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Kapil Sachdeva of SP Jain  volunteered to be an observer of this Discussion.

www.UrPercentile.com: WE WILL DISCUSS ON :  “IS MBA WORTH IT ?”

Namrata Agrawal: A tough one but definitely a very interesting topic to discuss. To start with lets see what exactly an MBA means. It is basically a program that helps you develop your managerial skills. Now whether these skills can be actually be taught or cannot is the biggest question. I believe that these skills are to some extent learnt during our early stages of life i.e school and college.

Sumeet Gupta: Agreed namrata but the thing is these days its not about learning skills but the main motive of doing MBA is totally changed for most people.

Ashish Jain: to start with topic. first we should decide the importance MBA  and then decide whats more better. MBA should provide business value by allowing a company to conduct its business faster, cheaper and more reliably while IT can provide an approach that complements your business goals.

Senth_54: I guess the information you provided indicates that I would probably not make much more money at a generic level.  However, I am ambitious and do not want to settle at my current position. That is why I kind of added the other two parts to my question...
a) Does business school make a difference?
b) What are the business areas that an MBA graduate may go in to?

Sumeet Gupta: Its not only about earning fat paychecks rather than adding value to the education acquired. So the whole motive of doing MBA is gone in the process

Namrata Agrawal: I agree that the motive of MBA has been lost these days, it has become a money minting way.

Ashish Jain: But sumeet...its right  that today MBA is for just salaries .but companies are not the fools to provide such huge packages .such MBAs must be doing something very good to them

Senth_54: We should be careful enough to choose the appropriate college.

Sumeet Gupta: but if we see it as a value addition to ones skills I feel its definitely worth a try.

Namrata Agrawal: Most of the CEO's who have started their own companies are not MBA graduates

Senth_54: In today’s world of fierce competition one should have basic management knowledge to start a company, so we need a MBA degree.

Sumeet Gupta: yeah but see how many successful businesses  are created by MBA grads from finest B schools as well

Ashish Jain: MBA is A generalist qualification designed to equip students with an understanding of all the major functions of a business, in some industries the MBA is now not so much a desirable attribute, but an essential qualification.

Prachi Arora: IS MBA WORTH IT : I would say that this topic is quite interesting one , For today’s business world MBA degree is everything , but actually MBA is not just a degree it is a professional course which makes u learn the business world n the related things to it !!   MBA is no more a degree which is being done by few people , today we all want to pursue MBA and tries hard, but the reality is that being an MBA is not worth it . Being an MBA wont make u get an outstanding opportunity till the time you are available with all the business techniques n all

Namrata Agrawal: MBA doesn’t guarantee u to become a leader. there is a great difference between leaders and managers.

Senth_54: If you're looking for the MBA to help you get into the executive suite, it may be just the ticket you need. According to a study by Accountemps, a global temporary staffing service for accounting and finance professionals, 80 percent of executives responding to the survey said that a graduate degree in business is still important to reach senior management ranks within most companies.  And there is growing evidence that having an MBA not only gives you more leverage in dictating new job titles and salary, but also gives you leverage in achieving a better balance between work  and life outside work

Prachi Arora: In our own country we have so many successful business tycoons who haven’t  done MBA but still they did well without any doubt !!  it is not at all necessary that if you are an MBA you would be successful or will get a prosperous job and income

Sumeet Gupta: Agree Prachi but I feel apart from techniques one need to have strong determination and will power to be successful even after doing MBA. So no point in doing it until and unless you are ready to do something great and have some out of box ideas.

Senth_54: In today’s world if  you  don't know about anything like how to manage people, how to invest shares, how prepare your economic  strategy...u need a MBA

Namrata Agrawal: No but to become a leader and maybe a CEO an MBA degree is not a sure shot way. MBA will give u the skills to manage but in the end its your vision. A vision cannot be taught in any course.

Kapil Sachdeva: Just to add don’t divert from main topic, don’t repeat what others have said bring originality to the idea.

Senth_54: VISION is fixed by us and MBA will help us to achieve that VISION in better scientific way

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pavan kumar: A person having right technical skills if honed by the rite amount of Management skills can serve a company lot better than others who are having just work experience

Sumeet Gupta: I feel doing MBA just for the sake of doing it wont do any good. So its not about is MBA worth it or not. Its upto a person to make it worth of something. So one have to be strong minded to get the most of it

Prachi Arora: but who  can give guarantee that after doing MBA we would be able to achieve what we are thinking of, MBA is not the only option available to us there r are various other options available in the education industry . Many of us have just set MBA as the main target to be achieved but very few of us would think of " WHAT AFTER MBA"  ????  and that is the main question here....... Their r many people who did  MBA but still couldn’t achieve  what they thought of  !!

Ashish Jain: but prachi .IT is not a game of football. just kicking around. .You  need a proper manager to handle it...a very good coach that co-ordinates between all the divisions

Ashish Jain: and only a able manager can do that

Kapil Sachdeva: Don’t add other dimension to the topic like depends on the institute?

Senth_54: yes I agree Ashu we should deal the things in professional manner when we speak of executive work

Ashish Jain: Hey but why don’t we think about MBA in Information Technology Management. The MBA in Information Technology Management degree specialization equips you for information management positions in a wide range of industries. We can learn about the latest developments and trends in the world of information technology; how internal marketing serves as an instrument of change; how to most effectively manage knowledge workers; and how to strategically implement e-commerce. We can  also learn how to use information technologies and communication systems to solve business problems,

Prachi Arora: Ashu I wont say u r wrong but you  tell me that are you sure that you would get a huge amount as your monthly package, do u see  yourself as manager in some reputed organization.

Sumeet Gupta: Apart from being right minded I feel one has to have proper pre-MBA skills to be successful. If a doctor goes for MBA in most cases its not that much of a value addition to him as compared to a BCom grad. So one need to identify the area he/she need to pursue before going for MBA

Namrata Agrawal: Yes  but co-ordination and other managerial skill cannot be taught. they are learnt through gradual process

sandeep bansal: MBA is like a love marriage. It is not at all necessary. but it is certainly desirable. It tries to make management more scientific

Prachi Arora: yes  its true , but wont u think their is lot other barriers which stops us to achieve that desirable position

Ashish Jain: No.but that depends on your  attitude more than aptitude .if you have a goal u can reach. and if MBA is done from top10-15 institutes that’s sure for success

Sumeet Gupta: I disagree here sandeep. Management is  more of a common sense than rocket science, you need to be street smart to make the most as manager rather than having read 1000s of fat books

Senth_54: I  too feel the same way but MBA  is more about meeting the need to attitude rather than only attitude

Prachi Arora: what I think is , its not necessary to be an MBA but you should have combination of of being a leader and a manager  ,  

Sumeet Gupta: Here I would like to ask what is the measure of success? A very good manager with small salary is success or one who is dumb but earning a hell lot ?

Senth_54: Your goal is firm how will you  make others to think  the same

Ashish Jain: 30 to 40 percent of the Gartner Executive Program's clientele — a membership-based organization of 2,000 CIOs — have a business background rather than a traditional IT background. CIOs don't have to have an MBA to do their jobs effectively, however. : one simple way to stay business-savvy,  is to read business magazines to keep an eye on trends, such as supply chain changes, that can affect the business.

Kapil Sachdeva: from where leadership crept in? All together a different topic!

Sumeet Gupta: I am sure many  of us know people earning  less money but capable people running their own small business without graduating from top Bschools ... so don’t you think our measurement of success is skewed ?

Prachi Arora: have u heard that IIms is not looking for ITians or engineers they are looking for people who are from the management background !! they want perfect managers

Kapil Sachdeva: Dont let yourself fixated with one idea keep moving, it shows that you lack the depth in topic

Ashish Jain: But if u see the statistics ..most of the IIMs students are from IT background or engineering. very less are from B.com or  b.b.a  .  Hey but why don’t we think about MBA in Information Technology Management. The MBA in Information Technology Management degree specialization equips you for information management positions in a wide range of industries. We can learn about the latest developments and trends in the world of information technology; how internal marketing serves as an instrument of change; how to most effectively manage knowledge workers; and how to strategically implement e-commerce. We can  also learn how to use information technologies and communication systems to solve business problems

Senth_54: see this Ashu is over emphasizing IT

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a summary of the discussion.

Prachi Arora: well : MBA is not the only you can opt for , don’t restrict yourself  to MBA !!!

Senth_54: Whatever you do, don't jump into an MBA program without doing all the necessary research and introspection. And once you have made the firm decision to attend a graduate business program, do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Namrata Agrawal: An MBA cannot guarantee a good manager. These skills are learnt through a gradual process. If a person is participating in cultural activities and is actively involved in all group activities and leading many of them then it can be assured that later in life he will surely lead teams and organize stuff pretty well. An MBA will only hone that person’s skills. But the roots are developed from the early years.

Kapil Sachdeva: when u give a summary you  dont tell something new u just summarise the whole discussion with your stand , am I right urpercentile!
Urpercentile.com : Yes Kapil is right.

Ashish Jain: The importance of MBA is being recognised by multinational companies that are coming by droves and setting up base in India and cashing in on the booming economy. The average salaries being offered are comparable to any country in the world and this trend is continually uplifting the importance of a good MBA degree to a considerable level

Sumeet Gupta: To make MBA degree worth one need to have a right goal and attitude to succeed. Doing it just for the sake of fat salaries cant do justice to MBA education. One can be a good manager without pursuing for a formal MBA course with a right attitude. Value added by doing MBA is the most when one has the right background to do it

Prachi Arora: topic is MBA IS WORTH , so i would say that MBA  doesn’t give us the guarantee of being a good analyser, a good observer, and a good manager  !!!   and a manager should have all of these qualities al together .   A person with any other degree can a so b a good manager too

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