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Jyoti, Shilpa, Ravi and Rani Mehta clear this GD.


www.UrPercentile.com: The topic of GD is “Sky is Blue, Grass is Green”

Jyoti: “Sky is Blue, Grass is green” Indeed a topic open to individual interpretation. As far as I can see, I can interpret it in two ways: A symbols of perfection i.e. everything at its place -- which is seldom the case. Another interpretation can go as having lack of creativity and innovation and sticking by the rules set by the world. Other perspective can go as interpreting the things the way you have known them to be.

R. Patra: Why there are thirteen cards of Spades or why 1 + 2 = 3? Doesn’t it sound strange? Similarly if you ask me why sky is blue and grass is green, and then I will say it’s just one more riddle we got no hope of solving. So, apple will stay red, the grass will stay green, the sky will stay blue and the clouds will stay white.

Thomas: The sentence brings to my mind the beautiful things in life we so often take for granted. We are so inundated in the bigger things in life that we often fail to take note of the more subtle but beautiful things.

Abhishek: I agree with Jyoti that it’s a matter of interpretation. I interpret it in a way that Grass is green and sky is blue just because they have to be like that .Their significance will change if their colors are changed.

Dharma Tej: Well it can also be interpreted as things are not same everywhere, perfection can take different forms though both beautiful they have their own ways.

Jyoti: Looking at it from the first perspective. Perfection is an appreciated act in case it is exercised keeping in mind the practicalities of life. Everyone in this world tries to attain perfection and in a fight to attain the same sometimes forgets the practicality of life. To consider a real time scenario, All the projects some deadlines to meet and in case we go for perfection we might end up missing the deadlines, which can result in spoiled customer relations and no further business

Jainisree: Yes, I agree with these interpretations and in addition to these we can also interpret as there cannot be change in certain things. The topic can be seen as there cannot be change in certain things and people aren't ready to accept changes in certain issues.

R. Patra: Well when I sit by the window & look at the distance horizon, then I find these two meeting. And then I start dreaming myself as a bird. When I wish I can fly & when I wish I can walk on the grass.

Ravi: hmm, that’s lot of interpretations.  For me, this phrase reminds me of the name of the book "The World is flat", the sentence is as simple but there is a book written on it.  Similarly when we say the sky is blue and the grass is green, it means progress and everything is green and clear.  The word green is associated with happiness and pleasantness, so when we say the grass is green, which means that everything is pleasant and when we say the sky is blue, it means a clear sky that in turn means there are no blockades.  As a whole this means that everything is in its expected idealistic state, just not one or two but everything.

Jyoti: Coming to the next perspective, Lack of creativity and innovation is why India has not been seen on the global charts for R&D work. The educational institutes here teach the students the things as they are believed to be, leaving little room for innovation. They are seldom given the chance to fill colors to their imagination. Considering it from a child's view, how many marks can a KG child hope to secure in case he has painted the grass blue -hardly any!! It can also mean interpreting the things the way you have known them to be. Just to site an example if a American boy proposes an Indian girl, which she accepts smilingly then gifting a white wedding to her can invite Reponses, why this mourning dress for the wedding.

M Srinu: Well it can be interpreted as in this world everything is in proper order without this it cannot sustain, so keep the system moving every wing must do its work properly to keep the system live always.

R. Patra: Exactly. We can relate our dreams as blue, which is difficult to reach as the sky, but not impossible. And the actions we take to realize the dream as green, ie, the grass. It is only through the actions taken in a proper way, we can realize our dreams. One can say it is this color of life which keeps us alive in this world. Otherwise our life would have been like a black & white movie, without any meaning.

Shilpa: Sky is blue and Grass is green. It means everything comes with its own specialty. Just like people are different. And we need all varieties. Variety is the spice of life. Blue of the sky is a perception. It is a color seen due to the interplay of solar light. Sky itself is a perception as only space exists.

Thomas: The phrase also reminds me of the uniqueness of things in life. Everything has been given a unique characteristic. Also it may be interpreted as the ability of people to distinguish one from the other.

Jyoti: The point is just to show that different things can mean different things in different regions and cultures. Hence, it is good if we can keep ourselves open to the different options and look at things in all possible ways. So that we can identify the pros and cons and can take an informed decision then

Ravi: For me it also looks like a caption for an Ad campaign, where they want to associate their brand to a thing, when they say the sky is blue and the grass is green, these are two things that are common, so in the same lines they can promise their brand also, eg: Clothes is Raymonds, Mobile is Hutch etc. They can start showing first a blue sky, then show green grass and finally the mobile and say its hutch. 

Abhishek: Nature has chosen the colours of all the things in this world and it has chosen it so carefully and fantastically that even a minor change in them will abrupt the whole system. Like if colours of people living in Africa are Black then it’s to protect them from harmful rays of sun because they live near to the equator where the sun rays fall directly and thus cause more damage to skin as in Russia where skin of people is white. Similarly these colours represent life, calmness, peace and wideness (for grass and sky)

Shilpa: But a perception we create when we say Sky is the limit which means it’s boundless. Green of the grass also symbolizes growth and prosperity which is depicted in our national flag.

Jyoti: Abhishek -> Does that mean God is against globalization and migration?
Thomas: It also brings to my mind the longing of a person incarcerated for whatever reason to see the blue skies and walk on the green grass. It depicts the feeling the man goes through in his cell, going over the same thoughts, day in and day out.

Abhishek: I am not saying that God is against Globalization. But God has made such things to protect and nurture people living in different terrains of the world.

Dharma Tej: Sky is blue. Here it speaks how future is beautiful and bright but it never exits and grass is about present, where we live. It’s beautiful too with its gentle shades.

Jyoti: Yes, agreeing with Antony. It can mean monotonous life style and lack of innovation and experimentation.

Ravi: It can also symbolize the word equality as they say every body's blood is red in color, so anywhere in the world the grass is green and anywhere in the world the sky is blue.  So it can symbolize Equality.

Rani Mehta: Topic given to us is grass is green, sky is blue. Everything has purpose. Green colour of grass is due to its chlorophyll. Sky  is blue due to its vastness like that everything you do must have purpose.

Shilpa: Tata sky logo is also blue in colour. Then why all fresh retailers aren’t green in colour. Subhishksha is red and green. Spencer’s also has red and green. The colours also mean that nature has selected them for sky and grass. But we humans have choices. Some grasses also have choices, as they are red in colour.

Dharma Tej: Grass changes it colour in different seasons. Sky is not always blue. Its black at night, this add that nothing is constant, it’s temporary

R. Patra: We can relate it to the Windows background on our computer screen, with blue sky & green grass. It gives a feeling of serenity.

Jyoti: The keyword in today's world is innovation whether it is personal or professional life. In industrial scenario any organization that can be innovative enough to provide uniqueness to its operation is the one to succeed in the long run. In personal life we always prefer the company of a person that can change the mood and direction of talks depending upon the company and place he is in. This reminds me of the Darwin's theory that talks of the survival of the fittest and the ability of an individual to adapt to the environment he is in.

Thomas: It would make one think of our world, and how its environment is being exploited and trampled upon through the callous activities of the human hands. A day may come, when the skies may no longer be green or the grass may no longer be green. A war could clearly swipe both these pulchritudinous entities away from us.

Rani Mehta: Like Ravi said the basic things remains the same throughout the world. No matter where you go. So you shouldn’t differentiate person based on colour or cast. Everyone has equal right to live and prosper.

Shilpa: Yes, when there is no innovation and change is not seen, it leads to stereotypes. It is difficult to be in a competitive market by having stereotypes. Change is the key here.

R. Patra: In this world of competition we have to change colour as the sky or grass changes according to situation or as a chameleon. The winner would be the one who learns the art of molding according to requirement.

Ravi: Again, we should understand here that innovation is not about changing the value of 1 to 0 and 0 to 1 its about meaningful things, so that’s the reason why even if a kid paints grass blue in color its not treated as innovation as there are some basic rules on which innovation is made.

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Shilpa: It also reminds us that two different colours together symbolize peace, which means it takes variety to add beauty. Like landscape paintings are beautiful as they contain grass, sky and many other things with their 'nature-given' colours.

Abhishek: But you can’t change the colour of sky/grass. It’s just playing with nature and in past we have seen the results of playing with nature. Scientists say that Cyclones, Quakes etc come mainly due to playing with nature.

Shilpa: Abhishek, playing with nature could be good too. A whole crop science of crops and genetics arose out of Mendel’s studies on green peas which have given rise to good varieties of crops and higher food yields.

Dharma Tej: One more way to interpret would be sky is blue only at day and the grass is seen green at that time, though the colour of grass doesn’t change at night the sky is turned black and we cant see the real colour of grass. One drives another, though they never meet only one is dependent on other not necessarily both.

Rani Mehta: We can also relate it to morale values. The basic morale value remains the same, No matter in which country you are; everyone respects honesty, friendship, generosity, kindness. So no matter where you go except for the changes in manner the basic values remains the same.

R. Patra: We can take another aspect. If there is a change in the colour of the sky, we can say it’s going to be a rainy day, or it’s going to be hot day, or it’s going to be a pleasant day. Similarly if the colour of grass changes, we can guess that something is wrong and action has to be taken to correct our misdeeds.

M Srinu: It also reminds of individuality and diversification that nature process, in the same way in order to keep the system working properly there should be diversification and individuality so that each person will perform his own duty perfectly

Shilpa: A starlit sky is most beautiful. Also, fluffy white clouds on the sky make us imagine shapes. It is these 'add-ons' that enhance the beauty of the sky. So also the little flowers on the grass add to its beauty.

Jyoti: The sky is scientifically of no colour, it is only the interaction of the sunlight and the air currents that gives it the colour. So we can interpret the statement as nothing is good or bad, it’s totally dependent on us as to how we look at it and use it. An example in this case can be of the nuclear power that can be put to both constructive and destructive usage

Ravi: This looks like a good title for a movie "The Sky is Blue, The Grass is Green" in line with "The Sound of Music".  The title would look like a classical and musical movie for most of the people. 

R. Patra: We can say it is this color of grass which saves the grasshopper from being detected from its enemy.

M Srinu: In nature grass, sky and so many things. Everything will have its unique identity and purpose, in the same way in any organization each person will have its own role to play which should not be neglected.

Rani Mehta: Patra  that’s the reverse case. Grasshopper’s colour is green due to green colour of grass. It gives them protection. Its grasshopper’s adaptation for its survival and not the other way around.

Shilpa: Agree with Rani. Some things don't change and they should not change, like culture, values and morals. So is for commitments also. Once a commitment is made, it should be honored. Everyone has his or her own sky. The sky for a sparrow and that for an eagle are different. Just as different people have different potentials. What is important is that everyone should try to reach their full potential and push it every time they reach it.

Thomas: Imagine a person soaring through the skies in pursuit of his dreams and yet humble enough to tread on ground, being caring and compassionate and ethical. Though in great heights, he has never ignored the qualities inculcated in him when he was young and now is on a sure path to success.

R. Patra: Rani. Why the colour of grasshopper is green can’t be answered by us. Nor the grass is responsible for its colour. It’s the almighty or the supreme power that has made of colour of grasshopper green & even the colour of grass green.

Abhishek: It’s the nature which modifies the colour of each and everything in this universe in to maintain its limitations and balance. May be its rainy day, snowy day or night sky or dry grass or red grass or green grass, its just due to different climatic conditions /ecological balance.

Rani Mehta: I will like to add to Jyoti, yes it’s the way you interpret things. The way you use technology that determines weather its good or bad like the use of internet can be done to share information and it can also be used top plan terrorist activity depends on how you use it.

Ravi: The Sky is actually Black, but it’s because of the refraction in the earth's atmosphere that makes it appear blue in color.  And most of us would like the sky to be blue rather than black.  This analogizes with the fact that many of us in the world today are a different individual from what others see us as.  And it also proves a point that "What all are seen with the eyes can be deceptive"

Dharma Tej: Well one more thing to understand here is. In spite of the several colours of the grass can exist in we choose green for its the best and same is the case with sky, we can learn for this statement that always take the best of all the forms that exist for an object.

Rani Mehta: Rajesh its grass is green due to chlorophyll and grasshopper is green to avoid the budgeters.

Shilpa: Abhishek. It's just like circumstances change a person or an organization. In lean times companies spend to increase morale while in good times money is spending on celebration. People in poor countries are malnourished while those in developed countries are Ravi on an average.

Jyoti: It can also be seen as the sky and grass are of different colors but are equally important for sustaining life on earth. Grass provides feeding ground to the herbivores and the sky provides the space to birds to open their wings wide. This is to mean that every individual has his/her own role to play and the contribution from none can be neglected and considered as insignificant.

Ravi: And the most important thing here is that even if the sky isn’t blue its still called the sky and even if the grass isn’t green its still green.  So it really doesn’t matter what color one/thing is?  What really matter is its inner self

R. Patra: Ravi Exactly. It’s this deceptive nature of human who helps him/her in deceiving others and leaving them behind in the race of life.

Thomas: Living in a hedonistic world, we often fail to stop and take in the enormous peace and sanctity that nature has to offer us. Everybody is in hot pursuit of things that they think would make their lives better. So into it are they that they have never noticed how green the grass is or how blue the skies are or to rephrase, how one can be satisfied with the little things in life like love, family, friends and the like

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a concluding statement.

Abhishek: Most of us agree that the colours are given by nature to Sky and Grass due to a purpose and it changes in various circumstances which denote different aspects of life.

R. Patra: WELL. Why they are so? I would say they are riddle. And like these colors we have to add color to our personality to succeed in the corporate world, to cut our road through the crowded world.

Shilpa: I conclude that sky and grass are eternal. Sky is a perception but grass a reality. But both are beautified with small things. Variety is nature and it is the spice. But some things should always remain as they are to ensure peace, prosperity and growth.

Ravi: The sky is a sky even if its not blue and the grass is grass even if its not green.  So color like any other should never undermine anything in the world.  Everybody is equal.

Jyoti: This was an enlightening discussion with various interpretation of the statement discussed. While some believed that it was symbol of perfection, there were others to believe that it means lack of innovation. Some related it to commitment. Some interpreted it as God's way of creating distinction and providing breathing space to all. Others related it to equal rights being given to all the human beings irrespective of caste, color or creed.

M Srinu: Everything in its world has its unique purpose and identity so to keep this world alive everything must do its own duty without negligence.

Thomas: As a conclusion I would like to say that life is too precious to be wastes by relentless and tiresome pursuits. I say stop, look around, look at the clear skies, breathe in the fresh air, takes life more gracefully and above all, learn to appreciate the little and beautiful things in life.

Rani Mehta: “Sky is blue and Grass is green” General things which does not change no matter where you are. Similarly values and morality also doesn’t change. No matter in which part of the world are you, so always follow the morally correct values and don’t differentiate between people. Everyone has the equal right to live.

Yash Singh -IIT Mumbai : Colour of objects is attributed to the component of light reflected by it(among the seven constituent colours of white light).The colour of sky is due to the absorption and subsequent scattering of low wavelength blue light by the particles of atmosphere whereas, grass is green as chlorophyll ,the chemical present in leaves absorb all components of white light barring green (and its shades). Hence ,every phenomenon in this universe can be explained through science. " God doesn't play dice with the universe "- Albert Einstein

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