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Achal Arora, Rashi and Sai clear this GD.


Senthil: Hello, I am Senthil from Chennai

Arshad: Hi, This is Arshad here, pursuing my B.Tech frm NIT,Bhopal, I scored 98.88%.

Rashi: Hi everyone, This is Rashi, pursuing B.A.(hons.)
A.Jain: I am Ankit, Chemical Engineering student, (NIT, Surat)

Achal Arora: I am Achal, Working in s/w ,1.7 yrs of experience

Sai: Hello, This is Sai from Hyderabad.

Jainisree: I am Sreedevi, B-tech, Hyderabad

www.UrPercentile.com: The Topic of the GD is :  “STING OPERATION IS NOT THE CORRECT WAY TO CATCH A CRIMINAL”

Achal Arora: Hi all, First to start with the topic we should first define a Sting Operation. As per definition, it is an Operation designed to catch a person committing a crime by means of deception. A typical Sting will have a law-enforcement officer or cooperative member of the public play a role as criminal partner or potential victim and go along with a suspect's actions to gather evidence of the suspect's wrongdoing.
Namrata: I think that Sting Operations are a correct way to catch criminals. A criminal is usually careful while carrying out the crime and will try not to leave any clues. So, if there are any suspects then it is better to keep a watch and catch them rather than waiting for some goof up from them

Senthil: I agree that it is not the correct way to catch a criminal because we deceit the criminal and Law-enforcement may have to be careful not to provoke the commission of a crime by someone who would not normally be inclined to do so. Additionally, in the process of such Operations, the police often engage in the same so-called crimes, often victimless, such as buying or selling contraband, etc

A.Jain: The topic statement given to us is “Sting Operation is not correct way to catch a criminal” and I agree with the statement. India being one of the market economy driven country at present and yes, it is correct in such scenario the people of India has to be adequately informed about everything which includes the weather, the political conditions ,inflations ,etc. And the media is helping us to attain the necessary information but we do need along with it some border and cut off lines

Sai: My take is that Sting Operations should be performed to catch the criminals, as this is an efficient way to know the Operations of the criminals and some of them could be averted with the help of the Sting Operations.

Senthil: In order to be legal, compliance checks or Sting Operations must be conducted without entrapment. Basically, entrapment is inducing people to commit a crime they are not “predisposed” to commit and would not ordinarily commit

Achal Arora: I believe that it is correct to use Sting Operations in order to catch criminals, only against persons against whom some evidence of criminality already exists and a Sting Operation is considered necessary for getting conclusive evidence.

Rashi: I agree with Namrata. Sting Operation is indeed, the way to catch a criminal. As is rightly said, to catch a dirty criminal, you have to get into the dirt yourself.

Jainisree: Sting Operations to catch a criminal are not always recommended but it can be opted when there is no other chance.

Arshad: Sting Operation, it's an Operation which is carried out to catch the faulty people by catching them red handed. I think Sting Operations are not the correct way to catch a criminal because in this a person is pursued and lured into a crime, even if he may not commit that crime but such circumstances come that make him take the plunge into that crime.

A.Jain: I completely agree with Syed, the recent example of famous movie star that came into light recently  is a case in hand.

Achal Arora: I also completely agree with Syed Because Sting Operations refuse to discriminate between the "unwary innocent" who are legitimate victims of human nature, predisposed to eventually making a mistake and nothing more, and the "unwary guilty" who are looking for the opportunity to commit the crime, or the "unwary negligent" who just don't care enough one way or the other."

Sai: The criminals will be caught red handed as said the police who will be in the undercover ought to commit some crimes which are inescapable, but we got to see the other side of the coin which averts any kind of crime planned such as by unwanted groups.

Senthil: Because of legal requirements, Sting Operations may not be as successful as we might hope. This is because criminal quickly learn how to avoid entrapment.

A.Jain: Also, but the topic says, CRIMINAL, which itself qualifies that the person involved in the Operation has a illegal tendency.

Rashi: I disagree with Syed. If he plunges into the crime, then he is certainly the wrong doer. You are just pretending to make him go the wrong way. If a person would lure him into doing something wrong, and the other person does that, then he certainly will be called the wrong doer. So it has to be up to the person to be carried away or remain in control.

Namrata: I think that it is very important that in all these Operations the media should not be involved at all because they end up blowing up the issue to great levels, so even if you are using unfair means to catch criminals it should be done with all secrecy. The media projects the stint Operations as a cheap way to gain publicity.

Senthil: Some law enforcement offices follow different policies to avoid charges of entrapment or might even cross the line and be guilty of illegal entrapment. In some cases, they may permit the criminals operatives to offer an excuse or otherwise persist to some bribery, it has many other side effects.

Jainisree: With Sting Operations the criminal can be caught red-handed. So, he can no more deny the crime he has done. Hence, can be opted in special cases

A.Jain: India at present has around 28 News channels and the tendency to gain traps has only led to Sting Operation being done just to create scandals and a sense of hull bola.

Namrata: yes, I agree with the above point. The criminal has to accept his crime because there is evidence.

Sai: The police who perform the Sting Operation shouldn’t be considered the wrong doers this is because, let us consider a spy in a criminal group he may be with them in all of their Operations may be participating in their crimes but more than that the point we have to look at is the Operations performed by them to cause crime may be averted which is very much a great issue compared to the crimes committed by the police. By police I mean the people who perform the Sting Operation

Namrata: yes the tendency to gain traps should not be the main issue. It should be in the welfare of the public, no point making it into a scandal.

Rashi: If it is done with all secrecy then what is the point of doing it at all only when people get to know about the crime and the wrong doer is criticized, only then do people refrain from committing the same crime. If you are secretive about it, then another person committing the same crime would not be prevented from committing it!

A.Jain: This does not mean that I sympathize with the persons already caught in the unmoral acts, for i certainly feel that a person caught in an illegal activity has to be punished at any level

Senthil: All the scandals have not been solved yet. It is being leading to other illegal activities like bribery, sometimes the Sting Operations itself are being disclosed which hinders the whole purpose of the Operation.

Achal Arora: Rashi, there are good and bad sides in every human being. So if you will bent upon on luring a person in the wrong doing , there are very much chances of entrapping him , as is well known "Every Man is a potential rapist" , if a man is not bound by societal constraint than he will not be thinking of wrong or right , and will indulge in wrong things without feeling guilty . But he will never know that he is in Sting Operation, but you cannot accuse everyman for that.

Rashi: Infact, i think Sting Operations should definitely be brought out in the open because this puts a feeling of fear in the mind of the wrong doer that at any point, I might be being trapped. So, it may stop him from committing the crime.

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Kanika: 1 Sting op. is right because
1. The corruption is very deep rooted in our society and there is a very strong nexus of all walks of people be it politicians, admin., police or other sections of society.
2. Any direct probe in many cases of corruption are influenced or discouraged if they involve any big people.
3. The direct probes are misdirected to save the real culprits whereas the indirect probes like Sting Operations are actually able to uncover the truth in a comprehensive way,
4. The politicians and influential people always try to play down the Sting Operation but the most important effect they produce is the awareness among people. Today nearly 90 % of our population actually believes that, there is corruption everywhere but they can't locate it. Sting Operation help here.
A.Jain: The point is India’s law system does not consider videos shot illegally as a proof for conviction, so it does not lead into any consequences.

Sai: Rashi, you are right that people must know the information about the crimes committed by the criminal groups but it should be limited to a certain extent. The media shouldn’t be given permission to take an interview of the spy in the criminal group, so the media shouldn’t be given complete freedom in this issue.

Jainisree: Yeah, Sting Operations should be open and media's involvement can be accepted only involvement of media and not their intrusion.
Senthil: It is not happening in India,  if the person involved in the scam has links with the ruling government, he escapes and got caught only when opposition comes to rule and sometimes never.

Namrata: That’s the point the involvement leads to intrusion, so it should not be spread in public.

A.Jain: Jainisree, there is a very thin line between intrusion and involvement and that’s where the media goes overboard.

Jainisree: But that intrusion by media sometimes may mislead public and that is not desirable.

Senthil: How do media know about the Operation, only when anybody informs. This leads to misleading.

Namrata: The media goes overboard in all respects. The sting Operations should be handled by police, media just blows things up.

Rashi: Achal, lets say a man ‘A’ has never committed the crime, he is being entrapped in, in a Sting Operation, and he is lured into it and he commits the crime.  So you might say that he is not that much at fault as he had not thought of committing that crime, but it just happened. Now had you not performed the Sting Operation, and a man ‘B’ would have tried to lure him into doing the same wrong thing and had man ‘A’ committed the crime, then wouldn't you say that man ‘A’ is at fault?

A.Jain: The Indian judicial system was very correct in amending the cyber laws or in other words making the cyber laws at the correct time and I think similarly the Indian law has to incorporate many and much needed law codes in order to canalize the Sting Operations and make it more helpful in influencing the people.

Achal Arora: Yes that happens very much that journalists starts saying that they are doing it for Non Profit reasons , but afterwards they start doing business over it .Reaping profits , that's here an innocent man can also be trapped in their Sting Operation.

Sai: we got to overlook the disadvantages such as the media because the Sting Operation carried out is a very important task which may link with the life's of many people out there. It may be loss of property. Let their be involvement of the media of course should be limited let their be political influence to release the criminals but some of the Operations which cause crime  to life and property will be averted and this will give them a warning signal and a kind of  discouragement to the criminal groups.

Rashi: Yes, I agree with you Sai, that media's involvement should be limited. Sting Operations should be brought out in the open, but definitely, the spy should not be interviewed.

Namrata: But who defines the limit. The limit can never be defined when the media comes into the picture. The media just shows thing to gain publicity and for their traps.

Achal Arora: Rashi, what you are missing here is the amount of luring, now suppose I give a person ‘A’100 crores of rupees, he might give in but not person ‘B’, during Sting Operation a person will go to any limit to break the integrity of a person, there is a integrity threshold of every person at which he can be breaked, but in real life he might not be breaked, is he a culprit?

Sai: Remember that, the utmost importance should be given to the aversion of any crime. The second stand is to be given to the imprisonment of the criminal’s political influence media's influence on public-- all these issues are to be considered as secondary.

A.Jain: The Sting Operations can only be successful if the government or rather the court legalizes it and the Sting is entirely directed in public interests .

Kanika: Actually its not the Sting Operations that are wrong in any sense, but like anything else they can be used to blackmail people or motivated by channel TRP or political mileage but it is the motive that is wrong and not the means so there is absolutely no doubt that Sting operation are one of the best ways to actually catch a criminal REDHANEDED provided that the motive be the service of society. We need to regulate anything to get the best of it, neither to give it full authority nor to ban it, the same thing applicable to Sting Operation. But in any case they definitely hold as a very effective means of exposing the wrong.

Rashi: If man A is giving into those 100 crores of rupees, it means he is giving into bribery. So is he not the culprit?

A.Jain: As such in the present scenario of laws governing Sting Operations, the results of people shown taking bribes red handed and the horde running in the media to get more trap’s, it can only be summed up as a total failure for the after effects are the politicians now take bribe by some other methods and has not led to a very high advancement in making corruption less which is the root disease against which we are using Sting Operation.

Rashi: you are Right Achal. So basically, Sting Operations is an important tool in catching the wrong-doers red-handed. To know what goes on behind closed doors, you have to step behind those doors.

Achal Arora: Yes, If we have evidence at hand than we can go after the criminal using a Sting Operation.

Sai: If the bribery is given for a good cause, for example, for knowing the secrets of a criminal group it shouldn’t be considered as a crime. The rules should be relaxed a bit; these shouldn’t be considered as crimes because these are performed to spy on the criminals. What’s wrong with these kinds of things? The spy also may reach a situation where he got to commit a greater crime; we got to accept this and should allow him to do so because we can’t help those situations. He will be under pressure to do so. It isn’t his mistake.

Rashi: But Ankit that cannot be called the failure of Sting Operations. There is corruption to the extent that people devise different ways of committing that crime. If the wrong doer is taking bribe in a form other than money, then that is not the fault of the Sting Operation.

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a concluding statement.

Achal Arora: Sting Operations if used only in the presence of evidence and utmost care is taken to prevent the innocent people falling into the trap, than Sting Operation is a very good way to catch criminal’s red-handed, infact it is the best way.

Namrata: Sting Operations are a correct way to catch criminals provided that secrecy is maintained and the public doesn’t come to know about it.

Kanika: Sting Operation is good because it catches the criminal at his best means when he feels free to do illegal or wrong things and is not on his guard. If the person is good then it will show like in Tahlka Case, Jornlists admitted meeting a person who refused to take bribe. The Sting operation is not all about maligning people but to bring out the truth no matter what it is. It is one way that is not prejudiced about the result of the process; there can be hardly a doubt that it is the best.

A.Jain: Concluding statement:-  I think Sting Operation is not at all used effectively and there is a very high scope of making it use as a weapon to shine out the wrong doings at any level, whether it is taking bribe for a wrong signal crossing or asking questions in parliament but the only point is it should be legalized (like RTI) and properly channelised and under a supervision.

Rashi: I would like to conclude by saying that if not lessen, Sting Operations definitely help prevent crimes to a great extent. Many people would have never shown their true colors, had it not been for these Sting Operations. Public should definitely be told about these, but not all the facts revealed, rather, only the criminal exposed.

Sai: Sting Operations are no wrong to be carried out. They may in some cases avert crime and hence the political influence on criminals and the media indulgence are to be considered as secondary because it is life of people who form the country which is important and the spies should be relaxed a bit in the crimes committed by them because the circumstances in which the spies committing the crimes should be considered. I support the Sting Operations should be performed.

www.UrPercentile.com: Ok Thanks Everyone.  We will send the analysis of this discussion on the group soon.

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