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www.UrPercentile.com :  The topic for GD is  “Leaving a high profile and a fat package job for MBA.” 

R Mehta : Today industry is looking for people who have both technical as well as commercial knowledge. When you start working after your graduation, you come to realize that you don’t understand all the things about business. You have either technical knowledge or you know about programming or you know how to do accounting. MBA gives you the holistic idea about how business works, which helps you in taking better decisions.
To climb the corporate ladder fast, you need to study MBA. You can learn all the things that they teach you on the job, but it would take 7-8 years whereas the same thing you can learn in MBA in 2 years. After completing MBA you will get even better profile, bigger packages and more understanding of your job that is one of the reasons for leaving good jobs

T Chaturvedi : This decision is a very crucial one and must be very carefully introspected upon before the move is made. I think only if a person wishes to change the domain where he's working, can such a decision hold water. To leave a high profile job and do an MBA has its risks. This is because after the MBA, the job may not be that high profile and neither the package fat. On the contrary, the job may well be at the bottom of the ladder if the domain is changed. For example a project manager in an IT company has an excellent profile and package but if he leaves it to do an MBA in finance, his job may be that of a trainee because his experience in the domain of finance is negligible. He then again has to climb the ladder to become an authority as he was in his last job. However, if the person is really charged up for a new life and job and is prepared to rough it out, it may well turn out to be a great choice made.

N Mall :  It’s a difficult decision  to leave a high-profile job and especially when  one is drawing a fat pay package. But sometimes this may be needed for further career enhancements.
Primarily this may happen because
1. Even though one is skilled, certain jobs require that one has a master’s degree.
   So one may have to go for MBA
2. Skills enhancement-some jobs are such that they require specialized skills.
  So, one has to back to school to attain those skills.
3. Sometimes it is observed that people go for Double-MBA. This may happen if one has done an MBA from a not-so-reputed institute and may feel to enhance on that by going for a foreign-MBA.

Rohit Dwivedi : Hi folks, I would like to start by saying that such depends are totally specific to a person's perception of doing MBA someone might opt mainly for financial reason or to switch his work stream or get an idea of the onside out of business work flow and there might few who might do it to get a jump start as entrepreneurs

R Mehta : I like to differ Tuhin, if you do MBA you will have better idea about the processes, the whole business, working of different departments, your knowledge wont be limited to your own field only, you will have knowledge about the whole business, its environment and you will be in better position then you are at current. Another reason is that many people while working at their job develop new ideas, which are not incorporated by the company they work for, so to develop that idea they want to start their own business. MBA course will help them understand how the entire business works, how to raise fund, how to manage people, how to improve operations

N Mall : Yeah there can be various reasons for going for an MBA but one has to weigh various options, Whether the investment that he would be making on an MBA would fructify in a better career opportunity when he passes out of the institute.

Sheo Sumit : Leaving a high profile and a fat package job for MBA. Hello Everyone, I would like to say that leaving a high package for your future goals is not bad, after all you are not working for money, but you want to achieve your goals and if the goal requires the knowledge, one should always go for that.

Sumit Pant : This is a question that one needs to ask himself !!!,,the reason being how important is an MBA degree for him, leaving a high profile job and taking a break for education may be difficult if one has responsibilities on his shoulder, but nevertheless, a PG degree from a good institute will definitely reap good rewards anytime, also it requires tremendous determination to take time out for studies while working and if one has qualified an all India entrance exam it indeed is an achievement and top B schools do look out for people with grit and determination.

T Chaturvedi : Sometimes, although the job pays well, there tends to be a plateau in the job where you are not developing your skills, just repeating the old practices and have no scope for anything new. I don’t know what you are disagreeing with Miss Rani, I haven't taken a stand.

N Mall :Tuhin, sometimes you find that you are constrained in your growth in the company, it's this thing that gives rise for an MBA. If one pursues in the field in which one has experience then one is surely going to have a better profile.

R Mehta : I m just saying that its not that you will end up with lower profile after doing MBA If you do it from a good institute then you will definitely have better profile then your current one. There are many instances when there is no prospect left for you to excel in the domain, you are at that time like pointed out by Niraj and Tuhin, people go for MBA just to expand their scopes.
Sumit Pant : The ideas that one brings from a corporate world after working at a high profile position are indeed valuable, infact interacting with these kind of people itself is quite refreshing and if we are talking about high profile jobs after MBA then a person who has himself worked at such a position will anytime be an asset to any company. The only point that comes here is how determined you are for an MBA.

T Chaturvedi : Not necessarily, because as I said, a person who has done IT completely in his career may not be proficient in an advanced financial instrument like private equity. And what I said is, just a risk not what happen every time. The reason why a person with this profile does an MBA is because of the scope offered. If there was no bottom of the ladder and he got a high profile job instantly, his purpose may not be satisfied. Again the plateau may come after a few months.

Yogesh Srihari : Once there was a time when  parents wanted their wards to be doctor or engineer, but even before that, there was a time people opted only for a jobs that would give pension but in the current trend MBA has overtaken all the other fields. The glamour for management studies has increased, reasons for such incredible increase in glamour for MBA are like 1: with the opening of the indian economy, the above scenario has certainly changed .. the new economy has brought five figure salaries such as in companies like ibm,microsoft etc.... the new economy has also brought us along the big money & designations,  it has brought us exponential growth of management institutes  the glamour is that ceremonial pre-placement  offers that are being offered to management student ..with such fat pay 

Sumit Pant : One should not bother about change of stream. Infact he should go by interest. A person may have worked in sales for 8-10 yrs and may be good in finance; he should definitely opt for MBA in finance. After all one will be happy only if he likes his job, money follows you and MBA is not just a mere degree to climb the corporate ladder, infact it changes you as a person Even if one is preparing for MBA exam, he can see the change in his thought process, one becomes more straight forward and practical.

T Chaturvedi : That’s exactly what I m trying to put forward Miss Rani, there may be no fresh prospect. Such a person may go in for the MBA.

R Mehta : The point here is why you want to go for MBA. Is it because you want to change your domain of work, is it  because you want to start your own business; is it because you want to learn more about business and its environment; the aspects other then your domain of work. The reasons for leaving good job and going for MBA would differ from person to person.

Rohit Dwivedi : Tuhin, I think your ideas are slightly skewed by premonition, you should not forget examples like people doing MBA from ISB Hyderabad after being in military for 22 yrs and landing up in MNC financial services firm, you cannot limit a persons capability merely on the basis of the background he comes from his reason to pursue higher studies might be for reasons unfathomable to someone else

T Chaturvedi : I am just saying that the decision must be taken after much cogitation. I am not refuting a successful career after the MBA. What if the person is not as lucky as your military man? There is always a flip side. I m just asking my friends to beware of it as it arises due to lack of introspection.

N Mall : Doing an MBA is entirely a matter of one's personal interest whether one wants to change his stream, or continue in the  same is one's personal choice. There are numerous instances of people having worked in diverse fields and them making it big in finance

Rohit Dwivedi : Yes I concur with Sumit and Rani that MBA is not just a degree but it can be for you if you take it like that. One should take it as an life altering experience and be open to new ideas and leverage on the qualities that one already possess

Sumit Pant : The only issue that can come for a person working at a good position and drawing fat salary is the responsibilities that he has on his shoulders ,the EMI's that he has to pay for but none the less we have the finance companies to sponsor our education these days.

Yogesh Srihari : Consider the cases of top CEO, WHITMAN with an MBA from Harvard university with a low profile has become model silicon valley 's CEO due to her consistency in delivery the profits to wall street's expectations. MBA is probably not the ticket to comfort life, MBA students once they get they would be grinded to work with 20hr work expectations per day, MBA gives you personality that's for sure brother

R Mehta : MBA study  with its case analysis based learning technique will develop a totally new way of thinking process, new way to approach problems.

Sumit Pant : Exceptions are always there. We can state many examples where people have been college or school drop outs but have made it really big but that when luck is on your side and you have the right thing working out for you at the right time and my personal opinion would be that we need not depend on lady luck and work our own way.

N Mall : Yeah, an MBA changes one's view of business, life, one gets to learn on finance, marketing, operations in short all aspects of business--that is what makes an MBA in great demand, but when one has opted for an MBA one knows what is expected of him.

T Chaturvedi : Even if you start a business, you have to know the principles of business. Many people leave a plum job in technical fields and want to start on their own. For this, you must know the concepts of business. Such a scenario also coerces one to do for an MBA.

R Mehta : Example might be there where someone might be earning a bit less than he was earning before his MBA, but those are exceptions and in starting yes may be he might have a slightly lower package but in 1-2 years he will have better package and profile if he is really good..

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Rohit Dwivedi : Yeah exceptions are always there as Sumit pointed out, but we should not have a pessimistic approach of what if ?  We should have an rational out look and the person should opt the job if his objective of doing an MBA is to get a jump start in his career  but he wishes to really hone his raw managerial traits to use them fruitfully in corporate world and do some things of his own or take up a stream otherwise not available he should opt for doing MBA

Sumit Pant : Age should not act as a barrier when one is going for an MBA, its the determination and passion that one has for learning and implementing that really makes you

R Mehta : Its more of a personal choice. Suppose you are interested in technical field then you will not go for MBA but you will go for higher study in that field or do job which will give you more exposure and training in that field. If you want to know how the economy works, What are the factors affecting business and you want to go in commercial field then you should go for MBA as it will enhance your understanding and knowledge

N Mall : That's true. People even go for MBA when they are in their 40's, some even opt for a double-MBA that just goes on to show the importance of doing an MBA

T Chaturvedi : This may also be done in such cases where a person has excellent domain knowledge but there's a slump in the sector in which his company is. An example is the dot com bust. Many executive who were programmers realized that there was no job market. So they switched gears and opted for the business degree and established themselves anew.

Yogesh Srihari : It is biggest investment in terms of time on money. The cost of MBA degree makes one of them prohibitive  to join this exclusive clubs, it causes many other restrictions to your life style,  thought it is felt as a lottery to success

N Mall : Very right Tuhin, One always needs to enhance the skill-set to remain relevant in the market

Sumit Pant : It all depends on the B-school you are planning to join, if its among the top 5 then its an opportunity that should not be missed regardless of your age.

R Mehta : Yogesh, you get loans easily nowadays for MBA if you get into good b school and also nowadays many companies are also sponsoring their employees for higher education

T Chaturvedi : I don't think it's a lottery if you are focused. You will get what your vision has if you have the grit and determination to get there. That’s not the only way to do an MBA and moreover you have the fat pay packet and profile to go back to about what we are talking here if you encountered this year's CAT.

Yogesh Srihari : Rani apart from fact that we get money & high post in sense of designation, we have to consider the life too . It is not about walking laptops & cool high tech stuffs but also with tremor of work that needs to be put in.

www.UrPercentile.com:  Requests Everyone to give a concluding statement

Sumit Pant : To conclude our discussion, I guess it would be best to put it this way: it all depends on the B-school you are planning to join, if its among the top 5 then its an opportunity that should not be missed, regardless of your age, your profession, your fat salary, the loans that you have to repay, the responsibilities that you have to fulfill, your commitment to your company, or any other task in life.

R Mehta : I would like to conclude that if you want to have better understanding of the business world around you, if you want to change your domain and if you want to climb the corporate ladder fast then doing MBA from good institute will surely help.

T Chaturvedi : As I said earlier, the fact that what you want to do after such a job matters. It must be crystal clear what you want to do and which sector of MBA you'd like to pursue after the degree for which you're making such a move. A person without such a vision and goal may regret the chance he took. On the contrary, someone who has good cognizance of his goal will surly succeed in the new line of job.

N Mall : Well, the group was of the view that doing an MBA is a matter of personal choice, if one feels going for an MBA can enhance one's profile and provide one newer opportunities that probably were shut after he had hit a plateau in his career.

Rohit Dwivedi : Rani I got all six calls and a score of 30 in verbal which was supposed to be 10 to 15 by some leading coaching institute but leave that, that is not part of the GD and to sum up most of would agree that such a decision is based completely on one's personal preferences in life and a generalization by far is not an answers to such dilemma

Yogesh Srihari : Importantly management jobs  are perceived today for the glamour ...though

R Mehta : Rohit mine is 23 in verbal and according to some Institutes, i was getting 7 -21 but what i can think for making verbal section the deciding factor was that they need more mix batch .normally if you see their has been engineering people who are cracking cat because they are good with QA and DI..


Participants :

Rohit Dwivedi : Rohit, B.Tech Comp Sc. ISM Dhanbad, Got all 6 IIM calls

R Mehta : Rani, have done BE Mechanical, have worked in Ingersoll Rand and dresser Rand as purchase executive, got call from IIM indore.

T Chaturvedi : Tuhin, B.E. telecomm from Banglore with 6 months Experience, have calls from ICFAI and NMIMS

N Mall : Niraj, B-Tech in CSE ,have 15 months of Work-experience .

Sheo Sumit : Sheo, 10 months of work ex

Yogesh Srihari : Yogesh srihari , engineering

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