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Pavan Kumar:  Well.. the topic for discussion is Specialized Management Courses  have Better prospects than the  general MBA… I think that’s exactly right… because having specialized expertise in one field  is better than having an overall view…

Computer_Manan: Hello friends... our topic of discussions is "Specialized Management courses have better prospects that general ones". YES I do agree with this. The basic difference between both the types is FOCUS. The specialized course is more focused as compared to the general ones. Its is like having a focused idea and a vague idea...

Pavan Kumar: lets now discuss what a genera MBA consists of?? It offers all  kinds of management  courses in which one  can reach the ZENITHS OF PERFECTION in nothing….

Archana Bandhuvula: specializing in a particular area definitely helps, not only in terms of better prospects, but also by providing in-depth knowledge into an area . By doing a general MBA ,one would become a "jack of all trades"....whereas a specialization would make him a master in one

Ahamed Zubair: Management is the art of arranging the resources to get a output in possible ways such that it will reduce cost & time

Computer_Manan: In order to understand the need for specialized management courses, we shall first look into different businesses... Each business field today has its own dynamics and needs. A management philosophy or theory which works in most of the cases may not work well for a specialized field. This basic difference makes the specialized management absolutely necessary.

Ahamed Zubair: General MBA gives  you a broad idea of what management is.

Pavan Kumar: ofcourse my friend  .... on can just know what are  the different types of management but ... he cant become jack of all trades... lets discuss it in brief, specialized MBA is necessary to have a sharp point in every aspect of management like finance

Computer_Manan: yes I agree zubair... even specialized management teaches you about the basic and core business principles which can be used in other fields too... But that is not ALL what it teaches... it basically trains the students for the field they want to join after completing MBA. Besides that... they also give SOME and not MUCH focus to other fields

Archana Bandhuvula: Well....as zubair said,,,,a broad idea...i.e,,a summarisation of what actually an MBA is....is definitely important.....but....along with that....a specialization....definitely provides an edge....rather than spending the entire course duration in learning general aspects...spending an year on getting the overview,,,and another year,,,in delving into the specifics of one area,,,definitely produces experts in one field....which is beneficial not only to the students.,,,but also to the industry as a whole

Ahamed Zubair: Until and  unless you know the basics,  specialisation is nothing to do with your management, so General MBA is must

Pavan Kumar: spending a particular time period on overall syllabus may give you a general idea thats it... but spending the same amount of time period for ONE CONCERNED SUBJECT MAY FETCH U MORE EXPERTISE IN THAT FIELD

Ahamed Zubair: You can get the expertise once you are strong in basic management, thats my point

Archana Bandhuvula: exactly....thats the point I've suggested by saying,,,,one yr on general subjects and another on specializing in an area

Computer_Manan: Yes that's a very good point Archna. We can surely think it from a recruiter's perspective. Any company... lets say a Software company would definitely prefer a manager with specialization in S/W management than the one who has done general MBA. So specialized MBA gives us an edge during recruitment also.

Pavan Kumar: and also in the specialized management courses we can do our level best in the field for which we are concerned to…and one can learn about business strategies and concepts, not just on paper, but the training and internship required in an MBA course, teaches you how to use these skills in practical life and in day to day business operations…it enables one to reach the Zeniths of perfection as I already mentioned…

Archana Bandhuvula: for example,,,,if we consider the "Information Systems" specialization.....it's not that a guy who takes this doesn't know what exactly is management....how the economy runs....or the role of our legal system in industry management.....its just that he learns the basics of these subjects in an year and spends the rest of his course duration in delving into the specifics of "Software Management" which would make him an expert in this field

Ahamed Zubair: Everything I can understand, apart from that if you  know swimming you can swim anywhere. If you say you know swimming in only swimming pool, it doesn't help when some odd thing happens

Computer_Manan: Affirmative Archana. The first year prepares you to be a manager. A good manager and the second year makes you a special manager

Archana Bandhuvula: Ya....also,,,if there's a guy who comes from software background and chooses the "IS" specialization...he has more scope to do well...and also, he can do justice to the knowledge he's gained during his graduation.... this can avoid "wastage of knowledge gained in graduation" if one goes for "Finance" or marketing after an engg degree

Pavan Kumar: EXACTLY ARCHANA... I AGREE WITH U ... everyone should have the basics of what management is!! and then only he/she can specialize in any other fields of management

Ahamed Zubair: Apart from that,  whatever you are learn at  Institutes,  it is not the actual scenario. So basic management should be strong to develop  you to get specialised management skills

Archana Bandhuvula: ya zubair....the industry also benefits....as they can pick the right guys for their own sector...

Computer_Manan: Another perspective that you never loose your focus when you are in a specialized field. You are never confused and know what you shall be doing after completion of your MBA course.

Archana Bandhuvula: In this regard, the introduction of "Management of Services Sector" degree,,by FMS is a positive breakthrough,,,as it'd benefit the services sector,,,which is currently accounting for more than 30% share of our GDP

Ahamed Zubair: General MBA is required at this moment to excel in basics. Special MBA is not necessary, as you can apply your common management skills in all problems which may need to be solved.

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Computer_Manan: But all the business principles cant be applied in all field. The biggest example of this is WallMart. They applied the same principle in south korea that they were applying in many other countries. But they failed.  similarly, with general business philosophies may work in many cases... but not in all cases/fields...

Archana Bandhuvula: Walmart example is a case of "Geographical factors".....market scenarios in diff countries are different....they vary with purchasing power and mindset of local people....I don’t think its a case of specialization over there

Computer_Manan: Yes,  I know that it isn't a case of specialization... I was just giving an analogy ... The analogy to support my point that not all management philosophies can work everywhere...You need to change according to different factors. In wallmart's case, it was S-Korea's people's mindset and in our case, it'll be special principles,  Principles for a specialized field I meant

Ahamed Zubair: In that some other basic principles can be helpful

Pavan Kumar: friends... lets see in other perspective... suppose a man who became a manager of a company X coz of his experience not because of MBA degree ... that guy will be specialized in only one field but he ll not be the jack of all trades right!!! so every company /industry looks for a person specialized in one or the other fields

Computer_Manan: Ya... I agree that the principle will be basic. But it will be a basic principle for that specialized field...

Ahamed Zubair: I can't agree with Pavan's point. If I am MD of any company, I can't appoint a person who has completed MBA (Finance) as my CEO. Apart from Finance there are many other things a CEO must know  to run the company

Pavan Kumar: yes zubair... you  have made a good point   ... thats why  as archana already mentioned having the basic knowledge of management can help that CEO apart from FINANCE expertise

Archana Bandhuvula: Also, consider the example of an electrical/mechanical engg  firm....a guy with a general MBA....can do well as long as the issues are very general....supposing a problem very specific to the manufacturing process  arises a guy with knowledge of "Operations Managemnt" will definitely have prior insight into such things and can provide SPEEDY solutions,  which is  important in today's competitive world

Computer_Manan: Yes Archana,  I agree and this goes well with every other field. Be it IT, Finance, Marketting or HR etc...

Ahamed Zubair: Archana, Do you mean to say that whoever comes out of college, will be given a whole unit on his hand. I think not. He will be given some basic training in the field where he is going to work

Pavan Kumar: Sorry archana,  a mechanical engineer will have the basics of  operation reasearch .. so other people who are not mech / electrical can cope up with them after completion of their management

Computer_Manan: In the basic discussions and meetings also... a person with specialized point of view will give many diverse and relevant inputs...while a person who's done a general MBA can only give general inputs... which at times can be quite vague too...

Ahamed Zubair: MBA is to be used as a tool for managing situations, not as tool for specialised solutions.

Archana Bandhuvula: "Training" for a limited period.....definitely is helpful....but does it succeed in proving in-depth knowledge,,,as a focussed case-study research done during your  course?

Ahamed Zubair:  A manager does not need to go and sit wherever a problem persists. A  basic idea of what the problem is more than sufficient, and we can use our basic Management skills for solving any kind of problem, even its starts from Operations to management

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, kindly give  a concluding statement .

Archana Bandhuvula: As far as the industry is concerned, I  think most of them have general managers,,,as well as "experts" in specific fields,,,who have an edge in a particular area....so,,iI think specializations would provide prospects in this regard... so i just conclude by saying that...."Basic are must"....its on the foundations laid thru this...that "Specialists" build their knowledge of a sector...and help in the progress of a particular sector
Amit Kumar has left the conference.

Pavan Kumar: Well … its time for us to conclude now… so finally our discussion ended up wth a concept that … having the basics of management along what a specialization will help every individual….

Computer_Manan: To conclude, I would say that Specialized management is BETTER as compared to General management because of different dynamics of each and every field. Not all problems can be solved with a general point of view. You need specialized inputs and theories and that's why specialized management is necessary. Apart from that. specialized management also teaches you the basic and CORE management principles which can be applied in any field. Then it goes to the specialized level. So it is better.

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