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Following GD was conducted on 25th Dec 06 .

Debabrata Nag and Ashish Jain clear this GD.


Sumeet Gupta: hi all .. This is Sumeet Gupta final Btech frm Hyd

Amit Kumar: Hi, Myself is Amit. Currently in Bangalore, Working

Debabrata nag: Debabrata from Kolkata, third year chemical engineering student

Lavanya gundreddi: hi lavanya chennai, working in polaris

Neha Arora: neha frm delhi doin final yr b.com (hons)


Debabrata nag: Mobile phone can be considered as boon in terms of making us mobile..that is we are now available at any time during the highest period of urgency

Sumeet Gupta: before coming to talk about is it bane or boon let us talk a little about the features and facilities available in mobile phones these days

Debabrata nag: ..and one does not need to wait for a person to stay at home for landline

ashish jain: Definitely a pain. But a pain you can't live without. At this stage of the development curve in human history, I would say we need to add another item to the basic elements of life. The list should now read: earth, wind, water, fire and cellphones. Life will never be the same if mobile phones are banished with just a snap of a finger. I can't ever imagine the chaos it would bring about. It's like cutting off an arm of each and every human being. Life without mobile phones will be like the burger without the patty . Everyone has got one mobile phone, starting from the CEO of my company to the Gas delivery boy.

neha arora: according to me mobile phone is a boon to humanity bcoz it helps us in the time of emergency.. it is very useful to women n girls who travel late in the night , it is also useful in case of accidents as one can inform his/her family bout it Lavanya gundreddi: It is exciting as well as frightening to observe the trend as to how technology has entered into our lives

Debabrata nag: But the technology, connections are not well spread......tower is not available at the most remote parts there we
need to rely on landlines

Sumeet Gupta: every technology has both advantages as well as some side effects with it and mobiles are most common example of it

ashish jain: Scientists and researchers have been shouting from all corners of the world about the ill effects of using a mobile phone. They claim that cell phone can cause a wide range of side effects ranging from brain tumor to infertility.

Debabrata nag: IT is also associated with electromagnetic wave hazards that might cause cancer. though not proven till date still prevention is better than cure

Sumeet Gupta: as neha said they do help in emergency but we have to look at the number of accidents being caused by cell phone usuage while driving

Lavanya gundreddi: The number of road accidents that occur because of "talking while driving" is rapidly increasing and it is heart
breaking to witness the consequences of carelessness on our part.

Ashish Jain: usage of mobile phones for more than 4 hours per day can decrease sperm count in a healthy male body by about 25%, claims US researchers and doctors in Mumbai, India you do not have your privacy any more: anyone can reach you easily
whenever they want. Today's mobiles have become fashion accessories as well as technological devices.

Lavanya gundreddi: recently, with the availability of the new camera enabled mobile phones, serious debates have triggered, over the intrusion of privacy. People have often been caught indulging into cheap acts of intruding into the personal lives of other people

Debabrata nag: The kind of push sell the companies do, by lowering the price initially and with a latter increase , increases the
expense of the normal human beings.

Amit Kumar: Definitely mobile phone have changed our lives today in the sense that we are every time connected even if we are quite far. But I feel as with any technology, over dependence sometimes shadow its boon features. This is what exactly happening with mobiles today. People have become more personal now. Gone are the days when there used to be one phone, and each family member used to clamor to talk to distant relative.

ashish jain: bt lavug ...I guess there would be 50 per cent less noise and 60 per cent less car accidents caused due to talking on
mobile phones while driving, but still cellphones are something we can't live without

Sumeet Gupta: they can act as a perfect mean of easy and fast communication but they prove to be nuisance as well. terrorists and other antisocial elements use them for easy mobility !

Debabrata nag: Technologies like CDMA binds a person to a particular service provider for life and thus loss of independence and future insecurity in terms of tariff are also associated

Sumeet Gupta: one should not forget the privacy invasion by cellphones .... perfect example would be loads of mms scandals
hitting the headlines ths days

Lavanya gundreddi: yes ashu but at least we can avoid talking while driving.. we cant risk our lives for this..

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neha arora: i agree with sumeet n think that moblie phones should be strictly sold only to people with a no criminal record

ashish jain: wt abt solicited calls...The Supreme Court has slapped notices on the Centre and mobile telephone service providers asking them why there should not be a ban on unsolicited calls.

Amit Kumar: But it is the mobile only which comes to rescue where other modes of communication fail

Debabrata nag: GSM technologies are much better, but they too can be deceptive...at our city a high ly cheap GSM technology was introduced a few months earlier with initial cost about 5000/- but now the cash cards are not available---that is cheating with consumer

Sumeet Gupta: if we see at the points raised here we can clearly identify that its not the cellphones that are culprits but the
improper usage have lent them to be bane for society

Debabrata nag: SMS technology is nowadays used for competitions in the TV in which deceiving audiences is much easier using technology than landline competitions.

Lavanya gundreddi: ya i agree with gupta..

Sumeet Gupta: a child who doesnt know whats good or bad for him when gets a cellphone at an early age doesnt urderstand the impact of it ... he is jst facinated to try it out

Amit Kumar: Now doubt, consumerism is these days about inventing new mechanisms to make people spend. Mobile phone companies are pioneering in this. To surge their revenues every day and then they are pulling people to spend more and more. In this sense it is a bane

ashish jain: In the middle of an important discussion you get a call promoting a club's membership or a cash loan or an incentive scheme by the service provider. It can be distractive to all at the meeting. Had it been a landline call, the call would have been
attended by a secretary and suitably dealt with; but in case of a mobile, you have no alternative

neha arora: a child just want one when he is just a year old and his parent also give them as they love their child but you can give your mobile phones also to your secretary when you are in a meeting

Sumeet Gupta: so i feel there is a need for some kind of rules or protocol to get the maximum out of cell phone usage

ashish jain: yes,,,You hear of children being ridiculed in school by their friends for not having the latest tech/trendy mobile. Add to that the evils of downloading inappropriate content and health risks

Debabrata nag: It is really having a worse impact on the future generation...they want them at an early age with no reasons of
having it.....only to go along with the fashion for SMS chat with their friends and again increasing expense of their parents and
doing harm to their studies

ashish jain: have u heard about the latest techno ...Kashmir troops' new weapon a threat to militancy "It is easier to track them if they use mobile phones.

Debabrata nag: It has more or less become a fashion


neha arora: in exam days also children just get stick to it n don't concentrate on their studies leading to their failure in exams

ashish jain: i conclude....Now this is serious. For a day or two it's OK but now a mobile phone has become one of our vital organs
and it would be a tragedy to miss it permanently.

Debabrata nag: Mobile phones are also responsible for accidents on roads, during driving

Lavanya gundreddi: It is most sensible to make the best out of a technology that has been designed to enrich our lives. But we should not misuse the technology n should not allow ourselves into becoming a slave of the very same technology

Amit Kumar: But I am neutral in all these points. The right usage of technology calls for identifying who are the right users. I agree there are misuses like terrorist communication facilitation but problem is not with the device , but with the lack of laws in
dealing with such cases

Debabrata nag: also mobile phones are having features like camera which are misused

ashish jain: It is exciting as well as frightening to observe the trend as to how technology has intruded into our lives and system.
Our mobile phones pose a serious threat to our security. Firstly because of the kind of dependence that we have developed on these devices over a period of time and also because this dependence could be susceptible target of an anti-social mind.

neha arora: i conclude that mobile phone are good for some and bad for some depending upon the usage

Sumeet Gupta: I feel one should know the way mobile phones should be used ... it all depends on the person who is using it whether it contributes for the good or is destructive

Debabrata nag: We can conclude that the mobile phone technology is like any other....with both positive and negative effects.....but we should try boosting the positives and minimising the negatives

ashish jain: During London bombing 7/07/05 mobile network were disabled by the authorities who tried to pre-empt the use of this type of threat The Madrid bombing in 2004 was triggered by a mobile phone device!

Amit Kumar: I conclude. No technology, here mobiles, is good or bad in itself. It is actually up to "we the people" to decide where to draw the line. This clubbed with social laws is the way to get max out of it.


Lavanya gundreddi: Pink Pyjamas on Red Fort!!

Debabrata nag: thanks......will wait for the results eagerly....

Sumeet Gupta: high profile people in court ... is judiciary in India
raising its standards

Amit Kumar: Thanks Ur Percentile for such efforts

Sumeet Gupta: pink payjamas is known to everyone .. its a typical GD topic by any institute these days

ashish jain: Submarines in Air

Sumeet Gupta: red or blue .. which is better ?

Lavanya gundreddi: Borderless worlds - Dream or reality?

Amit Kumar: Management Admission rush: Hype or need?

Sumeet Gupta: Can there be better way to conduct CAT ?

Debabrata nag: "New IITs -- upgradation or brand new"

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