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Chubby_ravi, Debabrata Nag and Manan Shamihoke clear this GD.


www.UrPercentile.com: THE TOPIC OF DISCUSSION IS " IT BUGS "

Amit Kumar: IT Bugs -

- To me this topic is more about the nuisances we encounter in our daily lives.
- 'IT' bugs to be disturbed persistently by unsolicited calls from call centers
- 'IT' bugs to face daily so much pollution which affects your life quantitatively and qualitatively
-'IT' can be Information Technology system which has escaped the rigorous testing

Debabrata Nag: Bugs in Information Technology industry can be referred to any kind of errors, failure in a software program that might cause unexpected problems which sometimes may be very serious

Sumeet Gupta: hi friends .. IT Bugs ... I think it really does ... look all around u .. all of us are surrounded by IT miracles. But i
feel IT has done its own share of harm as well apart from the goodies it brought

Manan Shamihoke: There's a common saying in the software industry that "The more bugs you solve, the more your produce"... This is analogous to the sins in the society. A completely ideal system is not possible to achieve. Humans are always prone to errors. The better and soon we understand this term, the better for us. We shall rather have an attitude of problem solving and we shall not feel agitated or feel bogged down by these problems which are ubiquitious

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Most of the questions to a person with less work experience  (around 1 year or so) are..


Gunjan Rawat: It bugs....IT bugs? no way its our present and future .....its the basic necessity in our life

Debabrata Nag: Bugs may cause a system to crash or unexpected freezing of system that might result in loss of valuable information

Sumeet Gupta: i do feel if not checked properly at any stage they can cause a total crash of the system. Soon u can see machines driving humans nuts

Sumeet Gupta: At this juncture i feel before going deep into the pros and cons brought to us by IT we need to look at the way it has changed us

sandeep bansal: bugs is a term that is most commonly used with software . Rather than just looking at bugs we shud look at what impact IT has made on society.

Debabrata Nag: In every program initially bugs are always present and they can only be removed by proper future updates from the manufacturer, after a series of tests performed by them.

Amit Kumar: : Not only IT, bugs are perennial. They are nuisances. What there is good thing about bugs too. They keep us going to develop more error free systems, machines. I disagree as we should not restrict our viewpoint to Information
Technology only.

Manan Shamihoke: Another interpretation could be real BUGS of IT like these viruses, trojans, worms etc. They are developed to BUG other systems. To get into other systems and destroy them just like many people trying to destroy other people.

Ashish Jain: in the super modern age that we reached today is all coz of IT . Yes it really bugs and it needs to bug..but to some
limit..like the latest technology has changed the whole scenario. in every field of medical, agriculture, engineering ,computers,, consumer services, industries and all...it has really infected us a bug ..

Amit Kumar: What about the daily jams in cities. Won't they bug you?

Chubby_ravi: Hey guys, lets do a simple thinking before we go further, if it weren't for IT the world wouldn't have been small as
it is today (connectivity). Check out everything, Railways where we avoided long queues when Reservation was made online, tickets and bills were easy in paying. Everything has become at the cost of a click

Gunjan Rawat: another thing IT bugs ...yes there are many viruses and trojans present now ruining our important works but more
importantly we must not neglect those people in our discussion who are creating those bugs, they are no less then bugs for IT

Sumeet Gupta: exactly ravi .. it has given us a hue advantage in that sense but look at loss of privacy .. its burden one has to
carry all the time .. thanx to IT

Ashish Jain: ya ravi "the whole world is a village today" due to communication, and thanks to it

Manan Shamihoke: I agree with you ashu... and one common example of an IT BUG is VOYEURSIM... this means to get into the life of a particular person and keep a check on his private life. This is only possible because of very advance techniques in IT

Debabrata Nag: Always it is not that a software has a similar bug for all systems. It also varies from system to system. Thus removal of bugs is also system dependent . Thus updates are made based on different systems which is rigorous and time consuming process

Sumeet Gupta: true but dont u think due to this click culture we are fast moving frm human race to a machine one ?

Amit Kumar: Or,shall we say 'IT' does not bug?

Sumeet Gupta: we try to avoid working for anything. All we want to do is click and its done kind of situation right from cooking food to rocket science . We talk to a friend sitting miles away on chats .. but have lost the contact with the person next door.

Manan Shamihoke: Just today...we got a news that a government office is being BUGGED by a trojan... just imagine if some of secrets are leaked? It is a threat to nation's security and can produce disastorous results. This is possible only because of advancement...

Debabrata Nag: Hackers, pirates can also be considered as IT bugs as they fail all the efforts of the hardworking engineers striving for quality and being able to get what they desrve only due to the illegal occupation

Chubby_ravi: Before we take a side lets do a small walkthrough, take the telephone and the computer. In 1992 when the desktops arrived it was a 486 processor and did nothing, while today its a Core duo processor which can just do amazing things. Its all IT that has driven this dramatic change. The telephone which didnt get IT field for long has remained the same. So lets check the fact of what would anyone want to change, the desktop or the antique telephone which had just a dial pad

Gunjan Rawat: IT does not bug it is a tool for a better and easier today ....it is making us live a better life and .most importantly
making world a smaller place Debabrata Nag: Thus to get rid of hacker bugs the government is taking some vital steps...but still there are territories that have not still made piracy, hacking illegal

Chubby_ravi: Bugs are always there in our ecosystem, its not how many of them are there, its how severe and how intense is its

Sumeet Gupta: so we feel that IT is essential for adding comfort to life ... it has done amazing things to progress at a fast pace. ... fair enough but the flip side of it cant be ignored either

Manan Shamihoke: so IT in itself has given us many important things... it has made our life easy, it has helped us in staying
connected... but sometimes... when used in illicit ways... it has entered in our life though we didn't want that... hat is how it has
bugged our life

Manan Shamihoke: It is bugging us because it has made us dependent on itself...

Debabrata Nag: IT being a 24*7 industry-----thus we can also consider bandhs, unions as IT bugs, what do you say ??

Manan Shamihoke: I meant IT is bugging us...

Amit Kumar: I don't feel IT bugs, as it is up to us to decide the kind of penetration required

Manan Shamihoke: today we cant imagine our life without a mobile phone. Can we?

Sumeet Gupta: we are slowly becoming fully dependent on it. If thr is no power for few hrs we all go crazy. Feel like handicapped.
Don't you feel its some sign of slavery to IT ?


Chubby_ravi: Manan is correct in making his statement because the aftermath of IT has been a disaster in terms of mind usage in the preview of a consumer. Today no one remembers a phone number because they have a mobile which can keep all the numbers

Ashish Jain: BUt BUGS are in nature insects only..it harms a lot ...wt man had before 10 yrs ..that quality n quantity of life is
not maintained today ..if IT will keep on bugging then we will b the only sufferers ..it needs to stop somewhere

Gunjan Rawat: talking that IT has bugged our life is not true it depends on an individual to what extent he must use IT in his life


Manan Shamihoke: It has entered our minds, our life, our soul to such an extent that living without these technological advancements cant even be dreamt of this is the IT has bugged us this is the way IT has bugged us

Amit Kumar: There are always two facets. Information technology has numerous advantanges but effort is on to escape from being bugged

Debabrata Nag: We can conclude that IT is today's most requirement and bugs in the industry is totally not desirable and the industry making good progress to tackle it

Manan Shamihoke: To conclude, I would say that IT has made our life simple, easy to use... but it also has made mankind dependent on itself. It has entered our life through one way or other, in a legal or illegal manner and not too much advancement in this field is really BUGGING us

Sumeet Gupta: well going by the comments that were passed in the GD it can be concluded that IT has helped us in making our life easier as well as a nuisance so one has to keep in mind both side of the coin before arriving at any conclusion

Chubby_ravi: When ford came out with the first car, people were scared of its crash and wanted to be on their horses but if it
werent for the step that the mankind has taken nobody would have seen cars today (which are the fastest mode of transport), similarly is IT, there would be bugs, but then we need to remember its just the beginning.

Ashish Jain: most of the nuisances caused today are not bcoz of IT but because of its implementation .. man needs to know how to implement it

Gunjan Rawat: concluding , we can say that...yes there are IT Bugs (viruses),,....and there are bugs who create IT bugs .....IT has and will always be an important and requisite part of our life ...so don't say that IT bugs because that talk .....it bugs!

Manan Shamihoke: To conclude, I would say that IT has made our life simple, easy to use... but it also has made mankind dependent on itself. It has entered our life through one way or other, in a legal or illegal manner and now too much advancement in this field is really BUGGING us

Ashish Jain: but to stop this bugging we need to have a MEDICINE or anti - virus program that is awareness. then only v can stop it

Chubby_ravi: IT has a long way to go and in the process it would definitely become clean like the CARs of today which are 99.99% of the times reliable (atleast my car is)

Comments by UrPercentile Members:

Hari : Hi, I was looking at the discussion of this topic and thought that it could also be interpreted in a different way. IT bugs could also mean the way it bugs people from other industries in terms of rising Real Estate prices, rising prices of commodities etc because of IT folks ready to pay exhorbitant prices which are higher than the actual price because it hardly matters to them coz of those fat paychecks...IT bugs other people to see builders quote exhorbitant rates and autowallas quoting higher rates in cities where the IT revolution is on a high.
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