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Dharma Tej, Tuhin Chaturvedi, Nitin Khurana, Senthil and Subhash Daga clear this GD.


Jyoti Agarwal: Hi, I am Jyoti, B.E. (I.T.) Working with Infosys Bangalore, Got calls from IIM- ABCIK

Dharma Tej: Hi All, This is Teja. I got calls from IIM - I and K, I completed my B.Tech from NITW

Anshul: Hi, I am Anshul from Noida.  I have got calls from JMET and NMAT. I am in final year of my B.tech (ECE)

Subhash Daga: Hi, I am Subhash Daga .B.Com and CA (pe2)

TNK: Hi I am Kharrthikheyan from Chennai. I have 2.5 yrs of work ex in software industry and have got a call from NMIMS

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I am Tuhin from b'lore, have done BE in telecomm and have 6 months experience, have calls from ICFAI and NARSEE MONJEE.

Nitin Khurana: Hi, I am Nitin, Educational qualifications - B.Com, Work experience 10 months,  Calls NMIMS, ICFAI

Sumit Pant: Hi, I am Sumit, working for a s/w company into ERP implementation, have around 3 years of work experience.

Jitin Makhijani: Hi, I m Jitin from Noida, final year B. Tech. student of ECE at JIIT, Have got calls from NM

www.UrPercentile.com: The Topic of the GD is: “Is India ready to host Olympics?”

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Dharma Tej: India would definitely gain some benefit if it can host the Olympics. It would be a great boost to all the Athletes of India and many more would find the roots for their sporting career in this Olympics. There would be many more advantages if we can host it because India's population is an asset in this regard. But the question in discussion here is "Is India Ready to host the Olympics." and my answer would be YES. We are on par with any other country ready to host the Olympics. Though, it may require huge investment for getting all the infrastructure and skilled labor to achieve this. It would be a great step towards improving our nation with respect to other countries. And this experience will teach us where we are placed in this generation.

TNK: To answer this question we should consider the factors that make a nation ready to host Olympics. I feel one of the important factors driving this is the Infrastructure to host the games. Infrastructure, I mean not only the infrastructure with respect to holding each event but also the infrastructure to support the hospitality for hosting such a huge event.
Tuhin Chaturvedi: When the topic of Olympian performances of India is broached, one can only remember downcast faces, humiliated egos and the universal blame that only cricket survives in this country and hence we are zero in other games. India has rarely won a medal in Olympics which is a clear sign what facilities and sporting capacities it has apart from cricket. And the result is that they are substandard. To host the Olympics, a country must offer to the other participant’s excellent sporting equipment and a very competitive environment embedded with superb infrastructure. I don't think we can provide this to our own athletes, let alone other ones.

Subhash Daga: We all know that India is hosting commonwealth games in 2010 ---so it has major junk of facilities ready by then --so it can easily host an Olympics too.

Senthil: The topic discusses whether India has become feasible enough to conduct Olympics. I think India is still developing and yet to have facilities. It has a long way towards Olympics.

Jyoti Agarwal: I would say why not spend the bidding amount to improve the sports in India itself. Why not use the Fees to be paid to the Participating nations to provide some facilities for our players, so that we may also expect winning some medals in Olympics?

Jainisree: It is very prestigious and advantageous for India to host Olympics. But before that it should be ready with the infrastructure and other requirements to host Olympics. So that IOC (international Olympics committee) can permit this.

Sumit Pant: Hosting Olympics is not a major issue India will face. The main obstacle India has yet to achieve is winning a single Gold medal. Hosting Olympics will not get India any recognition abroad winning a medal will.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: The Olympics have participants which are from all parts of the world. Considering the standards they are used to, they may not be able t perform to their fullest potential thus lowering the competitive nature of the sports. Moreover, several top athletes may even refuse to take part making the event a depleted one with no interest for anybody.

Subhash Daga: Finance is not a problem with hosting an Olympics --a major junk of finance comes from International Olympics Committee.

Nitin Khurana: If you all think that we cannot host Olympics games then in my view why not, it is not about infrastructure that would be certainly termed as something without a vision or no determination

Jitin Makhijani: Only if we have a goal, can we really move towards a particular thing’s. We the Indians have been proving time and again that we are second to none. So, why can’t we build the adequate infrastructure and provide the world class athletic facilities. Of course we can. What is really missing is an aim, an initiative, a boost. The Olympics hosting might just prove to be exactly that.

Sumit Pant: So, we need to first help our athletes change their style of preparation, get good experienced coach to train them

Senthil: The commonwealth is conducted in Delhi which is already developed and we are seeing city/town development authorities trying to build better infrastructure for this game!!! I think these events will help to become India a better place and a small path towards Olympics.

Dharma Tej: I support Jitin in this point. This step of hosting Olympics is a very costly investment. But the fruits we are have will surely be delicious.

Jyoti Agarwal: The citizens of India do not find themselves safe in the country then how can we assure the safety of all the participating countries here.

Subhash Daga: We know that we have to shift your focus from cricket to other games to help them grow too- so why not bid for Olympics -- and create a strong contingent till the time we actually receive a formal go ahead.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: In order to successfully even bid to hold this event, the infrastructure needs to be overhauled thoroughly. Currently, the only grounds in India which seem to be world class are the cricket ones. This attitude must change if we are to even bid to hold such a prestigious event.

Anshul: Consider the situation for the common wealth games that are to be held in 2010 in Delhi itself just for the games there are rapid road expansions causing many people to go homeless and many of the markets have been displaced.

Nitin Khurana: Moreover it is not about India being playing a part of the host in my view if proper utilization of resources is done then all the developing countries can host it , I repeat it is not about the finances or infrastructure its about how you  manage your resources
Sumit Pant: Although hosting this event will help India economically, like the tourism industry will benefit a lot, the media will earn a lot, also our visa consulates will do brisk business, but at the end if we are not able to win a medal , will there be any pride in saying that we have hosted Olympic

Dharma Tej: The first step towards any goal is the hardest; same is the case in this regard. We cant sit back saying that its hard . We need to learn why we can’t make this and where we lack

TNK: Assuming that a country has the necessary infrastructure to host such a big event, the environment prevailing in the country and in its surroundings should be favorable. India's position with respect to this factor has not been so good.

Jyoti Agarwal: : All my friends are thinking only in terms of Infrastructure but there are many other things to consider like safety of the players, the fees to be paid to them. Why not use all this money to solve the problems that India is currently facing

Jitin Makhijani: The hosting of Olympics can really give a boost to the tourism sector in our country. It’ll surely give us a chance to manifest our country to the rest of the world gaining a lot in terms of foreign investments and of course create a zeal and a new interest in the minds of the young of our nation.

Senthil: If you know India is spending in crores for final bidding event for commonwealth 2010, so India has definitely the financial support. It is the quality of Infrastructure to be considered.

Sumit Pant: and this time the number will zoom up.

Anshul: I agree with Sumit in the case of winning, we need to first invest he amount in improving the standards of our own participants in nurturing them and bring them to the level of international competition

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Considering factors such as security, it seems to be a very serious matter. When we cannot be sure of our own players' safety, how can we be sure of others?

Subhash Daga: Olympics is a prestigious event --we all know FIFA  word cup was the most watched event and  if India host a Olympics --it would attract a lot of tourist a--meaning a lot of money from tourism and telecast rights .

Dharma Tej: I agree that there are many things to be considered in regard to security, health etc of players, but we also need to consider only when there is fire we look for water to calm it down.

Jitin Makhijani: But the preparations for the same can’t be really carried out at the expense of the common man, for any initiative that we think of that can really help our country move forward need to keep in mind that the advantages should reach the ground level.

Nitin Khurana: If you see it from another angle these sports event are playing a vital role in the development of the country , like tourism, infrastructure ,even build up image of the country world over .

Sumit Pant: I guess the officials should first invest in training our Indian cricket team because cricket is the only game that gives us international recognition. If we can’t win World Cup 2007, then how can we host an event where cricket is not even a part of it?

Jyoti Agarwal: Holding Olympics might prove a + point in improving India's performance, but won't winning an Olympic medal do that?

Jitin Makhijani: A proper framework has to be chalked out for the same unlike the scenario that prevails this day when thousands of people residing in the slums around Yamuna in Delhi have been rendered homeless in this chilly weather under the open skies at Dwarka.

Subhash Daga: India will not only push efforts and enthusiasm about other sports in the country but also will get a chance to show the world and boost tourisms.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Another aspect to be thought of is the health of players as several of my worthy fellow participants have pointed out. Many developed countries have this image of India where the water is extremely un-potable, the facilities poor and the food inedible to provide proper nourishment. This image must also be changed first.

Nitin Khurana: In my view hosting and participating are two different aspects we should mix the two

Sumit Pant: Infact hosting this event would be like we would benefit in all areas except sports.

Jitin Makhijani: We obviously don’t want to have development art the expense of the poor and the really needy ones

Jyoti Agarwal: So why not utilize our resources and funds to train our sportspersons so that they can bring laurels to the country

Anshul: Diversifying the interest of the common man into other games will not only increase the moral of the players involved in other games

Dharma Tej: Yes, hosting and participating are never to be mixed. Today we lack the quality of sport which is expected in international market and that can we achieved only if we can see how it looks like

Sumit Pant: If we are talking about vision, then we need to first plan it, give it a direction, observe the progress in it, track the issues down and be as innovative as possible. And this is going to take time.

Subhash Daga: Cricket is famous because people watch them --here the money flows.

TNK: One factor which India has in its favor is that New Delhi is hosting the 2010 Commonwealth games. Though it is not as huge as Olympics, selection of New Delhi to host the Common Wealth games sends out a strong message that India is gearing up to host Olympics

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I agree with Anshul. Many citizens of this country are not even aware of proper rules of Olympian Games and these games fail to arise patriotic fervor. The populace is under a much misbalanced effect of cricket over other games in spite of the fact that the cricket team is very fickle.

Jainisree: Jyothi, now at present India is not hosting any Olympics, then is that money utilized for improvement of sportspersons at India. NO. So, hosting Olympics will not affect improving the participants.

Dharma Tej: the vital thing a sportsman requires is inspiration more than money and hosting Olympics will not only give him resources for the latter time but also encourage him for he gets the feel of what it looks if you are there

Senthil: The problem is whether India is all set for Olympics. But for considering the factors of Infrastructure, security, lack of knowledge I would say NO India is still not ready but by conducting similar types of events like commonwealth we can achieve the standards towards Olympics

Subhash Daga: We can build other sports as much as cricket if we invest in it. Once they are famous it will be easier for sports man to get sponsors and get word class training --and then perform and compete with the best.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: What Senthil says is very logical. By taking smaller steps of organizing competitions of lesser responsibility, the path to this event can be very successfully paved.

Jyoti Agarwal: Jainisree, That’s what I am telling. The resource utilization is not proper in our country. If we can chalk out funds to host Olympics in our country then why not do that to help our sports grow?

Nitin Khurana: I think we should not spent any money on any development on sports just because we have tried in the past but not success just because political issues. Moreover we should spent money that will make it necessary for politician to prepare well in front of the world rather than justify

Dharma Tej: But how can one say that we are not ready to host Olympics as we lack in terms of infrastructure and security

Subhash Daga : During national important events security is world class --likewise we can also provide sportsman security, given the fact our army is disciplined.

Jainisree: I agree with Senthil that India should be set first to host Olympics otherwise India will be one in the 'list of cities that failed to host Olympics'

Tuhin Chaturvedi: A sport will never be played in the true competitive fervor until there's proper knowledge about it and good facilities. In India, most soccer fields are horrendous; tennis courts left derelict and athletic tracks in no condition to present sporting facilities

Subhash Daga: India took the challenge to hosting commonwealth ---and Delhi now gearing to host that.

Senthil: Nowadays sports are booming in India. Sportsmen are getting subsidiaries from government and have quotas. So we can say India is really encouraging sports and we are in next step of it.

Nitin Khurana: I think the main problem in our system is lack of control, right use of authority, and things like infrastructure can be built too host the event like Olympics, we just need an Opportunity and just because of external pressure we will perform to the best

Dharma Tej: Jainisree, but we have the same problem even if we host small events. I say it’s better to workout on things where we lack than sit back and relax fearing the failure

Jainisree: Dharma, Yeah, Even I meant the same. First we should work out things then only try for hosting.
Tuhin Chaturvedi: I also feel that the sports ministry is more of an impediment. I can scarcely what they've done for the past 5 years. The extreme centralization in sport must be done away with totally.

Subhash Daga: We can host Olympics too---fear of not able to provide good facilities will push the administration to work hard and fear of not performing at home will push the athletics to work harder –

Nitin Khurana: Moreover by hosting these events we can learn from our mistake and prepare well, and that will ultimately our confidence.

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, Request everyone to give a concluding statement.

Sumit Pant: Its not that India cannot host this prestigious event. Indian can surely do it but won’t it be better if we lead this event is as many events as possible and as many medals.

Senthil: I can say small stepping stones can make us reach a big mountain. These small events once conduct would be great opportunity for India to conduct big games. As of now India is not ready to conduct Olympics which my friends too felt.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I feel that India needs a complete change of sporting policy to undertake such a big responsibility of organizing what is sport's oldest pride. The sporting infrastructure and global image of the country has to change drastically, only then can we hope of achieving this.

Jainisree: Hosting Olympics is a very prestigious issue and has many advantages such as increasing the sportsman spirit and developing tourism etc. But India should be set first for it and then try to host

TNK: When China which re-entered the Olympic scene in the 1970s is able to host the 2008 Olympic Games, why can't India might be a good question to ask? China while in its effort to get the bid for 2008 Olympics has convinced the IOC committee of its technical competence and infrastructure to host such a huge event. This has largely due to the effort that it has spent on revitalizing the Sports arena. If such an effort is a success in India and if it gears up with the technical ability and infrastructure to host such a big event, India has definitely a chance in the near future.

Jyoti Agarwal: To conclude, I will say that hosting Olympics might bring International recognition to the country. But at this point of time we need to use our resources in the right direction i.e. to solve the problems our country is facing and to help our sportspersons grow.

Subhash Daga: Yes India is ready to host Olympics as it is to host a Commonwealth --infrastructure and facilities can be made perfect by the time owe get a chance.

Nitin Khurana: In my view we can host Olympics and small events can be seen a steeping stone, a country like India should and is waiting for Opportunity which it shall deliver just because of external factors like countries image, and this provide a way to built further

Dharma Tej: I feel India should host the Olympics. We are no less to any other nation that is ready to host the Olympics. We need to leave the fear that we can’t provide security and can’t provide the proper infrastructure. As this would give a moral boost to many other things such as tourism, etc apart from athletes

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