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Hafeez: According to me, at the intial stages of preparation self study is important because you will come to learn all basics, techniques etc. Once the person is strong in their basics, techniques etc, he can study in a group where he can contribute to the group and apply various approaches.

Venus : I believe studying in a group is much more effective than studying alone.Yes,self study is also required but some time should be given to study in group. As it will help understand the topics in better way.New techniques and vocabs will stay longer in memory only when it is discussed, rather than just mugging it up. Apart from this, studying in group will develop the competence and competitiveness.

Santosh : I will suggest not to study in a group, as tasks in the group are done much easier as more than one bodies. In CAt or in other exam we are all alone to solve a test, so why should'nt we prepare all alone to face the CAT.

Ambreesh :   We should prepare in a group if possible or  at least should be in contact with other serious  aspirants, that way we can exchange useful information.

Santosh :      Studies should be in groups and I feel combined efforts have harvested more crop in past and in many areas than a single handed fight.

Saumya :  Studying alone or in a group is mainly based on an individual's comfort level. I personally prefer to study alone. However time and again, it is good to compare test scores with that of others so that the competition will drive one to perform better.

Sunny :  One must study in a group as that enhances the knowledge of an individual via doubts clearance and helps to develop new strategies on certain topics.

Subhash :   One should not study individually while preparing for any competitive exam including CAT. Individual preparation may be sufficient for written exam but GD and interview requires productive discussion with other CAT aspirants.

Yogesh :   Study in groups is better because in groups u can share ur problems with other and also help them to solve their problems, u interact with peoples of different skills and share ur views towards.

Piyush :  I am of  the view that self study & group study in combination both are important.

Rohit :  Every individual will have his own requirements to focus his concentration. Few people might require pin-drop silence for studying while a handful might be able to do it even in a rock concert. However, preparing for entrance exams in a group does help a lot. This has been my personal experience too. One of the very obvious advantage is that studying in  a group will help in exchanging different approaches in attempting the questions. In this case, the sum of the parts is greater than the whole.

Narayana : My vote is in favour of group study. If we study in group there is possibility of exchange of knowledge and things that are discussed are remembered for long time.

Satish : According to me ,its better one should prepare in group since we will  get to know other perspective, new methods, techiniques, approach and  enthusiasm.

Sunil :  One should study in a group when preparing for entrance exams. This is because this is will help foster much needed group interactions among aspirants which would help in GD. This will also help in knowledge sharing and makes the preparation more fun.

Suraj :  This depends on situation whether person is working or not. If a person is working and finds less time for self study, then he should concentrate on self study. If a person is not working then one can dedicate 2 to 3 hours for group study.

Akshay :  I would say, it totally depends on individual whether he/she  wants to study alone or in a group. Well, keeping in mind complexity of the problems, it might be better to study in a group as group members can discuss the different ways of solving the problem. But finally, one has to draw a line, when it comes to group studies.

Uma :  it's better to study in a group b'coz it's easy to get some new methods for solving problems.

Santosh:  Studying alone may not be preferable, when you prepare.   Along with the group that really adds a lot to ur existing knowledge.

Swapnil : Group  work or team efforts is always more productive than individual efforts. For a entrance exam  it is better to study in  a group so that we  r updated with new topics.but  it also depends on selection of group.
Ria : I believe one should study in group since CAT is competitive exam u have to solve the question in shortest possible time by studying in group u might come across some good method or solving a problem.

Mokshi :  Neither! Though it depends on the individual and the preparation style  he/she is comfortable with, I believe you require a bit of both to do  well. I can concentrate better when I study alone. So, while preparing/learning topics, I would rather do it alone. However, you need to touch  base with other people preparing for CAT. This can come handy in  learning new tips  and assessing your speed/priorities, etc.

Shyam :  Yes one should prepare in groups because you will get used different mindset when solving problems and more than one solution will come for a give problem.

Vidya :   Its always advisable to be part of a group while preparing and share lot of info..this way everyone gets benefited


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