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S. Sen: Hi I'm Souvik. I've 2.5 years of experience in IT field. Got call from IIMB and IIMI.

Shiva Gopalan: This is Shiva, working as an Instrumentation Engineer with 2.5 yrs experience

Nitin Khurana: Nitin, B.Com , 10 months Experience , Calls NMIMS, ICFAI

Sheo Sumit: Hi Everyone. I am Sheo and is working for the past 10 months

Kharth Kanna: Hi, I am Kharrthikheyan from Chennai. I have 2.5 yrs work ex in Software industry and a call from NMIMS

Rohit Gupta: Hi, This is Rohit doing MBA from Indore

Hemant Ravi: Hi, Hemant here, B.Tech, working at CTS for 1.5 years, 97 percentile in CAT

www.UrPercentile.com: Lets start the discussion the topic " FINAL ADMISSION CALL FROM A GOOD MANAGEMENT INSTITUTE: IS IT BEGINNING OR THE END"

Kharth Kanna: I feel it is a Beginning,
1. MBA is a starting point for a Career in Management 
2. It is a beginning to start or continue on your self-introspection within yourself about what is the functional area that will suit your interest.
With quality faculties around you and with the help of your peer group you can list out the functional areas of your interest. In this way it is a beginning for the specialised career in one of the functional areas of management. On the other hand, if you do not start on the self-introspection and be clear on what you want after the MBA it could be the end of what could have been an exciting life after MBA?

Sheo Sumit: Final Admission call from a good management institute is definitely a dream come true for the MBA aspirants, but it is definitely a beginning because the final objective is to achieve the desired goal. The final goal is not to get through into a good institute, but to achieve the pre defined objectives set by the aspirant itself.first the student should be clear that why he or she wants to do MBA.  Is it just for the money or the ultimate goal which matters?

Sheo Sumit : I agree with Kharth but I would also like to add here is that a student should be clear with his goals before getting into any management instute.MBA is just a step to fulfill the career goals he has set for himself

Hemant Ravi: It depends with what attitude a candidate steps into ivy - B-School. For me , it will be a continuation, just a link in the whole picture the candidate  is envisaging.  If, he thinks that , his job is done, after getting a call, and now he can retire , then a doom is for sure for him.

Shiva Gopalan: It is of course a beginning for those who consider it as one because it is the gateway to an umpteen number of opportunities. How to groom oneself,  how to be disciplined.  Anyone who lands up in a good institute is bound to get into a job. What is important is how one deals with life. A lot of self analysis is done in institutes like IIM's. The individual is churned out.

Neha: According to my view the final call from a good management institute is a beginning. Only on basis of the call we one can not get a job. We have to give our best in that.

Hemant Ravi: A job in not the ultimate aim for any person, it is the gradual and continuous learning which will suffice his thirst

S.Sen: This is an interesting topic indeed. Final Admission Call from a good institute is a thing which gives self-satisfaction. But it cannot be the end of the journey. The ultimate mission cannot be just to be admitted in a good B-School. The mission is much more than that.

TNK: I agree he should be clear on his final objective and why he wants to do an MBA. But now that he has got a call from a good management institute we can assume that he should be clear on his reason for doing MBA .

Neha: No company selects his candidates on the basis of his institute only. Companies will concern his performance in the institute his ability, his leadership quality etc.

Hemant Ravi: He should be ready for further endeavour, getting a final call, is no doubt an achievement , but he should keep one thing in mind that , an MBA can help him to be a leader or a mere manager

Rohit Gupta: I do agree with that we should be happy with the final call but we should think it how much it will help us in achieving our future career goal. Again its matter from person to person but I feel that everyone should be clear about it.

Shiva Gopalan: I agree with Kharth in a sense that once he is clear in his objective, then it is a beginning , there is no question of end here. How can we say, it is an end when you are just entering a new phase of your career.

Nitin Khurana: In my view you cannot term this as an end just because it is termed as a first step for achieving our goal not the final and more over you cannot be sure of getting a good job

TNK: Networking is one of the key factors which determine success in any field. It is the right place to start on networking with your peers, alumni’s and if you are lucky some of the biggies in the field of management. If you wish to be an entrepreneur and are looking for like-minded people like you, it's the right place to begin your search.

S.Sen: A person who works hard to be in a good B-School so that it gives him a career boost. It helps him to be a successful person in his life. But there are no magicians in those B-Schools who will do it for the aspirant. It is the aspirant who has to do the work for him but the institute will help him to reach in his goal.

 Rohit Gupta: Actually its matter from where we get call. But again not all the non IIT'ans are not good in their skill. Even the person who is not getting through top Institute but is working in a good organization, we should mould ourselves in achieving our career goals.

Hemant Ravi: I think we are thinking with a narrow mind, when we consider job as the primary thing and listing it among the priorities, i must say  there are a plenty of working people, who are earning in 10+ lacs p.a.  for them MBA should be something that will give them an extra edge, not just a job, or money . Hope u all agree to me, this is my personel experience

Nitin Khurana: I don’t agree with the view point that employers don’t select the employee on basis of  B-School

Neha: If any one get selected in any good college and remain in the college for many year because of its poor performance then what is result of his call from a good institute

Shiva Gopalan: I agree with Souvik. He is absolutely right that only the individual must be clear in his objective to get the best from the institute.

S.Sen: Yes Rohit, there are lots of instances where even an IIM graduate has not been able to achieve much in his life.

Nitin Khurana:  It is only because of the brand value of the B-School for which we try getting high score if that is not the purpose then the would be any brand value

Rohit Gupta: When getting call from MBA institute makes good but if we get how to achieve is important. Desire makes you to achieve your career goals. So, one should be very clear in that.

Hemant Ravi: Very true, MBA will never give you a tonic so that you will come out with flying colors, it should be within you a thirst, a desire to prove yourself to chase your dream.

Shiva Gopalan: The beginning is there because one has to face the real corporate world from then.  How to groom oneself, how to be disciplined in one’s thinking are all important but that desire should be in a positive way to achieve greater heights after the final call.

Neha: I do agree, many of the cases I have seen that a lower institute student get a good salary than better institute candidate

Hemant Ravi: Shiva, I disagree, as there are working folks, who have an exposure to corporate world beforehand

S. Sen: Getting in a good B-School is just another step in life. But I feel in any point of life, one cannot think that his race is complete. If one has to compete with this world and find his desired place in it he has to strive for excellence in a continuous basis.

Rohit Gupta: Yes, its true but you must see yourself that in which field you are lagging, so try to overcome with such

Hemant Ravi: Exactly Souvik, when one gets a feeling that he has achieved everything, he is sure to be doomed

S. Sen: A good B-School may give him an edge over the other but it is the concerned person who has to exploit this opportunity so that he becomes successful in his life.

Shiva Gopalan: Well said Souvi. Life is a never ending process. Learning takes a place round the clock. It is the responsibility of the individual to follow the path of righteousness and get the learning right, so that he can apply in real life.

Nitin Khurana: I think we all seem to be in the favor of getting into the motion that it all depends on us not on the school and as per the above saying that good B-School grades do not achieve high which does not mean that not that inst will achieve high in life.

Rohit Gupta: If person lagging in some mathematical calculation he/she must look into it. Also if a person is lagging for soft skill, it must be look while doing MBA

Nitin Khurana: The kind of brand tag you have shows the kind of hard work you have put in and those people who have selected you by interview have seen that u can work under pressure

Hemant Ravi: We simply mean to say that, a B-School is as good as its candidates, if they are ready to take challenges, then, they will succeed for sure, but if they throw their dreams for an extra hike in their package, there won’t be innovativeness in the rat race. Please Nitin, if you think your brand tag is higher in rating than yourself, then I must say, this is a wrong attitude

Rohit Gupta: Yes interview always make you nervous or even in GD many are but they must see look forward to his/her desire

S. Sen: Yes Rohit, a good B-School will help the person to recover the person's week points.

Sheo Sumit: Today MBA aspirants should know why exactly he wants to do MBA. To get a job in a good company is not the goal but an opportunity to fulfill the set target. My dear friends, getting a good salary might be one of the reasons for doing MBA but students who want to be an entrepreneur does not go for that. For me, MBA means to do things smartly. Everyone who has the experience can handle a project and drive it towards success, but an MBA will do it in the smartest way possible with maximum benefits.

Nitin Khurana: The point I am trying to make here is that aspiration every one have but the stamina to achieve very few carry, so you cant take anything away from those people how have work hard to get into a good B-School and you cannot termed them non achiever

S. Sen: Getting in a good B-School is like a good start in a 100 meter race, but the ultimate success depends on how well you run through the whole 100 meter.

Rohit Gupta: Not only your weak points its help in many things. Before joining here as MBA I am very much of getting to stage. But now I feel that I have overcome with this.

Shiva Gopalan: Need not be Sumit. A person with a good experience will do things in a smarter way.  A good B-School is a place to get along with innovative thinkers, problem solvers and achievers. Their experience is valued high. It is the best place to share ideas and groom one's self.

Kharth Kanna: It's a beginning for you to test out some of your innovative business ideas before you jump into the real business world where you may not get a chance to experiment too much.

Rohit Gupta: This all teach you when you join as an MBA, No business teaches you innovative ideas.  Its help you only to give proper direction to handle in the cooperate world.  Yes that’s the thing I want to say. Its just try to uplift you from down to up.

Neha -: A good B-School only help the person to recover his weak points, but all that depends on the person.  If a person set his mind that myself is in a good B-School, and nothing to do later, that shows his negative point of view

Kharth Kanna: Rohit, It does not teach you innovative ideas but it gives you a platform for trying out your innovative ideas.

 Nitin Khurana: ok, My view point if somebody is depending on an 2 years degree to recognize his ability that will be not be right these things like being innovative can be learn while in college or in office how can a 2 year degree will teach you this

Hemant Ravi: You should be realistic in your expectations, a good B-School, in India means, some 15 colleges, it produces around 1500 MBAs per year, how many of them are more than mere managers, working for life time, for a branded company. I mean innovative ideas should be yours, a b-school provides you with a network of like minded people , ready to take challenges and risk in life

S. Sen: Moreover, I think there are lots of pressures in the entire premier B-Schools. I feel it is because that the B-School wants their students to be prepared for all the hurdles that they need to overcome in their career.

Rohit Gupta: Brand always matter but only to some extend after that you have travel alone. Its doesn’t help you a lot but its only help you in finding the way on which you like to travel

Shiva Gopalan: But hemant, ideas can flourish only if there is some discussion, forum etc. a good B-School provides that opportunity

Hemant Ravi: It paves the way , for earning credentials, which will help you in realizing your dreams, no doubt if you are IIM pass out , market will trust you while lending you loans and all

Nitin Khurana: You can only take MBA as place to learn new things and hone whatever you have as a person, moreover it a something different when you come out and you have to compete with the best to show and prove yourself.

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S. Sen: Hemant is absolutely right. Innovativeness, leadership qualities are to some extent a personal characters. These may be explored in a better way and here the premier institutes can help.

Neha -: But what you can do if any B-School rusticate you for your misbehavior or  poor performance, as no institute wants any  poor performing student in their campus, then your all relief is gone that you had got a final call from a good B-School.

Sheo Sumit: I agree with you Shiva and I did not say that without this degree, one is not smart, but in a good MBA institute, you get your strength and weaknesses polished up. Time also matters. A guy learns a lot from a job and will learn and polish up every quality of his but he needs a good amount of time to do that. You can achieve your goals much quickly after doing an MBA instead of learning things with practical experience.

Rohit Gupta: Actually MBA only teaches you one part of a coin and rest you have to find yourself while working with the theories behind you. That is all practical knowledge while you work with any company

Hemant Ravi: Neha, I guess, we are here to discuss for Ivy League B-School, every candidate has some special character in him, and here the need is to realize that. If a person is ambitious and true to his /her dreams, i don’t think he won’t realize his dreams, it’s a matter of time. But if he believes in himself, he will no doubt reach there at the end of the day

Shiva Gopalan: Every learning must be application oriented or else it is a waste. It must be of some use to the organization or the individual concerned

Neha : Yes, MBA only teach you and help you to make perfect . Mind the word HELP NOT MAKE YOU PERFECT, its depend on you.

S. Sen: A good B-School prepares its students to take the challenges in his life. But the person will have to do the work at the end.

Rohit Gupta: Again Shiva, its nothing like that. You learn and you are going to apply your skills in the scenario on which you feel while working. Its all how you are going to apply your learnings in practical senario

Nitin Khurana: Moreover MBA is just a part of the long journey, even CEO of many company have to undergo various training program just too update them selves with the new things happening all around

Shiva Gopalan: Getting a final call is like getting a final call for your character. A good B-School helps you by nurturing your character. The world out there is like a hell. To face it, a strong determined must be there. Our mind is a foxy one. Proper training is required as said by Rohit to get the ideas at the right place. Hence it is a beginning to consider.

S. Sen: Nitin is right here. The CEO of many companies has done a management course when he already achieved a lot in his life.

Rohit Gupta: Training requires because everyone should be updated while working. Also when a person works he/she not able to concentrate on all things except his/her works so training make it easy to update. But again is that what we all are discussing here. No our topic is to make prepare for ourselves to the situation

S. Sen: I believe one should enter in a good B-School for learning the things in a better way. No academic institute can be the ultimate destination of anyone. Academic institute will help its student learn the things but the student has to apply his learning’s in the practical field to be successful in life. If the learning is the main motive to be in a B-school then it cannot be the end of journey because this learning needs to be applied now.

Shiva Gopalan: I think Souvik is reiterating the same point. How should one consider is the question whether it is the beginning or end.

Nitin Khurana: But can you understand a person taking some of the biggest decision working at the CEO position in retail sector who might have got his degree in system / finance, In my terms there is a need of training not just as a trainee/student but someone who will fight it out and take the right decision which show the MBA is not all done

Sheo Sumit: I also agree with Nitin but I would also like to add that exceptions are always there. Dhirubhai Ambani was not an MBA but yet he achieved his dreams. Likewise a Bill gate is a college dropout but he achieved what he wanted to do. But as I said they are exceptions. Universal fact is that you need to use your capabilities to the maximum level to achieve your goal and this is what a good institute teaches you.

S. Sen: Yes Sumit. You are right that there are instances where people has been successful without an MBA degree. It proves that being in a B-School is not the ultimate journey.

Hemant Ravi: MBA, never makes you a leader. It simply helps you hone, what you want to. If you talk about CEO, you are targeting at an age group of 38+ that means by that time, you will have work ex of 15years.

Rohit Gupta: That’s true Sumit. Not all the non IIM's or MBA's become CEO. But there must be someone who pick the knowledge from the College and apply them in their case.   38+ what is that, you mean to say only 38+ can become CEO. How come sir, it’s nothing like that? No age matters if knowledge and capabilities in one's hand. If you are capable you can become CEO at any age

Shiva Gopalan: As said earlier, an MBA degree holder, that too from an institute like IIM will give a sense of confidence to the organization.

S. Sen: But probably Dhirubhaui Ambani or Bill Gates had some inherent qualities which everyone may not have. So getting in a good B-School is always necessary to learn the things, but at the day end it needs to be applied in a proper way.

Shiva Gopalan: Souvik has made the correct point. Knowledge learnt must be applied in order for someone to get benefited. Self benefit must not be the prime aim.

Kharth Kanna:  Let's get on with the topic. We have agreed to the extent that an individual choice if a final admission call is a beginning or an end to his career

Nitin Khurana: But at the same time we should understand that without a MBA only few have to be successful , this without MBA thing might not happen because they may not have got an opportunity to go for an MBA otherwise they would have gone for it

Shiva Gopalan: I think kanna must be given opportunity to express his opinion. What is your opinion khanna?

S. Sen: Yes age is not important. What is important is your attitude, your ability.

Hemant Ravi: I would like to point some light on the fact that out of 200 MBA candidates who join a B-School only 10 -15 comes out as a real leader , with some innovative ideas, have you ever thought, why?


Rohit Gupta: What we all discuss here is completely what we are going to face while doing MBA so what so ever we are lagging we should be conscious to get over it with good attitude and Soft skills

Shiva Gopalan: Final call is the beginning as it opens new worlds of opportunities, opportunity to a new lease of life to think big. : To actually get along with many people and help others if possible as ultimately, one is studying to excel his attitude

Hemant Ravi: They have a dream , they are there with a thinking that they have to go ahead an extra mile, so, a positive , never say die , attitude is what one should be wearing while entering a b school. I hope, every one understands that MBA will give them the desired tools, with which one can live his dreams, it might be a managerial position for one, or a small and medium business for another, getting into a b school is just a step ahead while chasing his dreams.

Kharth Kanna: An individual's choice determines what he makes out of an MBA. It can be a beginning to an exciting life after MBA if he makes use of the peer group, faculty and the opportunities that come to him.

Neha : From all these given statement ,we can say that the final call from a good B-School is not the end. Can say it’s a beginning because many business men achieve their goals without doing MBA from a good institute. It does depend upon person ability.

S. Sen: The group has discussed a lot on the topic. Everyone had the view that getting in a good B-School cannot be the ultimate goal of a person. Rather the person needs to exploit the opportunity he will gain in a good institute so that he can become successful in his life. He should use his learning in the practical field. So the journey is never ending. The journey will give success if the initial boost can be exploited in a proper way.

Sheo Sumit: I would like to conclude by saying that starting things nicely always lead towards a good end if things are managed smartly. Starting things nicely always lead towards a good end if things are managed smartly.

Nitin Khurana: I think MBA is just a point in a long journey which can only be successfully done by people with vision not just a dream to crack a b school everyone has to go for being upgrade and do best at the same time we cannot only depend on those people who don’t have an MBA but are still successful at what they do in my view MBA is just a part of the journey.


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