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Saji : It would be enough if you start the preparations about 4 or 5 months before the commencement of the exams. But the fundemental preparations like building up your vocabulary,your fluency and so on must be developed to atleast a certain level so that you can make it perfect in 3 or 4 months

Rohit :  The preparation for GD/PI should be an ongoing process. Certain things like reading newspapers & keeping a tab in general on current affairs is essential, on a daily basis. This will build up the base gradually, so that the final stages in preparation become a smooth run. Moreover, such a habit will also become helpful in such entrance exams which have a section on general knowledge & current affairs. Although, more focused efforts would be required once the entrance itself is over.

Sunny :  Well I think so that one should start preparing for GD & PI form very beginning but bit by bit till December. After December the preparation must be one full swing.
Akshay :  Actually, one can start preparation around 2 months before the actual GD & PI. But for GD as well as PI, one should read News Papers regularly to be aware of the latest news.  And this is a continuous process.

Piyush : There is no serious need for preparing for g.d & p.i because they reflect your personality.

Vbk :  One should prepare for exam in group because group study gives u exposure to various different points to be traced and different material to be used. by discussion any subject can be prepared and revised quickly.

Vbk :   Before exam u should know deeply about GD & interview. Just after exam one should start preparing for GD & interview.

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The major roles a candidates can play in a GD are as compiled below.The first three roles are the positive...
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Managerial skills : People handling skill, proactive, Social behaviour, overall personality, sharpness of mind,

Suraj :  This should be ongoing process. One should be continuously reading  newspapers and magazines for this. Short preparation or insufficient knowledge is dangerous

Sunil :   Group Discussion in a phased approach. The first phase should always be to clear the CAT and get calls from IIMs. Once this is done then focus on GD and Interview. Reading newspapers and getting acquainted with current affairs is vital for GD and interview and hence must be practiced at least a year prior to the GD and interview.

Satish :   Ideally this GD and PI can be taught only to a very less extent .Its the individual awareness and on the fly ,out of the box thinking only helps  him clear the GD & PI , be a little bit of practice with some institutes may help an individual. So according to me it should be done in Parallel with CAT preparation.

Ambreesh :   I think preparation for GD  and interview should be started just after cat ..it should be uniformly spread over the time available .

Nilay :   one should regularly read newspapers as there is no specific time to prepare for gd.for interview one needs to scroll thru graduation books after cat results are out

Santosh :    i feel it should be around june ,its my opinion,lets see what others feel and we can do accordingly.

Subhash :   one should start preparing for GD and interview only after qualifying test.  in the mean while one may do friendly discussions with friends on current  issues without loosing seriousness in written test.

Saumya :    I believe that group discussion and interview preparation can start after the results of the test are out as there will be sufficient time to develop our skills. Uma :  after finishing the written exams ,one should practise for GD,PI. Santosh : Once we get a call from we can start GD and Interview preparation.

Swapnil :  when one feels confident & preparations can be started in intial stages  also. It depends  on an individual capacity & IQ  level.

Ria : there is no ideal time for GD PI but i would prefer doin it after clearing CAT.

Mokshi :   It depends on the individual and his/her confidence in their  communication skills. But, you should be in touch with the current  affairs. Reading newspapers is a good habit even when you are not preparing  for any competitive exam.I think 2-3 months are sufficient for an all-out  preparation for the interviews/GD.

Shyam :  Only when a person gets the call from institutes

Vidya :  At the start of the exam itself, Buying competition success review and reading every month is recommended...info from websites also should be used.

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