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Ashwin Kumar, R.Mehta, Sucheta, T. Chaturvedi, Vivek and Trupti Indulkar clear this GD


www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of GD is “If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score?”
R.Mehta: Good evening friends. Topic given to us is winning is not everything then why do you keep scores? Some say, there are no second places. Its either you win or you loose.
Winning is not everything, your participation and sincere efforts is what is of the utmost importance. Keeping scores would let you know where you lag behind and what you need to improve to be the best. I think your craving to win is necessary if you want to win. And to be successful it’s really required that you aim to be on top in your field.

A. Ahuja: Good evening everybody the topic given today “If winning isn't everything, why do they keep score” is a very discussable topic and is quite interesting .Well according to me It doesn’t matters if you win or loose all it matters how you play the game but on the other hand the score has to be maintained so as to analyze a person’s performance and his shortcomings.
Moreover keeping scores lets an individual know he stands and help him better his own track record it helps him in improving his own Individualistic character. Keeping score helps a person compete against his own self
T. Chaturvedi: Well, winning may not be everything but performance measurements with respect to the ambient circumstances is everything. By monitoring this aspect, people can aspire to improve, if not for beating the competition, then to gratify their own sense of egos. Scores are also kept to analyze why one aspirant was able to perform much better. Was it because the conditions favored him or was it that his mental makeup was much more robust? If it was the former the conditions must be altered so that the competition becomes more interesting and the spectators get a great value for money.

Trupti Indulkar: Participation is more important. For the spirit of sportsmanship, one must participate and scores are an indication of how one has performed. Scores let you know where you stand. It eggs you to perform better. Flip side would be that, one would be part of a rat race. Numbers become more important than performance. Could also hamper ones confidence and bog him/her down. Keeping scores could also be an indication of healthy competition.

Sucheta: Winning is not the most important thing in the world but surely the scores is an indication of your performance. The score tells how far have you reached and how far you have to go. It is a means of comparing your performance to that of the winner. Winning gives one a sense of achievement also just because one does not mean that he doesn't need encouragement. The score gives him an idea of how much better he is than the other participants and hence pushes him to perform better.

R.Mehta: Your sincere and full effort is of utmost importance. It doesn’t matter if you win or loose once you give your best efforts. Keeping scores will let you know where you lag behind and where you need to work to improve your performance. If you don’t keep scores then how will you come to know your weakness and weakness of your opponents?

Ashwin Kumar: Looking at the topic, let us define winning and score. Winning, the word shows that there are more than two participants and there is the concept of one of them being better and scores are a way to evaluate people. What comes 1st to our minds looking at the topic is the very popular game of cricket obviously the game is played as an entertainment for the spectators and scores do the trick. Human mindset is that unless there is a target to be achieved one does not work.

Vivek: I think the two sentences of the topic should be seen with different views while the first one is for individuals; the second one is for those who evaluate them. For an individual what should actually matter is his efforts while when you have to judge many people you need to give them some kind of scores.

Ganesh Ettiappan: Winning is not important, but how much you scored and where your standing and which direction you should proceed to win makes sense. So for measuring the depths we need scores otherwise we need some terms to quantify our level, and future improvement, If we don’t know the distance of traveling then it is not possible to reach that place safely. Always these scores will give confident and sell motivation will be formed by measuring our effort using scores

T. Chaturvedi: Winning is also only a subset of the competition. What really matters is the participation. How the competition was performed, if the spirit of healthy competition was maintained, winner was gracious and the loser respectful. I would rather say that the performance may not always be compared to the winner's. A player may map his own performance and see the scope to improve by his own standards.

A. Ahuja: Winning and loosing are the two sides of the same coin. We learn from both winning and loosing but scores are a magnitude of your performance irrespective of winning or loosing. Scores help us know where we stand  and where others stand. At the end of the day all that matters is how you fared and what you learnt whether you won or lost and scores can help you to determine your performance.

Jainisree: Winning may not be important but there should be a winner. So that there will be a measure for performance. Participation is important but if there is something like scores then it will reflect your performance and helps to put more efforts to climb the ladder and for the winner it will be a boost and for others it will be a source of inspiration.

Roohi: A contest with rules to determine a winner. Winning isn't everything, but the will to win is everything. I agree with this. It’s not about winning it’s about your enthusiasm, your will to play. To keep your hope, to keep your enthusiasm in the game we need to keep the score. And if you don’t keep score, one won’t play with whole heart. As we  all know that if there is no interest or reward for anything, one wont like to go for it and same goes for this if we don’t keep score, no one want to play. It’s just to keep the enthusiasm of the game we keep score.  And secondly to measure a person performance we need to keep the score. To know one's shortcomings, weakness or day one's achievements we need to keep the score. Its about giving a meaning to something.
So I agree with it

Vivek: I agree with Ahuja, they are actually two sides of a coin because everyone makes an effort to win but since there are two possible outcomes and not every body can be a winner I think somebody has to lose but it surely does not maker the loser less respectful or less intelligent.

Tej: Well, I agree that winning is not everything but it is destination which drives us to do that particular thing. Scoring lets you know how well we fared in it .It reflects your ability and the skill required for reaching the game. Now this doesn’t mean one who scores less doesn’t perform well but scoring is to rate a person ability and skill in that game.

R.Mehta: T.Chaturvedi, unless and until you compare yourself with others, it would be really hard to stretch yourselves. You will not work really hard and try your best at every possible time unless you have got very close competitor who is ready to snatch your title or place. Your ambition to be the best is what keeps you going.

Sucheta: Agree with Tej, Scores lets us know the direction we have taken in our performance. Also how much we have to work to reach the goal.

T. Chaturvedi: Scores may also be kept in order to keep a record of the potential of a aspirant. This could be a check point where an aspirant may want to introspect and form new strategies to perform much better not necessarily to win next time. It may well be to reach the next check point. Miss Rani, I am again just typifying not stating a general platitude.

Trupti Indulkar: Competition brings out the best in a person. There should also be a fair means of scoring. A set standard that is agreeable and verifiable is essential.

Ashwin Kumar: So that’s the important of scores. As far as " winning is not everything...", I feel its a way of consolation for the losers, or  the people who don’t win, its saying that he/she might not be won here but definitely there is another field where he will succeed.

R.Mehta: Suppose that you are the only one in class who got 80 percentages and all others are getting 70 or 60 percent then it will not lead you to work hard but if someone is just behind you like someone getting 79 or 79.5 percentage then you will work harder to stay on top. or to maintain your place.

Sucheta: Scores are also kept to motivate the player. Suppose if one was playing well at some point of time but has reduced performance now. Seeing those scores again will give him hope and the determination to try and achieve that excellence again. Since, he already did it once. Agreed scores help others to evaluate your performance. It gives them the idea of how good you are. When they don't have the time or inclination to really get to know you scores can do the talking for you.

Vivek: Actually what dharma has just said is right that you need the scores to see where you stand but actually speaking the scores are not actually meant for the person itself they are more meant for the people who are judging you. For a person it is just the effort that he has made, not to say that the scores serve a purpose for the individual also in that they let the participants know there own shortcomings.

Tej: It’s true that most of them requiring scoring be it for any reason. But does the entire destination (winning) require scoring?? Say something like qualifying exam??

Trupti Indulkar: Though we all agree that scores don't mean much, we live in a society where these are more important than any other gauge of performance. Right from school to the time we die, scores are being kept. By our teachers, parents, colleges and work places.

Ashwin Kumar: Exactly scores act as a motivation factor. It is the past performances in the field that help you work harder and gives you confidence when you aren’t in the best of forms. Look at our stock market index for example : Its an indicator of our economy when it fell after reaching record high, our industries worked harder and improved it. Having reached a higher index earlier showed them what they are capable of.

T. Chaturvedi: A competition is an abstract term, It may be that two teams have faced each other earlier and beaten each other an equal no of times. In a certain competition, they may be equally matched. Anyone can win. Both have put in hard work. How else can you determine the difference other than quantifying?

A. Ahuja: Yes Tej, even in an examination there is a set score that you have to reach a set point which determines if you have qualified or not.

Tej: Its just an qualifying exam why does someone want to rate it. All it matters in a qualifying exam is whether he qualified or not. Here the qualifying is winning. Why does someone want to rate it??

Jainisree: Right, if there is nothing like scores. How one will know about his position wrt others.

Ganesh Ettiappan: See in life we should compare things which will help us to improve ourselves to level where we want to see ourselves, that’s reason we have scores and time limit in all cases.

Sucheta: After all if you were not capable you couldn't have managed that score. That kind of fluke happens rarely.

R.Mehta: Very rightly said how you can compare two teams or individuals if you don’t keep scores. Wining is not everything still everyone wants the best player in his or her team and best way to judge or choose is to keep a score.

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Vivek: I think you are right in putting that question Tej. The ratings are given for the transparency of the process. So that nobody can question it.

T. Chaturvedi: I would like to ask Miss R.Mehta, how is it that GE has always managed to better it's performance in the plastics market in spite of the fact that it's been way ahead of the competition since the past decade? It’s because true winners always improve upon their show even if they win every time. So getting an 80 with others getting 70 does not necessarily mean you have no scope to improve.

Roohi: See we not keeping scores to measure just the performance of a person, it is also to keep that person going in the game. If we won’t keep the score the person won’t have any interest in the game. We have to keep the interest also going on.

Tej: Yes, I agree that there is a cutoff and it is different from scoring, I think scoring here refers to relative performance and its not needed in cases as qualifying exams.

Trupti Indulkar: Like it or not, we will always be measured. We compare ourselves to the world around us all the time. Numbers are an objective way to illustrate this standing.

Sucheta: See in a group of bad performers anybody slightly better automatically wins but then you can't call him a winner because he won by default there. But if scores are kept we can understand what level of expertise he reached.

A. Ahuja: Why not! It is not needed in qualifying exams. How would you keep a set point then how would u know who has qualified and who has not?

Shiva Gopalan: I think R.Mehta is right by saying that scores are essential to rate ourselves with our competitors. We can improve upon that. Each one has their own potential, but it needs to be measured in the proper way. Scores and competition are essential.

T. Chaturvedi: I agree with Trupti but though we will always be measured, that does not mean that we don't have any personal standard.

Jainisree: Tej, if there are no scores and if 1000 qualified in an exam and there is an institute which wants only best 100 there scores come into picture.

Vivek: But here I would like to put a question for all of you. Can a qualifying exam not demoralize a person in life if he scores very badly due to some reason even if he was good as ruchi said earlier he might have made a mistake.

Shiva Gopalan: No vivek, it can be taken in the positive sense also. Humans are supposed to make mistakes. We are supposed to learn from our mistakes and move up in life.

R.Mehta: T.Chaturvedi, I am not saying that there is no scope of improvement, I am just saying that some people might feel complacent and they will not really put in 100% effort if they are way ahead of the rest and there might be few exceptions to that but its the general thing that you will not really put in your best or work to the fullest potential if you are sure that you are going to come 1st even if you don’t put in any effort.

Trupti Indulkar: Friends, I also think that keeping scores may mean that one is holding a grudge against someone. You are counting someone’s offences against you. It happens all the time! This is another dimension we could explore.

Tej: Qualification I m referring to here is not relative , the one you are referring to is a competitive one, you have to meet a pre-decided goal to qualify for that winning and only thing you need to judge is whether he crossed it or not.

Ganesh Ettiappan: What Jainshree told is right. See in CAT many were getting good scores but those who are in top only getting calls which make others to think what should we improve and what to be done next some thing like that .

A. Ahuja: I would like to tell you that it depends on how he takes it he can learn something positive from it in fact the score would tell his performance and that is why scores are needed to evaluate.

T. Chaturvedi: Scores are kept only for the sake of records to see whether a person cleared the specified benchmark or not. That's why they only matter till they are the present. Once they enter the record books, they are forgotten and the focus shifts to the next competition. What is not forgotten is what learning the aspirants garnered in the older one.

Sucheta: A person who can get demoralized by one exam needs to do some serious thinking. One score does not make someone good or bad. It is consistent performance. Scores are a way of telling you how you are doing. Scoring here is basically setting a benchmark for yourself. So in fact every individual rates himself one way or the other.

Shiva Gopalan: Every single person needs to keep a scoring mechanism for himself. He has to constantly rated his performance.

A. Ahuja: Exactly T.Chaturvedi, but after all scores are necessary at some point may be not for evaluation but from some purpose

Trupti Indulkar: It happens between companies, partners, friends and your own flesh and blood. When you are keeping scores, you are taking to heart all the minor offences also.

Vivek: Yes Shiva it can be and it must be, as it happens in most of the cases. If i don’t score in a exam i don’t think I am bad just because i didn’t do good in this particular exam but just think of a person who is good in ideas, he has a lot of knowledge but he can not speak in public so he can not clear a gd/pi, Can this kind of a process demoralize someone like him

Tej: Also winning does matter in competitive fields and I say scoring is required there but in fields where it is only a qualified or not sort of things, I say its not required.

Jainisree: Scores are not always valued but only where necessary. For example to get into the corporate world after graduation there are only cut-offs, after the cut-off your score doesn't matter.

Ganesh Ettiappan: Always scores makes sense and gives us reward. Everyone were winning I mean achieving there own goals .One might aim for moderate B-schools but his score will be less compare to the one which got 99%.

T. Chaturvedi: That purpose is satisfied by the fact that the competition must have a winner by traditional principles of a competition. The scores serve this purpose of determining who was superior.

Ashwin Kumar: This is a competitive world and survival of the fittest has been the key since the earliest days of evolution. So one needs to decide the best in every field and accordingly rank them. Scores are necessary there and when they say winning is not everything, we need to take into account what winning is. It is an individual's perspective. For me getting a job to have a self sufficient family could be winning, for someone else becoming the CEO and heading an organization may be winning, for someone like Hitler conquering the world was winning. So it varies, one has to compare with what one gets and form his conception of victory.

Shiva Gopalan: Atapattu of Srilankan cricket team was a failure in his first few matches. He did not give up, he rated himself and improved. Winning isn't everything, it is the ultimate learning that matters.

Trupti Indulkar: Friends, I think we are discussing more about scores than the actual topic. We need to see beyond our noses. Not just cat scores and cricket scores. When do we as people keep scores? Not just in academics and games! In a lot of ways in life. Let's not take the topic literally. There is so much more to it and we must try to explore each one's perception and not just what's obvious

R.Mehta: Yes like T.Chaturvedi said scores are only important when they are present, what is really important is what you learn from your experience. Did you realize where you made mistake and what is important is what you did to improve on that.

A. Ahuja: The general thing here Trupti is scores and scores serve the purpose of rating whether in a cricket field or a competitive score

Vivek: Yes, I agree with you Shiva what actually matters is that you look at your performances and try to find out where you lag and try to improve yourself

Sucheta: Winning is great it makes you feel good. All of us here want to win and the scores put your winning into black and white. It legitimizes your winning so that others can see your score and marvel at it. They understand how hard you worked for your goals.

Ashwin Kumar: So wining is not everything just reiterates that one has to try out various options and see what his field of interest is, that is winning. May be we can say WINNING EVERYWHERE IS NOT EVERYTHING. We have good examples, Sachin was not good at studies, and he is good at cricket. Scores in studies and cricket helped him decide his future

Vivek: But Ashwin, what do you do when the person who is rating yourself is not you but is someone else that is when the scores matter, that is where you have to really think what does my score in a exam or a competition mean to me.

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a concluding statement.

Tej: Winning may not be everything but passion to win and achieve. It is everything and the measure for which is scoring, it tells you where we are placed in regard to that destination.

A. Ahuja: Conclusion : Winning or loosing it doesn’t matters all that matters is what you learn and what you gain . But scores are necessary for evaluation and performance enhancement.

T. Chaturvedi: I think that scores are kept only to quantify performances. They may decide a winner but they are not the be all and end all of a competition. There is always the next day and new aspirations. What matter is how much you've strengthened your pluses and how well have you worked on your weakness.

Trupti Indulkar: I think scores are an indication to oneself and the world outside of one's position. It inspires you to do better and pushes your limits. But keeping scores can also have a negative connotation. It depresses you and gets you caught in a rat race. There is also another dimension when people start counting the offences incurred and leads to a lot of bad blood in society

Jainisree: Winning is not everything definitely, but scores are there for the measure of one's performance. To let an individual know how best he can improve and what best he can achieve if he improves to his best and become a winner.

Vivek: I will like to correct Aditya by saying that what you learn is fine but when you say what you gain you actually need to quantify what types of gains one expects from it.

R.Mehta: Scores are just past records and they in no way determine your current standing but current scores are really good indicators if you want to select players for your team. Scores also will let you know where you stand and what are your strengths and weaknesses, which will help you in improving your performance. Winning is not everything but keeping scores will motivate and help you improve your performance.

Shiva Gopalan: I would like to conclude by saying that scores are very much essential to rate one's performance, improve oneself in every performance and aim to deliver the best always

Sucheta: Winning here surely is in the competitive sense while it may be true that winning may not be everything but keeping scores sure lets us know where we stand and improve ourselves. It allows us to feel a sense of achievement. It is a way of quantifying achievements. One must try his best always but not get disheartened by performance. They are just numbers and they can be changed.

Ganesh Ettiappan: Winning is not important, only participation in events and analyzing themselves, comparing with others in order to improve them to achieve their goals.

Vivek: Wining is not everything but it tells you how good or bad you are in comparison to others. You actually need to look at the result in a critical way and find out where you lag and may be give it a try once more until you win as some body gave an example of Attapattu. The scores are actually needed to rate yourself in comparison to others so that we can decide a winner which can be only one or a limited number.

Ashwin Kumar: Scores are the encouraging factors to better one's performance, act as motivation; they entertain spectators in field of sports, and show a person what his field of excellence may be. Winning everywhere may not be everything but one must define his victory and try to attain it for personal growth and scores at various points of his preparation for the victory help him as indicators as to how close he is to the target.

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