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www.UrPercentile.com: The Topic of the Discussion is:  “For many M.B.A.’s in India, Dream Job May Be Just That."

R.Kamath: Let us first of all define what a dream job is. This may differ from person to person but for some it is the job in which he can achieve all the goals set by him & suits his career objectives. For some it is only money, for someone else, it could be the job satisfaction which makes a particular job a dream job. MBAs in today's world have plenty of opportunities, but they generally stick on to lucrative options like a career in Finance or in Marketing. A dream job seldom means a new venture or a startup.

Nitin: Though I feel this statement has been taken in context to economic condition prevailing in the country before liberalization took place and there was a shortage of good jobs for educated people and moreover doing a business was not very easy because of certain constraint both in terms of resources and opportunities, because of which there were only a few to take the other path. But in today’s context it is a misfit.

Sudhir: I think for many MBA is a not only a dream job, but a constant process of climbing the corporate ladder.

Kripa Loganathan: For all those of us who are aiming at M.B.A, the ultimate ambition is to land up in a dream job. But what exactly is this for many a dream job is just one which pays a huge sum as compensation. But that really isn’t it. M.B.A is just not to earn money, but to enhance and build interpersonal skills in order to stand the chance of outsmarting the world outside you

R.Kamath: A student by virtue of joining a good MBA institute can actually guarantee himself a good job, on most cases his dream job of getting into top consulting firms or into leading I-Banks. Kripa, It cannot be said that MBAs don’t look for lucrative jobs or not for the monetary aspects. Most of the times, this is the major Criterion

Nitin: If we consider today’s situation it has totally changed because better economy and more and more opportunity coming in for young graduates to prove themselves which  is seen in the manner most of the B-school graduates are leaving good jobs and taking the route of entrepreneur.

Ravi: In my view "Just that" is subjective to the individual.  If the individual chooses to become an entrepreneur for him that is his dream job and similarly someone wants to pursue as a consultant that is one’s dream job.  Putting them together, according to me, MBA gives you the ability to choose what is good for you; it is a better filter in terms of choices and makes oneself a better filter and go for the one.

Achal Arora: Yes in India mostly this is the case but lets look at other parts of world, what is going on in other countries, what the MBA abroad believe their dream job is ? And how and why are we Indians different from them

R.Kamath: All businesses run to generate value for their stakeholders. So it cannot be expected that the graduates out of a B-school are not expecting to earn good money.
Kripa Loganathan: There are many more things that a job has to offer than just being lucrative in terms of money and individual profit.

Abhishek Shah: I agree with Kripa that MBA is to polish you career for future growth in the industry.

Sudhir: I dont agree  - A student by virtue of joining a good MBA institute can actually guarantee himself a good job, because there are several examples of IIMs students not doing good in  job  while there are other  who even after passing from  average college are doing great

Jyoti Agarwal: As per my perspective, MBA opens numerous options for a person to select from and the definition of Just that has to be defined by the individual and as per my interpretation of the statement, it means that the MBA generally go for a job rather than going for some business of their own or some research work

R.Kamath: MBA colleges too are focusing on placements, their advertisements & their websites. Always speaks about how well it could place its students. This has been one of the major criteria to rank MBA Institutes

Abhishek Shah: It is ones own capability that lands him /her in a good job .He/she may be an engineer yet get his/her dream job. Its not necessary to do MBA for it. Moreover all MBAs don’t get their dream jobs

Kripa Loganathan: In today’s world, many are working towards their dream job without even knowing what exactly it is. They brush aside the pain of deciding what really a dream job means.

R.Kamath: Many people graduating from the best B-schools may not get a very good offer. But the sound education which he has gained can provide a push to his career & get him a job opportunity which suits his interest at a later point in his career.

Achal Arora: Kamath , you are taking it wrong , no one says that MBA's don't want to earn money , after all it is the basic motivation behind money , but the process to earn money i.e. job is being discussed here , many try to get a high stake job just after doing MBA and earn fat salaries , while some try to start something of their own and with due course earn money , so what matters is the process . Some even take up and go's after MBA , so in those cases they are not looking for money , but in theses cases the dream job means an opportunity to lead the team , and do something beneficial to the society , here the thirst is to lead and not money .

Jyoti Agarwal: If we see in the Indian context, the statement seems to be true to some extent ... but there are a few examples in the near future that show that even Indians have started being entrepreneurs.

R.Kamath: Let us now talk on whether an MBA is the only way to getting a dream job.  In many sectors the technical skills are valued more than the managerial skills & a management position is often a result of good performance. Some of the sectors like Software, Biotech provide dream options to students who have not graduated out of a b-school

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Ravi: Before we take any further stances, let’s try to understand why we see a shift in the attitude of people towards "More Money at cost of satisfaction".  I think it’s the word "Risk", not many people want to take a risk by starting a company.  Starting a company has become a risk these days, unlike countries abroad as there are not many incentives for the person who starts the company

Nitin: in my view there are people who might not got a good though they graduate from a nice b school but that would be just because they might not be able to find out there right job which suit there Personality but there aspiration could not be stopped which mean higher studies, after MBA and look for a perfect job and grow.

Abhishek Shah: MBA makes a man knowledgeable about business organization and ethics and its  important for a manager of a good organization to have this.

R.Kamath: Money is the real reason why all the business is running today. This may not be the only motive but is the primary motive of most businesses.

Ravi: So to all those people who can’t afford to risk, dream job is where they get more and more money.  To add support to this statement, ISB wasn’t getting many admission applicants until two years back when they announced that one of the students hit the 1 Crore mark.  And today they have heaps of applications.

Jyoti Agarwal: In continuation to what Ravi has said the Indian government is now looking to farther the corporate tax that would further dissuade the budding entrepreneurs. In the current scenario, its quite legitimate to go for a job rather than go for a start up of your own.

Nitin: In my view the spirit of being an Entrepreneur, is more important then worrying about corporate taxes.

R.Kamath: Entrepreneurs are the people who take risks & are ready to face a crisis, persevere to achieve the goals & reap profits of their hard work. It is debatable as to how many MBAs are really trying to be entrepreneurs over the long run being well equipped to be an entrepreneur

Abhishek Shah: R.Kamath, if one wants money, he can easily get at graduate level like after passing out from premier institute like IITs people are get sky rocket salaries but still then they go to IIMs just for gaining the MBA experience that would give them a edge in their career

Ravi: Moreover becoming an entrepreneur has become a double edged sword, if you lose, you lose money and you lose credibility too and after that fall there aren’t many people who are going to help you grow.  While working for someone is far safer as you keep constantly getting money, bonus etc and you are free to move around and can bargain for better deals.

Sudhir: Also starting your own venture needs lots of money and it’s not easy to raise money for budding entrepreneurs

R.Kamath: Abhishek, it is not true that all IITians get dream options, this is also true for IIM graduates,

Achal Arora: But the topic in today's scenario can also be interpreted as that the dream job is just that which gives him satisfaction, and a way to earn life. Because in current scenario we also see people going to job like arranging Tours and Travels after MBA which does not give them that much money but give them the thrill of doing adventurous things in life . So they need money, but not only that. Along with money satisfaction also plays a major role in deciding dream job.

Abhishek Shah: Yes of course, but I m talking of those IIT grads who get their dream jobs but still go to IIMs.

Ravi: There are very less institutes in India which encourage becoming entrepreneurs, one out of the very few is the IIT Madras, where the college helps the students to start their own companies and now the college has gone to the extent of starting a tech park beside their campus where the students are going to get their hands on very frequently.

R.Kamath: Well structured & taught education is very valuable & will never go waste. The quality of education & the knowledge you gain is very high from premier B-schools

Nitin: Moreover if more and more people come up to become Entrepreneur then government will open door to more opportunities and not only this it will open doors to more investment, which mean mire development for a country, moreover I don’t think they not allow Entrepreneur more freely even before just for example Infosys started as a Entrepreneur venture and many other companies like reliance changed they way government think and made policies.

Ravi: People talk here in terms on Money and return on investment. Nobody wants ethics.  They can compromise on ethics at the cost of Money. Bringing all this together I think, as a society we are slowly moving into a mindset where a person's credibility is spoken in terms of Money earned, assets purchased, rather than milestones achieved.

Abhishek Shah: If ethics is given then this world won’t prevail. If everything can be done by money than the people who have great parental business need not do MBA. Then why do they pursue MBA they can run their industries by money only, No education required.

Nitin: I think the term milestone depend on an individual for some it may be the idea to rise  grow in the corporate structure for some it may be money , so in view milestone should be based on once thinking.

Ravi: As there are exceptions to everything, there are people like Bill Gates who is a fall out from Harward but is the richest man in the world today, but most of the people in the world today believe that MBA is going to add others experience to them, MBA is virtual reality for them.  You need not take the cyanides to know that it kills.

Achal Arora:  Ravi , it has never been said that MBA is the only way to money , it is a way , there are other ways too , but the dream job here talked about is in the context of an MBA? What is a dream job for an MBA, the one which gives him money or the one which gives a sense of achievement along with satisfaction?  It is completely up to the person as to what does he thinks of a dream job?

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a concluding statement

Achal Arora: We cannot say that "The Dream Job Of An MBA is Just that" , it can comprise a lot of perspectives depending on person to person . It may be of Fat Pay packages, it may be of Adventurous thrills, in the end what matters is his expectation from life . What has he dreamt to achieve and than the dream job is to be decided, a dream job for one may not be the dream job for other

Ravi: For MBA's in India dream job has changed from job satisfaction to earn "fads and fads of money" which can be sensed from the fact that CAT applications have rocketed in the recent years after the news of the best packages offered on the campus have been published in the newspapers.  For only a very few its what they want to achieve in their lives and it for what they have been waiting whole of their life.  For these people its "JUST THAT WHAT THEY WANT"

Abhishek Shah: It really depends on the person how to see MBA for his/her career , but most us agree that many people see MBA as adding education and know how of Managing Organizations and businesses. So it’s not only the money/dream job people pursue MBA

Nitin: In my view this statement sounded better  before liberalization  but in today’s context when there are so many opportunity  for individual to grow, a job which might a  dream initially is not an end  and more over it is not the job which a person look  forward but his aspiration should been fulfilled   which are based upon prevailing condition , moving with that is the means to grow and get satisfaction


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