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Hurdles for CAT
Our Hurdles are prepared on the basis of past entrance tests  papers.

Tips by IIMA Students
Online Interview of IIMA 2004-06 batch Students(Tips from students of IIMA) 

GD/PI Feedback
Members Sharing their GD/PI Experience and Other Information.

Management Games at UrPercentile
Brain Storming Session at UrPercentile; SWOT Analysis of Various States of India.

Feedback on Exams

Online GD/PI by UrPercentile
Online Mock GDs: Should IIMs start engineering courses? GD-1; Cos Theta

Members Helping Each Other
Something more about Ranking; Surprise Elements in exams


During these month you will find members  discussing about the exams that are conducted during first quarter of the year for example XAT , FMS etc. Members share the links of various result announcement, some members have good news to share with others, some decide to continue with the preparation for exams to be conducted at the end of the year while some decide to give up their dream of being MBA. 

At the same time there will be discussions going on about Group discussion and Personal Interviews conducted at  various  management institutes. Lot of speculation about cut off of  various institutes is discussed. UrPercerntile tries to send expected cut of various institutes, some members agree with the expected cut off some don't.  UrPercentile conducts online mock interviews and online mock GDs  for those who actively participated in the group activities previously and those who helped others earlier. 

A lot of people come forward to share their GD/PI experience. Invariably every year we have a few participant who get calls from all 6 IIMs and some of them share all their GD/PI experience with other members and come out with their success story. Some get call from more than one institutes and are not able to decide which one to select and seek opinion  from other members.

 For those who are preparing for the exams to be conducted at the end of the year there are Hurdle going on by UrPercentile.  The feedback from the people who post the GD/PI experience keep the future MBA aspirants updated on various issues.  UrPercentile  helps to prepare a timetable for those appearing for the exams at the end of the year. Brainstorming session and management games are conducted during this time.  Some  active participants of the group come out with their unique ideas of helping others. We have members who write editorial summary of newspaper article, while some send word meaning of difficult word they come across, some prepare their own RC test etc. People contribute according to the area of interest and expertise.

Some people get their doubts regarding  coaching classes, Job , books to refer etc cleared here. Some members who have got final call from institute of their choice and  decide to quit UrPercentile. Some who don't need  their study material / books / refernce material etc offer the same for sale.


The hurdles from UrPercentile continue  and preparation of MBA aspirants is in full swing. Some members start getting nervous while others help them in coming out of this nervousness. More exam dates are announced during this time and information about the same is shared by the members.

Doubts on various application forms are discussed . Issues like recommendation letters, how to fill the forms ,  exam centre , clashing dates, hall ticket  start becoming the discussion topic.

More  doubts of higher difficulty level on  Quantitative problems, reasoning, data interpretation, English usage, general awareness etc are discussed.

Some UrPercentile alumni who are pursuing MBA decide to come back to clear the doubts of the new MBA aspirants, they know it very well, how important and helpful it is to get doubts cleared by seniors.


Those who got call from institute of their own choice start leaving the group after sharing all their experience while some continue to stay behind to help the future MBA aspirants. Some members who had been member of UrPercentile for a long get emotionally attached to UrPercentile and offer all help possible to the moderator.

The preparation for those who are to take exams at the end of the year start picking up heat. Members start coming forward  with doubts in Quantitative problems, reasoning , data interpretation , English usage , general awareness etc.

The Hurdles from UrPercentile continue and members who solve these hurdles are usually the ones who have success story to share with other members at a later date.  Some member start sharing their views on various coaching classes, mock test series etc .

Lot of discussion on Mock test, books to refer , formation of small study groups among the people in same area can be seen during this time.  Tips for improving results in various sections are shared.

Around the end of this quarter various exam dates are announced and the links and information about these exams are shared. Things start getting more excited, some people decide to quit their job etc to devote their full effort for preparation. Tips on  time management, questions on which institute to apply etc start trickling in. 


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Some people become emotional, start losing hope while others are confident to get calls from all top 5 institute of their choice.    Tips and questions on what to do in the last 30 days before the exam are shared. Some start getting nervous as they have not received their hall ticket , information on how to get a new hall ticket etc is shared . ( Hopefully hall tickets  will be available online in coming years) .

Difficulty level of doubts posted by members increases. Tips on what to do during the examination day , things to carry to examination centre , how to select proper questions in the exam, how to attempt the paper , speculation on pattern and the surprise element in the exam become the topic of discussion during this time.

Then comes the day, many had been waiting for, the day of the CAT exam. Suddenly there is a silence, no more doubts, no more tips, only members wishing each other good luck. Some UrPercentile alumni also join in giving their best wishes to the MBA aspirants. 

Within few hours after the exam is over people start sending their feedback, people start speculating the cut off of various institutes, difficulty level of the exam,  new features in the exam etc  are discussed. Some are disgusted with their performance while other start their preparation for the GD/PI. Those taking other exams like JMET , XAT , FMS etc continue with their preparation.

Group Activities
A Paradise for MBA Aspirants