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(Solve this Hurdle by 2nd May)

Five personnel (Ajay, Bhaskar, Chandan, Dubey and Manish ) of a company from Delhi were sent for a training program to
Mumbai for 15 days. Their company made the boarding and lodging arrangement for them in its guesthouse in Mumbai. They
were suppose to pay only for their morning breakfast they take at the guesthouse. There were only five dishes available for the breakfast namely Samosa, Idli, Noodles, Vada Pav and Dumplings. Each one of them had breakfast everyday taking one dish everyday at the guesthouse in such a manner that each dish was taken 15 times in total. All the dishes were tried by each one of them at least once and the maximum number of times any dish was taken by any one personnel was 5. (UrPercentile.com) Cost of Samosa, Idli, Noodles, Vada Pav and Dumplings were Rs.8, Rs 15, Rs 10, Rs 12 and Rs 18 respectively.

Ajay paid Rs. 212 in total out of which Rs 60 were for idlis, Rs 30 for noodles and Rs 24 for Vada Pavs.
Bhaskar who had Noodles, Vada Pav and Dumplings same number of times paid Rs 175 in total out of which Rs. 36 were for VadaPav.
Chandan ate Samosa, idli and Noodles same number of times paid Rs. 198 in total out of which Rs 66 were for samosas, Idli
and Noodles.
Dubey ate Samosa and Noodles same number of times and paid Rs 72 for these two items. For Idli he paid Rs 75 and in total he paid Rs 177.

Mark 1 if both statement are true.
Mark 2 if both statement are false.
Mark 3 if only first statement is true.
Mark 4 if only second statement is true.

Q1. Manish paid 175 in total. Manish paid 30 for noodles.
Q2. Manish paid 183 in total. Manish tried VadaPav 4 times.
Q3. In total the five of them paid 945. Manish paid the maximum.
Q4. Ajay paid the maximum of the 5 personnel. Bhaskar paid minimum.
Q5. Two person paid more than 20 % of the total amount paid. All of them paid more than 16 % of the total amount.
Q6. Bhaskar paid Rs 40 for Samosas. Bhaskar paid 60 for idlis.
Q7. Ajay paid 90 for dumplings. Ajay paid 8 for Samosas.
Q8. Chandan paid 72 for vadapavs. Chandan paid 54 for Dumplings. (www.urpercentile.com)
Q9. Manish tried 3 dishes for 3 times. Bhaskar ate Idli only once.
Q10. The average amount paid by the five is 189. Manish spent maximum on Idli.
Q11. Bhaskar spent maximum on Samosas. Chandan spent maximum on Dumplings.
Q12. Dubey spent maximum on Idlis. Manish spent minimum on Samosas.
Q13. The amount spent on Idlis and noodles combined was equal to the amount spent on Dumplings by Ajay. The amount spent on VadaPav and Dumplings together was equal to the amount spent on noodles by Dubey.
Q14. 3 personnel spent same amount on Noodles. 2 personnel spent same amount on VadaPavs.



Q15. Expectorate, Q16. Perpetrate, Q17. Repudiate, Q18. Indomitable, Q19.Pittance, Q20. Tenacious,

A. To disown or refuse to acknowledge or pay debt.
B. Sticking firm to a decision or an opinion.
C. To cough up and spit phlegm
D. To beat someone
E. To commit an offence
F. To be unhappy with someone
G. A small allowance or wage.
H. Brave, impossible to defeat.
I. Tentacles
J. To understand clearly

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