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Achal Arora & Rashi Taneja clears this GD.


www.UrPercentile.com: The Topic of the GD is :  “Management by GandhiGiri”.

Achal Arora: Hi all , Here we are to discuss the topic "Management by GandhiGiri”, I think that the Gandhigiri signifies the winning of hearts of the opponents , defeating the opponent by the use of non - violence instead of violence . This involves the winning of crowd , you have to win the people around you , you have to make them believe that what you are trying to achieve , it  can really be done without any kind of cheating . So in the end it is a win - win situation for both the sides involved . As far as the application of Gandhigiri into management goes , although it is a bit difficult but if done can do wonders .

Debabrata: Gandhigiri - the term can be explained as the principles followed by Gandhiji to bring a change in the society throughout the nation. Patience, Perseverance, Determination, Ahimsa. These are the vital characteristics that Gandhigiri posses

Ashish: Gandhi had no training in management. He had studied law, but still management can be done through Gandhiji’s principle. The most important component of management is leadership and establishing an intimate rapport with the people being led. In this too Gandhi excelled. By identifying himself with the masses, dressing like them, living among them and empathizing with them, he won their respect and confidence, and their total allegiance.

Achal Arora: In the field of management we usually encounter the situations where everyone tries for its own benefit, but converting those situations into those when everyone is benefited is the main aim of Gandhigiri which is very difficult in now days management field , but still as we know impossible is nothing , all we need to do is understand the significance of the principles of Gandhiji and need to realise what wonders it can do

Rashi Taneja: as we hear about Gandhigiri, many of us find ourselves saying that "it is not possible in this age and time".... "if you are slapped on one cheek, present the other one too"..... how many of us would actually do it? how can any of us, who have never lived in those times, make such a call or use this argument?

Ashish: Gandhi's success in bringing down the Empire which had proudly boasted that the sun never set on it, made such an impact globally that it not only inspired and galvanized resistance movements abroad, it also transformed management theory and practice. An innovative management concept which Gandhi developed to establish a link between ethics and economics was Trusteeship. This was based on the premise that the rich, rather than face the risk of a violent revolution or the prospect of having their possessions expropriated, would be willing to consider their riches as a gift from God and to utilize their wealth as Trustees of the poor.

Debabrata : Management always requires Patience and Determination. CAT, the toughest management exam tests the aspirants on the basis of the amount of pressure they can handle, thus to excel one need to have thorough knowledge, patience so that he does not loose his cool, and the right determination to move forward in the right path. So management candidates must posses all the qualities of Gandhigiri.

Rashi Taneja: We might just try to acquit ourselves by saying that those times were different, it was easy then.. but the people living then could have said the same at that time! there was injustice then, there is injustice now. those people were ruled by the cruel British rulers, we are ruled by corrupt politicians. So if we try to compare the situations then and now, the scenario is more or less the same. So if Gandhigiri was a success then, why can it not be now?

Achal Arora: Agreed , although it is not seen someone showing his second cheek , but at least what can be done is to realize the mistake and trying to correct it , and if you were right and the other person wrong so at least telling them that they were wrong , Rashi , it is not the situation of seeing a glass half empty , but half full , it is impossible for you to show the other cheek but not showing the other that we are right , but explaining him the point you want to show him/her

Debabrata : At present the craze of Gandhigiri is rocking the nation after the movie "Lage Raho Munnabhai" released, and then after that according to the leading newspapers of the nation many management institutes have incorporated Gandhigiri in their curriculum thus proving Gandhigiri to be essential for management education

Achal Arora: Yes I completely agree with you that situations have changed but principles should be same and they can be applied now too. i agree. Similar is the case with the management , you can opt not to agree to unjust demands of the person but give him what he deserves to the last penny, this is Gandhigiri

Jainisree: Management by Gandhigiri implies managing things with patience and following ahimsa..even though times are not the same..policy is the same..and successful hence can be followed and implemented

Debabrata: Management can be of different categories......and Gandhigiri might not be applicable at every place at every time

Rashi Taneja: It is easier said than done, achal. How many times do you think is it going to happen that you, say you are a manager, are not at fault, and the person opposite to you realises his mistake on you telling him? maybe 2 out of 10 times?

Achal Arora: or may be 10 of 10 . If i am a sensible person and would try to look at both the perspectives , which is the responsibility of manager

Rashi Taneja: That is not practically possible, to face the truth! what if the person opposite you is not

Jainisree:Initially it may be 2 out of 10..but later on 10 of 10..one need to have patience to wait for that success and that is what Gandhigiri means

Achal Arora: so what matters is that we can try to adopt those principles

Rashi Taneja: "sensible", as sensible would be defined by you!

Achal Arora: thats what i meant , that we would try to make them understand
Rashi Taneja: ok jainisree and achal, you say you should keep patience and eventually 10 out of 10 times, the person would admit their mistake. so do you think this is what is expected out of a manager? that he sits and waits till he is proven to be right and then proceeds?

Debabrata : Say in case of buisness management you see your rival to cheat your tender quotation everytime you bid and thus manage to bag the order..........so what will you do wait and watch..?? the rival is making profit and he is never going to improve himself and make a fool of yourself.......Business is a war ----"Everything is fair in love and war"  if the rivals do not mind to follow it so why should I make a loss...many families depend on my business.. why should the starve....??

Achal Arora: what is the reponsibility of manager? that he should lead the team , and take the full team with him , but should not allow any wrong practices in the team , to verify that the work is being done with full devotion and if there are some bottlenecks than try to identify them and try to remove them

Jainisree: Gandhigiri in my view is not just a management policy..one can follow but it is the ethical and moral policies that many of us have forgotten..

Rashi Taneja: i agree with debabrata. like I said, to a degree, patience and sustainability would work for the manager. but not at all times. there would be times when he would need to resolve to certain measures, that would not be, say humane, according to Gandhiji's principles.

Debabrata: Let us take the case of war at KARGIL------ if India would wait for Gandhigiri to work we would have been swept away till date if we would not have fought back......Pakistan deserved a fight....They cannot infiltrate our motherland that easily....??

Achal Arora: Deb,  but let me tell you that if the person is only thinking about his own profit than he will not be able to take good care of his employees and will by himself move toward destruction and if that person takes good care of the employees as he understands that it is the only way to his success , than is he not following Gandhigiri ?

Jainisree: then if that is the case with kargil and if we agree upon that..what about independence that we got with Gandhigiri....this would also have not been possible..but it was..

Rashi Taneja: Harvard School of Business Management has even crowned him the Management Guru of the 20th century.. but ,say ,tomorrow there is chiseling done by some faculty of the institution, the institution would not sit down and make the person realise his or her mistake. It would probably, directly take some appropriate strict action towards the one at fault.. So Gandhigiri cannot be practically followed at each step!

Achal Arora: Gandhiji principles never say that you are not supposed to take hard stand , didn't Gandhiji took hard stance against Subhash Chandra Bose , although he said to him that "If you will win independence thru your methods , than i will be the first one to congratulate you" , didn't he lost his great patron at that time. What Gandhigiri says is that think bigger , what will happen if you use violence now and win , your opponent will become more stronger tomorrow and will return back and will defeat you , but if you  make him become friends with you than he will never hurt you again

Jainisree: I agree that Gandhigiri cannot be a revolution as such but it can surely be implemented where ever possible, so that slowly everything changes and finally complete Gandhigiri can be seen.

Debabrata : But do remember the time Gandhiji was there (about 70 years back)  our country under the rule of the more technically advanced, more educated Britons, us the Indians were mostly Illiterate, technically most backward and for Fighting with the mighty( as thought by S.C. Bose) required unity and education which was not possible at that time. Thus at that time, Gandhigiri was the most appropriate weapon to raise revolution among the masses for indipendence mostly with no knowledge

Rashi Taneja: ok going back to the example i cited earlier, if you are the manager and are not at fault in a situtation, and you take all your time in making the opposition realise its fault, do you think a manager has that much time to solve a problem? Can things wait for as long as, perhaps the indian freedom struggle lasted?

Achal Arora: Similarly In managment , the opponent is not literate about your point , you will not be thinking of other's loss because if that is the main reason than a manager can never survive , although i completely agree that it is not the case always

Debabrata : Gandhigiri definitely has it's own values and truly very precious and must be strictly followed when we have time in our hand (like now in order to avoid third world war). Definitely Gandhigiri is important otherwise Gandhiji should not have been selected for the Man Of The Millenium

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a concluding statement .

Rashi Taneja: Gandhigiri is a very valid concept. but only at the appropriate time. It is not always applicable. Gandhiji's concepts impacted India in a big way in the past. They would do so even now, only for him, who knows how to imbibe Gandhigiri in his life and put it's principles to use at the right time and opportunity.

jainisree: Gandhigiri, if not as a management policy but to be followed as a moral policy by every manager and can use this weapon wherever possible, so that slowly everything can be managed using Gandhigiri.

Achal Arora: I believe that in the present scenario of corruption , which is quite prevalent in today’s management , if Gandhigiri join hands with the other measures than it might be a very useful weapon. As we all have agreed that  it is not possible to follow the principles of Gandhiji every time , but if practiced regularly and diligently than it can lead to fruitful results .

Debabrata : Now, coming back to management, you need to manage lot of people around you( different kinds of people). Thus you definitely require patience and perseverance, determination to cut your rival into pieces ( don’t take it literally), you cannot get angry so ahimsa, last of all should not allow people to cheat by any means. Thus we can conclude that Mostly in management we require Gandhigiri  but a few situations can be excused for the betterment only and also the time and place should be well thought whether to follow Gandhigiri or not.

Comments By Urpercentile Members:

Ankur : First we need to know that what is management? Management is to MANAGE MEN acTfully. To this we need to have good understanding between us & our officials. To win the heart is the principle result of Gandhigiri. And if we can win hearts we can win everything.

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