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Mittal, Rani, Ravi, Rohit and Suchita clears this GD.


www.UrPercentile.com: The topic for GD is “Money is sweeter than Honey"

Mittal: Hi friends, today we have a very interesting topic for discussion, Money is sweeter than Honey. Money is sweeter than Honey because to taste the sweetness of Honey you need Money for buying it.

Teja: I say neither of them is sweet but the absence of them brings the comparison. Now the immediate question to be raised would be what if in case we don’t have both? To what I feel, the thirst for both these things differs from man to man. Person mostly interested in material substance would go for Money and a man looking for emotions would prefer Honey. I assume the Honey here in discussion refers to life partner. Added to this the phase of the life also determines the importance of the above mentioned things. A person needs Money when he has the zeal and passion to excel in career or want to spend a luxury life. When I believe most of them look for Honey, because I think they look for something which accepts them as they are in the sense doesn’t judge them. So, I would say the sweetest would be Honey with Money.

Rajni: Hello friends, the world we live in today is no doubt materialistic, things have changed a lot and all the human values are being overtaken by Money and desire for the same. Honey relates to the sweetest of things available but Money has replaced its worth and has acquired a greater value.

Rani: Money is sweeter then Honey: well without Money you can not enjoy the Honey as well as you can not have Honey. But it’s just the basic level needs after its satisfied i.e after you have Money other things like prestige, ego, social status become more important then Money.

Sucheta: Its all about the Money goes the line of a song and today we have come to discuss a topic that somewhat is linked with the words of the song. This is indeed an interesting topic for discussion. Honey is indeed sweet to taste and contains within it the purity of nature. But Money is man made and only man uses it.

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Rohit : Interesting analogy Mittal and topping that sweetly is dharma but let's not forget the point here is to compare Money as a bane or an solution to all problem the topic is digressing and it is not meant for comparison between Money and Honey rather it is meant for taking about pros and cons of Money.

Hemanshu Panchal: This is very good topic for discussion I think this is very interesting topic & I think Money relates to the purchasing power & I think purchasing can also afford for  most sweetest thing then Honey or even more for all others what  they mean as sweetest. Money is such a drug for which a human can sacrifice the biggest drug in the world.

Raju: For everything Money matters. Even today the famous quotation health is wealth changed as wealth is health.

Mittal: I agree Rohit and therefore let’s look at the different sides of Money and Honey

Sucheta: Honey is sweet to taste but it is with Money that we can buy more sweet things and infact also Honey. Also Honey does have some medicinal properties and can cure many ailments but with Money we can afford the most expensive of treatments and increase the longevity of our life and also quality.

J.Agrawal: To start of lets define Money and Honey. Money is that little piece of crumbled paper in our pockets that gives us the power to purchase and Honey, as per my interpretation, is something related to sweetness of life or happiness.  Now starting off with the comparison of the two. Here we have got to define what happiness actually means to an individual?
In case it is the materialistic happiness that we are looking about then surely there is no comparison between the two The former is simply a means to earn the latter. And with this begins the rat race to earn more and more.

Teja: Money can definitely buy Honey but you it cant assure that its sweet.

Hemanshu Panchal: Today a person is divided based on the Money power of the person. By Money 80% of human problem is solved before we face any problem I think

J.Agrawal: Looking at the other side of the coin, In case happiness to one means being content with the basic needs of life being fulfilled and enjoying every moment of life then definitely Money seems to be one of the many needs and definitely not the end. As Teja has pointed out it can help you buy Honey but cannot assure sweetness.

Rohit : I hope like Mittal people after making there first remark will try to concentrate on the essence of topic . Although it can easily stimulate you to create more and more fun out of it. I request not get carried away.

Mittal: Honey represent the sweet part of life, it is something which is an inner feeling of satisfaction. It is correct as my friends pointed out that in this materialistic world Honey come only with Money but the inner satisfaction is something which one can feel even by trivial and non materialistic experiences.

Rajni: Individual definitions of happiness are one thing, But what is actually happening in the world proves the point, bribes, robberies, killings, loots - all are inspired by Money, earning!

Rani: Well here we are said that Money is better then Honey. One thing in argument to this is well you earn to give comforts and all possible things to your loved ones; you can say here Honey can mean the loved ones, your better half. What would you do even if you have tons of Money but no one to share with? No one to enjoy the pleasure of world that Money can buy. I say Money is important, yes it definitely is but it’s just the basic need you need to think about your loved ones more.

Ravi: Well, the idea of using the words Money and Honey are to signify things, in my view, Money means something which has the same value irrespective of the person who uses it and which can get in return something else.  It’s a means of easy exchange.  While Honey signifies hard work, and something which can never be used for harm.  Going back to the topic, Money if in the hands of wrong persons can lead to destruction while Honey cannot be used in such a way.  So in my view Money is subjective and can be a beast as well, while Honey can never become a beast, so definitely Honey is sweeter than Money

Rohit : So as we are on track now I would say that Money is certainly not everything but it is the thing to survive flourish and thrive in today's cut throat competitive world.

Mittal: I agree to what Rani said, Money can buy materialistic things but it can not bring us inner satisfaction and therefore it can not be above one's life and family.

J.Agrawal: However, we can not ignore the importance of Money altogether. We need Money to buy the basic necessities of life that are required to be alive in fact. So what will be happiness for a dead person? What I mean to say is that Money is important but it is not above all

Rani: Very nicely said Rohit, it’s like something that you can never have enough of it and you can’t survive without it. But running to earn lots and lots of Money, many people ignore their health. You need to pay attention to your health also even if Money is sweeter than Honey. You need to take care of your health. Honey is quite nitrous that could be one analogy for this topic that we can discuss.

Achal Arora: I would say that Money is above all, infact Money is the motivation behind everything; it is the end result everyone expects

Sucheta: Whether Money is sweeter or Honey is very much an individualistic outlook, it depends on one's perception. If you think that it can buy you all the comforts of the world then you are right. But if as it has been taken here Honey to be company of loved one, one couldn’t be wrong to say that that is a pleasure altogether different from that of possessing Money.

Rohit : J. Agrawal, we have to think about Money all the way in life ignoring it even partially is out of question if you are an ambitious individual whose aim may vary from swimming into dollars like uncle scrooge or to be the biggest philanthropist world has ever seen either way you have to have lots of Money and you need to keep it right in the centre of your objectives to progress.

Ravi: There is a quote in Telugu "Anni Dhaanallo kalla goppa dhaanam annadhaanam" which means that in all charities in the world the greatest one is to serve food and the reason being, only after you have had enough of food, you tend to say enough, while in any other mode one is never satisfied, and in those lines I would say that Money is never satisfying while Honey can satisfy your hunger, so Honey is sweeter than Money again.

Achal Arora: It is the thing which can make life full of Honey, here by Money I mean what we are worth of. I am not asking for any charity, it is what my efforts are worth and it should be given to me, and it is much sweeter than Honey.

Rohit : Suchy, I would like to quote famous Hollywood actress that "those who think that Money can’t buy everything didn't know where to shop from"

Sucheta: Honey can also means the simple pleasures of life which cannot be bought so here Honey is sweeter than Money.

Mittal: Adding to what Suchy said, one can be too obsessed bout one's life partner of loved one and this can bring bitterness is life also. We can see this is examples around us, at young age people fall in to the trap of love and lust and even commit offences like murder for "HONEY" of their life and hence I think its very subjective to decide which is better Honey or Money.

Rohit : Money cannot do everything for you but you can do everything with it. It all ends up to person possessing it he can make it at heavenly asset or an nightmarish liability

Teja: To counter Rohit's statement, we can buy a house but not home. We can buy Honey but not its sweetness

Achal Arora: The practicality of life is that Money is much sweeter than Honey, it is what brings you the Honey in the, if it is not there than you can't even buy Honey. If prudently used it is the greatest asset.

Ravi: When I am trying to analogies Honey with anything, I am only able visualize the sweetest things of humanity like hard work, life partner etc, while Money is really not giving me many things, it just brings into my mind dissatisfaction, because there are umpteen things which can buy but none of them would satisfy me, definitely Honey is sweeter to me.

Achal Arora: To counter Teja argument you can't buy sweetness if there is no Money.

Sucheta: Money rules many aspects of our life. We need Money for schooling, for healthcare, for food, for shelter, for clothes but do we really need Money when we are spending time with friends or family. Isn’t their company enough to make us feel good.

Mittal: Rohit brought a very interesting turn to the topic that Money cant do anything, we do things with it. So let’s consider a case when one doesn’t have either Honey or Money in life and let us examine the situation to decide which is more important in life.

Rani: Yes Rohit, very rightly said Money can be utilized in any way it depends on the person possessing it, one might use it for personal pleasure, one might use it to help others, one might not use it for anyone and would just keep collecting it, but in anyways Money has power and everyone likes power.

Rohit : Teja you didn't get the essence of my statement  Yes, Money cannot buy home for you but you can make it buy a house for you and turn it into an home . If you don't have Money you can't even get a house whether you posses the quality of turning it into a home or not.

Achal Arora: Suchy, will you be having friends, if you don't go to school, will you be able to live properly if you don't have healthcare facility, will you have food, and will you be alive without it.

Ravi: As Mittal said, Money definitely rules many aspects of our lives, but one should remember that Money is a medium we have decided upon so it should always be under our control rather than we being controlled by Money.

Teja: I see that everyone is more interested in discussing the materialistic part of life in which undoubtedly Money would be the most important thing anyone would want to have. But there is another component of life: the Emotional quotient, in this regard even if you we are the most richest and don’t have the loved ones, Money then tastes sour.

Rani: Ravi, its not about who is controlling whom its rather about the importance of Money in your life and in today’s world without Money you can not do anything. You have to have Money but again having Money is not everything but its essential to achieve everything.

Mittal: If Money is not there in one's life, life becomes difficult. In situation like present, where society is so materialistic and assessment of ones character is don’t by which brand he or she uses, life will become difficult. At the same time we also shall remember that people do live without Money or less Money. No doubt their life is a struggle, but they live if they have a loving family and supporting companion.

J.Agrawal: Rohit, if you have the persons who make home then you can stay happy anywhere but what if those who make the home are missing altogether then. Definitely a bungalow can not give you happiness.

Rohit : Teja there you go, this is the point that Is Money the most important thing and you yourself agreed to it we are not discussing about the penultimate things in life but the pinnacle the source of all pleasures.

Rani: If you don’t have Money you can’t get better education, without good education you cant get good job, without good job again you are short of Money so you can enjoy all the  pleasures of life that you deserve

Ravi: Long ago, when there was barter system, definitely there was a dispute between the exchange rates, but everyone had to be properly skilled to get in exchange while today when Money has become the source of exchange, people turn out to do lot of notorious things.  This clearly states that mankind has been benefited with Money, but then Money has proven to be a major source of disparity, destruction also.

J.Agrawal: I completely agree with Ravi. All the corruption that is prevalent these days is the outcome of Money. Most of the crimes that are committed in this society have Money as motive.

Sucheta: Money is the cause of many an evil. With today’s fast paced world there is growing disparity between rich and poor. So in order to gain those material benefits the so called happy rich possess many are turning to antisocial activity. The lust for Money is polluting our society.

Ravi: What has Money brought into our lives?  Corruption, dissatisfaction, sleepless nights thinking about the robberies in the town and how can I avoid them etc. When we think back in time, did we have the same crime rate and corruption rate in the time of our forefathers?

Rohit : Ravi both the system had there own pitfalls and you cannot directly conclude on anyone of them. At the time physical power was another thing that use to rule and a person not blessed by god equally used to suffer but with Money your physical disability do not stand anywhere.

Mittal: I agree with what Rani said, but at the same time I would like to point out that not having Money is a temporary state and one with his hard work can change this and there are several opportunities for one who desperately wants to earn Money. I agree there can be wrong ways of doing it also but then in whatever way one can change the state of not having Money and hence this becomes a transit condition in life.

J.Agrawal: There is a famous quote in Hindi that means that "Money is more dangerous than poison. Poison affects when you eat it but only having Money in your hands affects you adversely"

Teja: At Ravi the barter system was bought in to picture because the man wanted most to enjoy as much as luxury available and Money is just a measure to the luxury he is enjoining and I would like to make my point clear, that its a measure of materialistic luxury.

Mittal: I agree with Rohits point of view. Its not essential that everyone having Money is anti social or corrupt.

Teja:  Ravi, its not Money that has brought the corruption, dissatisfaction. Its the greed for having more and more and too much of anything is poisonous. I would say taking much of Honey would also not  taste sweet.

Rohit : J. Agrawal very true but you cannot blame Money for it. It is the person holding it who is responsible with Money and power comes responsibility you can leverage it or exploit it wrongly it is all on the person you cannot hold Money responsible for it.

Ravi: Barter system was good in its own way Teja, because people used to buy only when they needed something unlike today, where people just buy things because its coming for less or because he fears that tomorrow the prices might increase. When people buy things, most of the times its just they don’t need it, but they think they might need it.

Mittal: As Teja said , I think excess of Money and Honey both is dangerous

Ravi: Teja going by your statement, Money has become too much and it just doesn’t taste sweet, while Honey is being rarely used and is being used when needed so its still sweet

Sucheta: Money is like a drug that is so powerful that it overpowers you. Often in the race to make Money we lose sight of what is right and wrong. What I mean to say is making Money is not necessarily a bad thing but one must not get overpowered by it. As Ravi said now we buy because we can and not because we need and often don’t know the place to draw the line before we spend too much.

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a concluding statement.

Mittal: After this interesting discussion, I think we analyzed various possible interpretations of Money and Honey. Money represents materialism and Honey the feeling of happiness or a companion. Though both have their own importance in life and excess of both is dangerous, at the end Money is also used to bring inner satisfaction and happiness in life and hence significance of Money is only to bring Honey in life making Honey better than Money.

J.Agrawal: To conclude, I want to say that the topic of discussion is open to different perspectives. If you define materialistic gains to be happiness then Money is the means to happiness but it can not assure you happiness that means satisfaction in life.

Sucheta: I would like to conclude by saying that whether Money is sweeter or Honey lies in the perspective of the individual. While Money can give us materialistic pleasures it is company of friends and simple pleasures of life that make life a spiritual experience and happiness then flows from within.

Ravi: Money has driven the society into such a situation where things are bought just because they are lying there; the word need is losing its value.  In such a state Money is definitely not a winner, while Honey which is rarely being used and being used only when needed.  Henceforth Honey is definitely sweeter than Money.

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