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Almost all the institute seeking students for full time MBA program will require you to give an entrance test followed by Group Discussion and a personal interview.  In a very few institute there are things like Group interview, extempore presentation,  essay writing , Management games etc  conducted to judge the qualities of the candidates. Some of the important entrance test accepted by Management institutes in India are CAT, XAT, JMET, FMS, IRMA TEST, IIFT TEST, MAT, SNAP, CET. All these test except for MAT are conducted once in a year. The dates of conducting these exams are announced in leading daily newspapers. Besides taking the test you MAY have to apply separately to the institutes where you want to get admission. For some of the institute that conduct their own test, you may not have to apply separately.  Visit the websites of the institutes that you are interested in and see what entrance test they accept and plan accordingly.

The entrance test conducted by these institute require a lot of hard work and preparation. Some of the candidates prepare for these exams for more than one year. Preparation for Group discussions and interview is also required for which you should be an all rounder having knowledge of all the things happening around you

Types of Mangement Programs
Following are different ways to get the MBA in India listed in the preference of  UrPercentile.com..
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I am planning to apply to some top 10 so as to spread the risks.

  Tips for Applying to institutes
Read the prospectus, instructions  and the requirements carefully and follow them.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants