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We recommend that you take at least 25 Mocks (including the past CAT papers, take home tests, test conducted by various institute etc) before appearing for the actual CAT. The 25 Mock should be spread over a period of time and not to be taken in a short span of say last 25 days.

We conducted a poll on this issue , here are the results:

Tips for Practice Test
Don't get bogged down on few questions, and Don't get demoralised if you are not able to solve a few quest.

  Analysis of Practice Test
Apart from analysing the overall result you should spend time analysing each question

  Mock It ! - Article by Hardik
Come July/August and you shall be tormented by a shower of Mock Tests leading up to the CAT and .....

QUESTION : How many full time Mock tests will I take before the actual test ? (Include Tests held by various institutes, previous CAT papers, Sample tests and take home tests that you plan to take)

Number of MBA Aspirant participated in this Poll :118


Choices               Votes    %  

Less than 6     :          0 %

7 to 9            :           3 %     

10 to 12         :           9 %     

13 to 15         :           5 %     

16 to 18         :           9 %     

19 to 21         :           9 %

22 to 24         :           6  %    

25 to 30         :           25 %    

31 to 40         :           11 %    

More than 40 :           17 %     

After a mock, you must spend some time on analysis of your result and check the questions that you have done wrong. Study the trend on the types of questions you do wrong. You will find certain type of questions that you attempt wrongly, almost every time. These are the one you should avoid doing during the exams. You will be able to identify the sitters after you have taken a few mocks. These are not same for everyone.  There was one of our member who thought he was very strong in problem solving , after we recommended him to study the questions and list down the questions he was doing wrong , he found out that most of the questions on mensuration and geometry were wrong and all the way he thought it was he was doing a great job at it. This was his weak point and he identified it which helped him a lot. Time allocation varies on your preparation level and the paper. Try to attempt 12 or 13 questions every 15 minutes with 80 % accuracy. It really helps to know your week point and strong points. Sometime you think you are very strong or weak in a particular section , but on analysing you may find entirely opposite. On the basis of the analysis you can allocate your time for preparation on various topics.

Main purpose of taking Mock should be :

1) To identify the strong and weak areas and concentrate on improving accordingly.  

2) To develop skill to search the easy questions in the test paper and not to spend too much time on a question which appears to be complicated.

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