get iv) 2X+ Z= 74
now multiply (i) by 3 and (ii) by 4 you get
(v) 9X+ 12Y+ 15Z=936
(vi) 8X+ 12Y+16Z=944
subtract (vi) from (v) you get
(vii) X-Z= -8
adding (iv)and (vii) , 3 X= 66 or X=22.
put the value of X in (iv) or (vii) and you will get Z
= 30.
Now you have the value of X and Z. put this two value in any one of the equation (i) , (ii) or (iii) .
You will get Y= 24 Put the value of X,Y and Z to get answer as 350.


Q2. 3 Icecreams, 4 Dosas and 5 Samosas cost Rs 274. 2 Icecreams, 3 Dosas and 4 Samosas cost Rs 210. 4 Icecreams, 3 Dosas and 5 Samosas cost Rs 264. What will be the cost of 2 Icecreams, 4 Dosas and 6 Samosas .

Q3. 2 shirts, 3 jackets and 4 T-shirts costs Rs 3,600. 3 shirts, 4 jackets and 2 T-shirts costs Rs 4300. 4 shirts, 3 jackets and 5 T shirts costs Rs 4800. What is the cost of 1 shirt, 4 jackets and 6 T-shirts ?

Q4. 1 Kg of apple , 3 Kg of Mangoes and 2 Kg of Oranges cost Rs 320. 2 Kg of apple , 4 Kg of Mangoes and 1 Kg of Oranges cost Rs 410. 2 Kg of apple , 3 Kg of Mangoes and 5 Kg of Oranges cost Rs 460. What is the cost of 1 Kg of apple, 2 Kg of Mangoes and 3 Kg of Oranges.

Q5. 3 pairs of socks , 3 pairs of gloves and 2 caps cost Rs 480. 2 pairs of socks , 3 pairs of gloves and 1 cap cost Rs 360. 2 pairs of socks , 1 pair of gloves and 3 caps cost Rs 380. What will be the cost of 3 pairs of socks , 2 pairs of gloves and 1 cap.

Q6. 2 Kg of rice , 3 Kg of grams and 5 Kg of flour cost 280. 4 Kg of rice , 3 Kg of grams and 7 Kg of flour cost 380. 3 Kg of rice , 2 Kg of grams and 6 Kg of flour cost 290. (Urpercentile.com) What will be the cost of 5 Kg of rice , 3 Kg of grams and 4 Kg of flour ?

Q7. 2 Hockey sticks , 4 cricket bats and 8 footballs cost 3600. 1 Hockey stick, 3 cricket bats and 6 footballs cost 2600. What is the cost of 1 Hockey stick, 2 cricket bat and 4 footballs.

Q8. 1 Basket, 3 cookers and 4 mugs cost Rs. 1900. 3 Baskets , 4 cookers and 2 mugs cost Rs. 2700. 4 baskets , 3 cookers and 5 mugs cost Rs 2900. (Urpercentile.com) I have Rs 2500 with me and I have bought 1 Basket and 3 cookers already. How many mugs can I buy with the remaining money?

Q9 . Weight of book, printer and hard disks is 100 gm, 150 gm , 200 gm respectively. 2 books, 3 printers, 4 hard disks cost 950. 3 books, 4 printers, 2 hard disks cost 875. (Urpercentile.com) 1 books, 3 printers, 5 hard disks cost 1000. I have Rs. 1225 and I want to carry the minimum possible weight and want to make sure that I spend all my Rs. 1225. How many books, printers and hard disks should I buy.



Read the article below and answer the question mentioned after the passage :

Source : The Hindu

"Hebert and his co-workers successfully conducted "blind" tests, in which a small piece of tissue was provided by collaborators, which was then used to identify the specimen. More than 4,000 specimens belonging to 500 species of tropical insects were correctly identified.

Variation in the COI sequence between individuals from the same species and among individuals from different species has been determined for many vertebrates and invertebrates: birds, fishes, collembolans and insects. DNA barcoding seems a promising tool in all these cases.

DNA barcodes don't always agree precisely with traditional taxonomic classifications, (though they do seem to agree in almost all cases). In a study on butterflies, one set of butterflies that was believed to be a single species since 1775, showed so much genetic variation that barcoding split this set up into 10 different species. Scientists have suspected, however, that this species may actually not be one, and that there may be differences that aren't visible to the eye.


So, using DNA barcodes, scientists investigated these insects further, and found that although the adults looked alike, they were, in fact, 10 different species according to DNA barcoding. Going back into the field, they realised that these species could be distinguished when the appearance, behaviour and diets of their caterpillars were carefully examined, and taken into account. Most other butterfly species showed that traditional taxonomy had done an excellent job — their classifications matched up with the genetic groupings.

However, there were subtle differences in about four species, suggesting that in those cases, DNA barcoding would split up some species that traditional taxonomic approaches had lumped together. "

Q10 . Which one of the following is definitely true :
1) Although the adult butterflies may look alike but the species can be distinguished if the appearance, behaviour and diets of their caterpillars are carefully examined, and taken into account.
2) DNA barcodes may not agree precisely with traditional taxonomic classifications.
3) Both 1 and 2
4) None.



Cantata n. A choral composition usually on religious theme.

Pastiche : Imitation of another's style in creative work in literature, drama, music or art often to satirize another work or style.

Antiphony n. An anthem or other composition sung responsively. A musical response

Operetta n. A humorous play in dialogue, music and dance.

Quintet n. A Musical composition written for five singers, musicians or instruments.

Metronome n. An instrument for indicating and marking exact time in music.

Conservatory n. A professional institution for instruction and training in music and drama

Answers of Above Hurdle-04
Those who solve the hurdle in less than 20 minutes and got question 9 and 10 correct have done well.
Hurdle 04-Answers

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