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Planning is a very important part of any job/ task or for any goal that you want to achieve. Without a proper plan you will not be able to clear any goal, be it a small goal like reaching your office/college on time. Half the battle is won by proper planning and the remaining half by proper implementation of the plan. 

You need to have the following before you start preparing for the MBA entrance test, and the earlier you have all this the better it is:

  1. A clear cut idea about what you want to do , how you want to do and why you want to do.
  2. Timetable for your preparation. It is not possible to win the CAT race in a short span of time. 250 hours of preparation in 100 days is more helpful than 250 hours of preparation in 30 days. You gain confidence over a period of time, putting too many hours a day for a short span of time won't help much. There is a limit to the number of hours in a day you can really study effectively. Try to identify your weak points and try to improve on the same.
  3. Information about the pattern of the previous test that you want to take and  the syllabus of the test.
  4. List of the books/ magazines / study material that you are going to refer and TV shows to watch.
  5.  Number of Mock test that you are going to take..
  6. Back –up plan just in case you are not able to make it to the institute of your choice.
  7. Need to discuss with at least 2 seniors to get proper guidance. Learn from the mistakes of others, discuss with other who had taken the exam that you want to take and discuss with them about the exam.
  8. Identify your weakness and strength at the initial stages and monitor the same during the course of your preparation. You may need to take MOCK test to do so. The margin between success and failure ( Getting admission in one of the top 30 institute) is very thin. Just a question or two may make the difference, so try to identify those few questions that will make the difference
  9. Whether you want to take coaching for the entrance test or not.
  10. Keep your moral high and have confidence in yourself. Start reading more on diverse topics for your interview as you are not confident in this area. Interact with people in the industry, send your resume to different companies around you, you may get chance to appear for some real interviews. This will boost your confidence level.

When to Start Preparation
We recommend that you start preparation for the exam around 1 year before the exam,
  To Prepare in Group or Not
I am of  the view that self study & group study in combination both are important.

  Time-Table for Starting 1 Year Before the Test
Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those have more than year to prepare for the exams.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants