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www.UrPercentile.com : The topic for GD is  “Leaving a high profile and a fat package job for MBA.”

Gaurav Mojasia : Let me start with this, with all your kind permission. The topic for today's discussion is I feel personally the talk of today. It depends on an individualistic approach.

Thomas : A high profile and fat package job is what one aspires for while doing an MBA. Leaving it for doing an MBA in hopes of getting the same type of job again is not a very wise thing to do

Mittal : Hello friends, many of us come to a B-School  with an experience and many of us are paid very well in their previous jobs still they go ahead and do an MBA without any security of same package after MBA

Amit Kumar : Pursuing higher education like MBA depends on one's aspirations more or less. Fat packages are driven by market demand and supply. Leaving a high profile job may not be a good idea because the job profile currently may be that a person will get after MBA also. But on the other side, MBA adds a lot of qualities in one's profile and may give a competitive advantage over non MBA persons.

Gopal Renganathan : Doing MBA makes your growth ladder steep and separates one from the numerous engineering graduates that are being churned out by so many colleges and working in IT profession these days. It’s not only money that matters, job satisfaction and how you wish to shape your career plays an important role in choosing MBA

Dharma Tej : It may be the case that most of them opt for MBA for good package and to reach a high profile but it doesn’t mean that is the only thing driving them to do so.

Debabrata : MBA is one of the most prestigious and one of the most required qualification for a person at present. In order to run any organization more efficiently you need to have the qualification. Thus a MBA degree would always strengthen one's academic background and also provide him with required expertise to cope with a wide range of problems in future. Thus one should definitely think of giving education more priority than a fat package if he would like to plan for a long term goal rather than a short one and it is only a matter of two years, so definitely a gain.

A Arora : Friends I don't believe that behind doing MBA , money is the only motivation . I believe that the quest for knowledge , to lead , to see the fruits of  hard work of your team , to feel that the result of the team work was done by you being the leader , all these are also a great motivation behind doing MBA. So in my views it is ok to leave a fat package job for doing MBA , but again it also depends on the financial condition of the person. He needs to take a prudent decision depending on his conditions

Gaurav Mojasia : I agree with Achal, MBA is not just money making business. The people today have taken it in a wrong sense. It's all about your skill set which you want to display in front of the whole world. People today going by the fat packages are more or less money driven, and it should be looking at the industry but you should not forget what you wanted to be

Gopal Renganathan : More over, Its the case of being standing out other than being a drop in the ocean of IT professionals. MBA also helps in making a rounded personality, so the choice is fruitful

Mittal : Continuing with the point of Debabrata, I think that MBA is a course where you get to know a wider perspective of things and that helps in stepping ahead from one's present capabilities to a role of a leader in any organization and that definitely justifies the risk of leaving fat packages.

 Thomas : The person having been given such a lucrative package itself suggests that he is no worse than a person who has done an MBA. Besides just because a person has an MBA does not make him qualified for higher rungs of the corporate ladder. Experience and gut definitely play a big role.

A Arora : If his family is capable enough to get thru without his contribution than it is ok for him to leave the job for MBA but if he plays an important role in his family financially than I would not suggest him to leave the job , since once the financial condition improves he can do the MBA.

Dharma Tej : I see everyone supporting the statement that only doing an MBA helps you reach higher summits, which is not the case. Let me make my point clear: I meant a person with higher profile and a fat package should not opt MBA if he feels that by getting an MBA degree would help me get more money. MBA will help him improve the way of his work.

Gaurav Mojasia : It’s not the right approach Dharma. MBA sharpens your skill which might be there within you but the platform is provided after you do MBA.

Amit Kumar : I agree the decision is very individualistic and situational in nature. One need to evaluate pros and cons e.g. Take the case of IT industry. A project manager may not get that advantage by pursuing the course and spending 2 years on it as he has been either well groomed by in house trainings in company or already experienced in this field while For a Senior Developer, let us say, MBA may provide him  platform to rise fast to management ladder

Mittal : As  says, the person who is getting good pay packet must be having a responsible enough role in the organization in his or her respective field and hence it may not be required for him or her to do an MBA this itself bring us to the basic point of requirement of an MBA degree for experience holders.

A Arora :  As per Dharma argument, I would like to say that it is not the only way , but in today's environment , doing MBA from a reputed institute is a sure shot way to the riches .

Debabrata : Also after MBA chances of getting higher profiled job, fatter package become much more brighter and also with more knowledge it would be easier to handle situations much more efficiently. So my chances of getting promoted also become brighter. Thus from all directions MBA is definitely a gain.

Amit Kumar :  I feel this all are market driven. 10 years ago MBAs were not paid that high as today. Rather one should need to think the direction MBA can provide him

Gopal Renganathan : My point is, MBA is not the only means to reach the pinnacle of one's career.  It just helps a person to understand the working of an organization and take a holistic approach in the problems they face.  Though experience plays a far major role in guiding one's senses, when it gets blended with an appropriate management training it only hones one's skills in taking the right decisions.

Gaurav Mojasia : A good package may be offered even if u enter the corporate world and I you have quality you would be paid anywhere. But a person who leaves a fat package surely understands and recognizes his ability and know how valuable he/she is. It's MBA that sharpens your communication/marketing skills blended well with your prior education. Earlier list of reputed institutes were less or you can say the quality of education was more or less not up to the mark, but today scenario puts \India in a comfortable educational map. Taking care is not issue It's all about Darwin's Law, Survival of the fittest.

 Thomas : Yes it does sharpen ones' skill. But does this person really need sharpening. he might be a really good market player for all you know. There is a lot of jack of all trades out there. They are way much more experienced than fresher’s and have real sharp skills. They learn from experience and have good intuitions. The person in question may be one like those. He can definitely take care of himself without an MBA.

Gopal Renganathan : Replying to Thomas' point, but how many do make it to the top without an MBA.  Count is few. It’s not only money that makes you do an MBA.  Those lucrative offers unless hyped up and brought out by the media, just adds to the flavor and helps in more and more persons opting for an MBA.  But if you are only concentrated on the packages rather than the career and the value it adds to one's life and knowledge, then it may be better to stay in the job that one has.

Mittal : Dharma's suggestion on fat pay getter, for not going for an MBA shall be considered for individual cases, a person may be  getting a good pay but if he feels that an MBA will add to his capacities to deliver out put in any organization then MBA is justified. Satisfaction of producing results and leading a life of leader can offset the risk of leaving a fat pay job for an MBA degree and hence it is justified

Amit Kumar : I agree with you Gopal. We need to take in consideration that graduation degree, like engineering too provide certain skills which provide platform for rise but MBA altogether gives direction path. It s a shortcut path to Management level, but person with or without MBA can contribute value to the organization, that's my point.

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Debabrata : Definitely as time passes people realize the need of management and its efficiency and thus with time it's popularity and demand has increased. Also no knowledge goes waste it always adds on, thus sacrificing two years of lucrative offers would definitely help for the future. Also there would always be a satisfaction and also greater job security and variety all over which should definitely be ranked over packages.

A Arora : Yes the motivation behind doing MBA should be - To hone one's already existing Leadership skills , to learn from the students having experience a lot , basically MBA should be considered as a book in which various successful persons have written their experiences and we are there to learn from them , it is just the concise book of experience which otherwise we would learn in the due course of 5 years , But not to neglect the Money motivation is also there but it is not the only motivation , so it should be a prudent choice .

Mittal : Exactly as Debabrata says that the knowledge always adds to the value of person and his deliverables and thus a person who already is on a good salary has a fair chance of getting even high salary after value addition for two years and this will make his progress fast in any organization  due to his now better leadership, team working and decision taking capabilities.

Debabrata :  But leaving a high profile job for MBA preparation can prove risky. It is alright if you are assured of admission in a good institution then the job can be left but otherwise only for preparation purposes leaving a job ( though one may be too certain about his preparation ) can definitely prove risky.

Dharma Tej : A person at  a higher level should opt for MBA only if he feels he can do better justice to his work.  He shouldn’t step back considering that he will not be making the same amount of money after his MBA is complete. Because even if he doesn’t earn the way he used to earn prior he will surely earn more and reach a better place in org at latter times I meant though MBA doesn’t give you immediate results it will help you in a long run

Amit Kumar :  Well said Achal. Only fat package can not be the reason and that too if the person is at higher profile which means person is already considered valuable in an organization and of key importance. After MBA, he has to start afresh.

A Arora : And not to forget that nowadays many management institutes are also concentrating on developing the entrepreneurs , so to have something of own to see it growing into one of the best businesses of the country is also a great motivation which can override the lure of fat pay job .

Debabrata : If it is the question of MBA preparation it is better to opt for parallel proceedings with job and to quit only after one is assured a berth at a good institute.

Gopal Renganathan : Countering Amit's point, When you enter into a new field you are as novice as ever one is.  After a bachelor's degree every one starts afresh. Its how you take your career forward and the attitude that each and everyone shows in the respective field that finally counts.

Mittal : Deba has brought up a very good point of the risk involved in the process , but I think looking at the high chances of improved salary after MBA with fast growth, one can take risk. Also one may not have to leave his job for preparations. Almost all good institutes have executive MBA and part time MBA which is run for people with good experience and other who can’t join full time regular courses. This will reduce the risk further.

A Arora : I agree with Gopal , that MBA gives the opportunity to a person to leave the job if he is not interested in that field and follow his own passion , there has been a lot of persons who left the fat pay jobs , did MBA and than joined a NGO to pursue their own passion

 Thomas : How many people are really interested in the development and welfare of their country at personal risk. Not many for sure. So the claim that the person may leave his job for entrepreneurial activities is a little too far fetched.

Amit Kumar : That’s my point Gopal. If person envisages key profile in an organization, he has to think that he is already in that position where his decisions are being valued and need to take a call on how MBA can add a new dimension to his profile

Dharma Tej : Yes, Don’t worry about the risks you will have to take while you get into a good institution. MBA is for a longer run and to learn things in a faster way. MBA helps you learn things in a faster way and that’s the reason why we are being paid much in the initial stages. I believe it’s not the degree that matters but the decision and the work you do that pays.

Debabarata : PGPEX ( post graduate program for executives ) is definitely a good choice for people who want to have both job and degree at the same time. The program promises to turn executives to leaders which prove that a MBA degree is essential to become a "leader" in the market, better than being an executive with a fat package.

Amit Kumar : At this juncture, the MBA decision is as good as evaluation done by any company for its projects . Yes executive programs are good choice where people don’t sacrifice their jobs and career

Mittal : So I think we all agree that MBA offers a good opportunity of development even if one has to leave fat salary for this, now let us consider another point as to how decision of leaving a job for MBA shall  be made, as we the economy is on boom and presently people are hired on a  very inflated pay packets, how can one ensure that the same situation will remain after two years when his or her MBA will be complete.  I would say that there is some amount of risk in this and therefore it makes sense for a person to go for executive MBA type of courses which are short term and at times with specialisation in one's own field of experience.

Gaurav Mojasia : To some extent I agree with Amit, but it doesn't test all your management skills. Not all the time you are judged on the factor that how good you have done the financial management or let’s say marketing your product. It's not about sacrificing. This fear if not taken out would last till the last breath. When MBA is to be done it has to be done without fear otherwise everything would turn out to be compromise..

 Thomas : If one had to start all over again to get to position one was already in and the path was long and cumbersome with very little assurance that one would reach ones prior position again, he would think long and hard before letting it go. Like the saying goes a bird in the hand is worth two in the air.

Dharma Tej : Getting MBA for just a degree sake is not at all advisable if the person is in a high position and is doing good .Leave the money factor aside. Cause money will flow in if you are able to sell yourself though you don’t have a degree.  

www.UrPercentile.com : Requests Everyone to give a concluding statement

Amit Kumar : I conclude: Only money motive is always insatiable. No doubt MBA pursued now or later adds value. But the skills are not such that people can not learn with experience. If person is high profiled and experienced, the decision based on : career further, responsibilities at hand, etc. may help.

 Thomas : I would conclude by saying that the wiser thing to do is to keep the job and go on. since the person is obviously smart he will be able to make it to the top. if MBA is indispensable, there are a lot of distant courses out there. opt for those.

Mittal : I think after this interesting discussion we all agree that though there is a risk involved in leaving a fat pay job for an MBA degree, if one aspires to be a manager suiting to his or her personal choice, one can take risk and go ahead for MBA degree after analyzing the market conditions and institute's performance. This has a high chance of propelling his career on the path of fast growth.

Gaurav Mojasia : I feel personally that it's advisable to leave GOOD package for MBA if and only if the aspirant is keen on improvising his skill in management. The amount of risk has to be undertaken because management is all about playing risk. If aspirant has the caliber, it would take him not long to get the same package with the additional degree in his/her name.

Gopal Renganathan : The choice of leaving a high pay package for an MBA rests only with the hands of the individual, how he wants to direct his career path and how he wants to separate himself from the rest.  MBA just lends a helping hand and it speeds up the growth rate.   It may not be mandatory, but it can play a huge role

Dharma Tej : To summarize. MBA helps you learn things faster and make better decisions. Though in High position if you feel that you are not making proper justice to you work .Leave the money factor aside and go for MBA

Debabrata : It can be concluded that MBA degree would definitely add on to one's qualification and strengthen his career but one definitely need to asses the risks involved in leaving the job and then take a decision, also MBA for executives can always be a good option, but definitely a degree is better than job for the long run.

A Arora : I would say that it depends on the person to person condition and what are his aspirations after MBA , what does he want to do with his MBA degree matters a lot and it should be the deciding factor behind his decision .


Participants :

Dharma Tej : Teja, Graduate from NITW,  I got calls from IIM – I and K

A Arora :  Achal from Bangalore with 1.55+ yrs of experience, Got calls from IIM - A, C

Gopal Renganathan : Gopal, B.Tech graduate, Expecting calls from NITIE, MDI and SPJain

Debabrata : Debabrata Nag, Chemical engineering, Kolkata

Mittal : Mittal, B Tech (Chem Engg) working with Bhabha Atomic Research Centre for past 4 years, Calls from NM and JMET

Gaurav Mojasia : Gaurav from Bangalore, Currently working with MindTree and have a work experience of 19 months.

Thomas : Thomas, BA in Economics.

Amit Kumar : Amit, 3.5 work experience, Bangalore

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