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www.UrPercentile.com: The Topic of Discussion is: “ MBA or MCA – Which one has better prospects”

Aditya Ahuja: Good Evening everybody, the topic today we are discussing is MBA or MCA which one has better prospects. I would like to say that both of these are equally important and  have bright  prospects and they cannot be compared. Comparing them here would be wrong as both of these courses have there own advantages and are equally important as they give knowledge and knowledge never goes wasted.

Yogesh Srihari: MBA or MCA, I would rather go with MBA. You see MBA in good college or rather a management institute has a weight age of million dollar jobs. The person unless he wants to be in technical field he would definitely opt for MBA though competitive it seems to be fruitful. People those who have done MBA in institutes such as IIMS have been leading the major companies as CEO etc. More the technology advances more there is a need for management, so MBA qualified people   will form the spearhead of these technical companies. Though we need people with technical background such as MCA and many others for managing or competing with their peers we need management trained guy who knows what competition is and also how to compete peers. Every body the glamour for MBA has increase.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think that MBA is a degree which is more inclusive in the sense that it covers a number of concepts not only related to software and computers as does MCA. Not all businesses in our country are computer related. A person doing an MCA may face an undesirable situation wherein the managerial skills are not at all related to the software sector and he may not have much to fall back upon. An MCA is a great bet for the software sector as he will contribute enormously but in more business specific sectors like FMCG, corporate banking he may have negligible prospects

Ritesh: Both MBA & MCA are good career options but they are fundamentally different from each other. An MBA equips a person with all the skills required to manage an enterprise. It enables him to think rationally & make decisions in complex business scenarios. An MCA on the other hand is focused on subjects related to computer science & information systems. This is a domain specific course & gives the student good insights on programming, maintenance & testing of software.

Aditya Ahuja: MBA is helpful in managerial grounds while MCA goes towards the technical side or hardcore computer applications or skills .We cannot here say that which one has better prospects as MBA is required or Management and MCA for hardcore skills. Both Management and technical skills are equally important.

Mittal: Hi friends, let us first look at the two degree, requirements for them and options after them. Both the degrees are PG. Requirements for MBA is bachelors in any branch whereas for MCA math’s is required as a subject in bachelors. MBA equips a person with future options in management capacities where as MCA leads a person to computer programming and hence it’s more on the technical side.

Yogesh Srihari: Every body the glamour for MBA has increased over the recent past. More people want to opt for MBA because of a high designation and fat salary packets. This trend will continue and might also increase in the future, CEO are recognized or even celebrated. No doubt people like Bill Gates drop out from Warton University who are technically oriented did create Microsoft but it was then. Now it has changed, competition has increased, we need managers for sure.

Daman Preet: MBA could be the single most important investment of time, effort and money you will ever make. So I will go for MBA!  You will develop an excellent portfolio of business knowledge and skills.

Ritesh: The job opportunities are immense for both streams & with the current boom in the software sector, an MCA graduate may pocket a salary nearly equal to an MBA graduate. But what matters is the role & responsibility which one is given in his job. An MBA will enjoy good roles & challenging opportunities in management. An MCA on the other hand get opportunities on cutting edge technologies & can have a very good technical career. So the entire issue boils down to whether one wants to grow technically or in a management position in an organization. This depends on a person’s interests & aspirations on what he wants to achieve in life.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: When we talk of masters in computer Applications, we are restricting the purview only to Info tech. This may be a serious drawback in cases where strategy of a company is desired. Moreover, business is not just based on the software sector. It also has manufacturing in its ambit. An MCA may not be able to contribute much to the managerial aspect of manufacturing and may be limited.

Ritesh: Being in only one domain may have a negative impact on an MCA graduate. If there is a slowdown in the software industry, he will lack the skills to survive in the competitive job market. The ability to adapt & change will be lesser in an MCA rather than an MBA student. An MBA on the other hand has good skills in management & can adapt & change to different industry verticals.

Khushi: Well I believe today is the time to be more technical. So I am strongly in favor of MCA. Not only MCA teaches us the technical part about making the s/w and all but it’s also covers the various subjects of management. In totality MCA is better then MBA.

Aditya Ahuja: I agree with Mr Mittal both the technical as well as management is important so both of them have better prospects.

Daman Preet: MBA helps in improve your communication and teamwork skills that are 80% of your Job work

Ritesh: Daman, I feel that communication skills & teamwork skills can be learnt even without an MBA . The main reason for which we go to an MBA program is to broaden our vision & get formal education on managing businesses. Marketing & finance knowledge are some of the key differentiators

Mittal: Friends as rightly pointed out by both Tuhin and Ritesh, both MBA and MCA have their separate positive aspects but we shall not forget that they both lead a person to two very separate lives and hence we shall look in to that also as to which life is better so as to decide which degree is better. I think it depends on personal choice, where a person wants to see him or her self after 5 years and what the long term goals

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I don't think that an MCA is only a technical person. However, it may not be only desirable because of the software aspect. An MCA may have a really tough time in the market if the software sector goes into a recession. An MBA will have more options open to him because his degree will be more multifaceted and will be preferred for his wider and more eclectic skill set.

Khushi: Mr. Ritesh, an MBA graduate cant adapt to a technical filed or say cant join a s/w company but a MCA student have both the options open.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I don't agree with Miss Khushi there. An MBA has no reason to join the software sector for technical reasons. Why would he wish to alter his specialization so drastically?

Aditya Ahuja: An MBA graduate can survive even when the industry is downsizing due to its vast scope but for an MCA graduate all he is left is only hardcore computer industry hence making it difficult for him to survive when the software industry is on a decline.

Yogesh Srihari: As I said earlier, MCA is meant for technical person who wants to be technically inclined only but MBA covers all possible adaptation techniques for a company to prosper or survive the competition, this is MBA.

Ritesh:  Khushi ,  I am not able to understand your statement, can you please elaborate on it .

Khushi: Mr Tuhin that case can be only if there is recession how much is that percentage. Today the world is changing to more technical grounds so I don’t think there are much chances of recession.

Mittal: khushi has a very valid point that MBA limits one's options but I would also like to add that at the same time progress in MBA is faster in terms of rise in organizational tree and hence that offsets the diverse option available to the person after MCA.

Ravi : If we consider the industry as a pyramid, managers occupy the top slots of the pyramid while technical people occupy the wide bottom.  A manager needn’t be a MBA grad, but an MBA grad would definitely be a manager and his growth starts a little high in the ladder while a technical person who has done MCA will start from the bottom.  There is a vast opportunity for MCA’s as there is a very huge spectrum for them while the MBAs are to fight for opportunities.  Having a vast spectrum shouldn’t undermine the capacity of a MCA because he/she is in the foundation of the pyramid and without the foundation there exists no pyramid and at the same time the MBAs drive the industry with their strategies. 

Tuhin Chaturvedi: MBAs are preferred all over the world because they are multi faceted. As far as technology is concerned, it cannot be sustained without proper management.

Aditya Ahuja: I agree with Yogesh, it all depends on the individual what he want whether he wants to hone his technical skills or whether he is more inclined to increase his management skills. I here disagree with Mittal and Khushi that MBA limits a person’s options

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Ritesh: Mittals, I differ from you because I don’t feel that an MBA will limit your options. Even with my MBA, I can still join my previous job. An MBA only adds to my existing set of capabilities & gives me new options to explore in life.

Mittal: Tuhin made a valid point but I would also like to add that the technology and management are two separate parts of a project and hence they both have their respective utilities and both need other to support so we shall not compare them on this basis

Daman Preet: Yes I agree with Aditya, it depends on individual like; if someone wants to become an animator then he will go for MCA.

Khushi: Ritesh, you said that MBA can adapt to any field if required but I don’t think he can’t join an s/w company and make s/w for the company. We are not saying that it limits a person but then being a MCA has an edge over a MBA student

Tuhin Chaturvedi: An MBA in finance can shift seamlessly between corporate banking to retail banking of even asset management should the occasion demand it. Similarly, marketing has a wide gamut of areas like branding, sales, market research etc. All these are possible options for an MBA. So it's a lateral playing field wherein options are aplenty. An MCA on the other hand may have to work only in vertical parallels. May we learn from you Miss Khushi what that edge is please?

Aditya Ahuja: Absolutely khushi but neither can an MCA graduate come and head an HR dept.

Mihir pande: MBA can never limit your options; it only widens a man's thinking ability and perspective whereas an MCA is a technical training which infact closes your career options only to computer streams.

Ravi : Each of these is dependent on the other e.g.: A bad product designed by the MCAs can never see the light of the day even if they have excellent managers and a very good product will have very less chances to see the light of the day even if they worst management.  So, each of them is very much important.  There is a little weight age that needs to be given to the MCA’s wrt the IT industry because a MCA graduate can always become a manager in his career while a MBA grad does almost zero chances to do what the MCA guy does or understand what he does.  So the MCA are very crucial to the IT industry while MBA is crucial to the whole of the business sector.  Going by the reach then MBAs stand a fare chance but going by the strength MCA’s have the strength as they lay the foundation of IT.

Khushi: i being a student of MCA can say this because not only does BCA teach the computer subjects but also the management subjects. So a MCA student has a edge over a MBA student.

Ritesh: I feel that it is wrong to compare a technical course with a managerial course. At least, we should be able to clearly know what we want to achieve in life & how to go about doing it. Doing either course is equally good if you see it keeping the monetary benefits aside.

Mihir pande: Industry wants people who are both technically advanced as well as they have better thinking, leadership qualities, managerial skills and the like which is why we have an MBA course for. An MCA would totally limit a person to a technical job and moreover limit his growth prospects

Aditya Ahuja: I agree with Ritesh as I said earlier it all depends from individual to individual and comparing both of them would be wrong.

Ravi : MBA and MCA are both similar in a way that both of them give a strong foundation in their own domain.  Here I think MBA is an analogy for Managers and MCAs is an analogy for the technical people.

Mittal: Friends lets look now at the rise of an individual in organization after he or she gets an MBA or an MCA. I think with an MCA one can move fast in technical side of the organization, he can fast become leading project executioner from technical side where as with an MBA a person immediately joins the management of the organization and then moves to core team of decision takers.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: It's not always imperative that an MBA cannot revert to the software sector. What if he has had a work experience in the sector? Most MBAs today end up having work experience in software before they do an MBA. That does not imply that that option is closed for them.

Khushi:   Edge means that not only we lean about the s/w industry but we are also made to learn about some management subjects, where as in case of MBA they only teach us the management subjects. And the second point is what is required in today's world???? I think a person who has knowledge of all the subjects has a bright future and next is depends upon the individual.
Yogesh Srihari: Technical people are required but you know with out management skills it is not possible to create a Microsoft as bill gates created long time  ago or infact Google, then as I  said earlier competitive world requires competitive people to give an winning edge with their management skills. MCA would remain as good as it is today but the glamour for MBA would definitely increase.

Mittal: Both the degrees take the person to management level in due course of time but then MBA definitely accelerates the movement.

Ritesh: Khushi, I feel that a person who is an MBA can join a software company. But having said this, he need not develop S/W. Instead he can move to managerial roles or HR or into an analyst position.

Aditya Ahuja: Technique  is as important as management is so the need for both of them will keep arising and hence both MBA and MCA have prospects.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think that the software sector is not the only place an MBA would revert to in case of a recession.

Mittal: Adding to Mihir, MCA will limit a person to technical, but then he still becomes a manager at a later stage, only the time taken will be very long which is saved if he has an MBA.

Mihir pande: This topic is totally not worth a discussion because  there are no 2 sides to it. Everyone is just highlighting the + points of an MBA.

Mittal: I don’t agree to Mihir, I think we have sufficient to discuss and lets look in to another aspect.

Ravi : One good thing in terms of the MBAs is that MBAs can change their domain from IT to FMCG to anything while the MCAs have a very little scope in terms of shifting their jobs and that is IT, so if there is an IT crash that happened in the year 2000 the MCA’s will have a terrible time again.

Ritesh: A degree is not a prerogative for success. We have ample number of cases where people have achieved great success without either of these degrees. A degree can get you knowledge & an initial opportunity in life, but later it depends on how you carry yourself in your job & success purely depends on your attitude towards work & life.

Khushi: Mr Mihir, I am saying it again and again it doesn’t limit a person to a technical field. I agree most of the preference is on computers rather then management but they also teach us the various subjects of management.

Mittal: Let us look as to which degree is easier to get in to, especially for people of diverse backgrounds. I think MCA , there are more number of colleges in India and with boom in software we c lot of jobs also in the field and hence at time it does make sense for a person to go for MCA rather than MBA, choosing a technical rods to management rather then core management

Mihir pande: Talking about the career prospects definitely an MBA holds a much better value which the stats would tell as to how many people in India apply for MCA and how many of them apply for an MBA. And also we can have a survey in companies as to how many companies are hiring MCA’s and how many are going for management grads.

Yogesh Srihari: I don’t agree fully with Mittal because learning to be manager from experience is different from the being manager through training with competition to out do their peers.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: An MCA is a good way to begin a career where a man wants to have the best of both worlds. But this may be a tedious task as eventually man has to choose the direction of his career. If he prefers to be technically inclined, MCA is tops. But if he chooses to be managerially operational, what is the sense in his doing an MCA and not an MBA directly?

Khushi: See Mr Ritseh we are not here discussing when we require a degree or not.

Aditya Ahuja: An MCA graduate is no Less than an MBA graduate and vice versa it all depends on hw u take the knowledge and implement it in you personal and professional life

Ritesh: Some of the most lucrative career options are BE in CSE/ISE/ECE , MCA, MBA, CA . Doing an MS with PHD is also a good career option. Why are we limiting our discussion to only two options here?

Aditya Ahuja: I guess Orion because the topic of discussion is MBA or MCA

Mihir pande: Ahuja, no one is here degrading MCA as a degree, its just that career prospects, growth, money , security is more when we talk about a MBA grad

Tuhin Chaturvedi: It depends on one's perspective. Some people do an MCA because they've decided that management is a no. But later if they face a plateau in their technical career, won't an MBA bail them out?

Mittal: I agree with Ahuja, the selection is personal and based on one's choice of career and goals.

Aditya Ahuja: MBA or MCA depends from individual to individual but the base is knowledge never gets wasted

Ritesh: Some of the hottest sectors are Finance, Software, Retail , Hospitality & travel, HR. In order to enter these fields an MBA degree will give a good edge over an MCA

Daman Preet: I think MBA is popular because develop an excellent portfolio of business knowledge and skills improve your communication and teamwork skills, discover and enjoy a wider range of career opportunities, even while studying give yourself a competitive advantage

Khushi: It all depends upon an individual. Conclusion is what an individual requires and secondly which of the two prospects has a more options open in today's time. And for sure MCA graduate has more options more for him and if by chance there is recession in s/w industry he can move to management field which is not the case with MBA students.

Ravi : Adding to what aditya says, if it is not for the MCA’s who have done an extremely great job, IT wouldn’t have been flourishing so much and the huge pay cheques being bagged by the MBAs (most of them manage wealth either in investment banking or maintaining accounts or marketing products).  That requires a kudos to MCA.  The underlying statement is that, MCA is like the common man in India, with whom India can be made and the MBAs are like the officials (govt) who manager.  Without the common man there is no manager and without the manager its utter chaos.  Each of them is very important and are mutually dependent on each other for their growth.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: As I said earlier it is dependent on one's career goals. Some people take the long route and spend a few years in the technical sector. MCA is good for such as they are patient and not in a moolah raking rush. However, their job profile is restricted. MBA gives a person more leverage to perform and more choices and is also a quick way to making money. Both paths are viable depending on one's goals.
Mittal: Concluding the discussion, we analyzed the topic from different perspectives, the advantages and disadvantages of both the degrees in helping the person rise up in the organization, and I think we all agree that both the degrees add values to one's profile but both lead to two different levels and so its depends on one's personal choice as to which degree is better for him or her

Ritesh: It is purely a personal decision to do either an MCA or MBA, there are other career options as well which could be considered like CA , MS + PHd.   An MBA is a good option in the long term perspective. A degree is not a prerogative for success. We have ample number of cases where people have achieved great success without either of these degrees. A degree can get you knowledge & an initial opportunity in life, but later it depends on how you carry yourself in your job & success purely depends on your attitude towards work & life.
Mihir pande: When it comes down to personal talent, a degree only helps you get a the right start, in the end it all depends on the man, his grit, his ideas, his thinking and his qualities to reach his goals. Many MBAs are still not successful whereas many computer grads have been very successful. Despite saying all that I just want to say that in today’s scenario and considering Indian economy and the way its turning, we need managers and not technical people. Managers take a firm to great heights and not technical people.

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