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Following GD was conducted on 23rd Dec 06 .

Ashish Jain and Amit Kumar clear this GD. Dengue also presented some good points.



Amit perot: Hi...myself amit..s.w engg by professional ..working in for last 17 months...passed from nsit ..delhi university in comp

Ashish jain: helo.good evening all.i am Ashish jain from surat..3nd yr b.com

Abhishek shah: Myself Abhishek From NSIT Final yr COMP. Engg.

Amit Kumar: Hi everyone, Myself is Amit. I have 3 .5 yr work ex, working in Infosys from past 2yrs. I did my B.E. in industrial engg

www.UrPercentile.com: THE TOPIC OF GD IS : "A cockroach has 16 legs"

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Engineers joining management is a national waste.

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Amit perot: There is a nervous mechanism underlying the intersegmental coordination of leg movements of cockroach, all the
departments in an organization should function collectively...in sync with each other...

Amit Kumar: To me cockroach symbolizes well coordinated system which is supported by other numerous systems much like our industry today. Like one industry is supported by various functions like Finance, Operations, etc

Ashish jain: here a cockroach suggests a company or an organisation with 2 any divisions still..control n co-ordination though a complex structure ...v notice perfect control between them

Amit Kumar: Right, it actually calls for looking at various aspects too to give a balanced picture, like cockroach when walking with 16 legs is more balanced than walking with 10 legs

Ashish jain: again in a organisation..there r many different views of different executives....but a company can run only when it thinks of all of those views and take the decisions

Amit Kumar: I second with you but would like to add a caution: too many cook spoil a broth

Ashish jain: Yes amit You can judge this from fact that, it has 16 only not 20 legs, u r rite

Dengue : Even if one leg gets hurt the poor cockroach cannot walk , similarly in an organisation if there is one person who is
not able to perform it will have affect on the performance of the whole organization

Ashish jain: but its not always true ...we see even it has many legs it runs so fast ..so as an company

Amit Kumar: Thats not true, too much functions may lead to lose in focus too

Dengue: There may be binary maths behind it 2*2*2*2= 16 , giving importance to a pair or joint effort which can help any organization

Ashish jain: if any divison of the company ..may be of employees or workers or production or marketing or finance...is hurt the whole company falls on the sides of cockroach ..there are 8 legs

Amit Kumar: Thats a good view Dengu. Joint effort definitely pays but it has to be in sync

Ashish jain: yaa amit,,,but for that perfect management is required at top-level that is in brain of company(cockroach)

Amit Kumar: Its like you are looking at the branched tree from top. diverse branches converged to one root

Dengue : Though everyone ( Competitors) hates the coachroach , the whole world ( Read competitors) is after killing the poor
bugger , but it has survived since the dinosaurs time , may be it is because of the joint effort of the 16 legs …… similarly a
company is surrounded by competitors but is should stand on all it 16 legs to fight competition and survive.

Amit Kumar: Definitely, support system serve as a backup too : (here legs of cockroach)

Ashish jain: though a firm making losses and losses but thru joint efforts it can achieve great heights and survive a long time

Ashish jain: amit wat u say

Amit Kumar: if one system fails, still one can go ahead till the time other is back into action. Compare it with the case where
organizations have no back up and support. they will end up becoming lame. I said, many legs of cockroach symbolizes back up for him also

Ashish jain: but we need 2 repair the other system fast ...else 1st it will run slow n den stop at one point like a cockroach

Dengue : Correct , every organisation must have a back-up system in place, as you never know what is coming ahead

Amit Kumar: there is one more view, cockroach symbolizes structure of flat organisation with 16 vertical pillars, Like in Infosys, 7 vertical IBUs (called business units)

Amit Kumar: We are here pondering on symbolic importance of cockroach in our organizations and can we learn from nature

Amit Kumar: If you have point to make, please put forward

Ashish jain: ways we don't need just to see the importance. we need to see its limitations and advantages right..like a cockroach with many legs can run fast ...catch its prey fast n live a long life even if something is damaged....but sometimes the co-ordination becomes hard in absence of control from top level...and it runs slow and get caught in the hands of the killer

Amit Kumar: Right. There is one more -ve point to it. I feel it a disadvantage for cockroach in using all 16 legs for performing one function i.e. walking. See how we humans have progressed by sparing two hands for performing tasks

Ashish jain: no amit..it does not just walk...it runs fast ..gets his goal fast and can hide from any problems

Dengue : yes Amit is right , a man with 2 legs can perform much better than a cockroach

www.UrPercentile.com: Yes Ashish you are correct. Looks like it was a difficult topic to discuss on..You guys are doing well. You may send one concluding statement on the topic

Amit Kumar: Ok. I conclude, These are many facets of a cube

Ashish jain: I conclude that even if we remove certain parts ..it can function well,,

Amit Kumar: Although cockroaches may be a dreaded creature worldwide, with its unique biological construct there are certainly
many things to learns from it

Ashish jain: n d food 2 b giving 2 all d parts will be reduced thus cost reduces..( salary all

Amit Kumar: that can be imbibed in our organisational working

Ashish jain: I like to crack a joke please to make the atmosphere light ....why do gals fear so much from them, we can
learn from that also , .yes amit

Ashish jain: i conclude that even if v remove certain parts ..it can function well,,n d food to be given 2 all the parts to
perform will b reduced thus cost reduces..( salary n all)

Amit Kumar: Thanks mod for conducting the GD

www.UrPercentile.com: you are welcome

Amit Kumar: BTW ashu you can ask your neighborhood cockroaches, what they felt

Amit Kumar: Ok tell me this. What to do in situations during GD if you feel everybody is silent


www.UrPercentile.com : Ok Bye for now

Comments by Urpercentile Members ->

Manan Shamihoke:
Hello All, First of all thanks to urpercentile for these online GDs.
I want to ask that can we provide some additional points for the GDs conducted as a reply to your messages?
For exmaple in the GD conducted on 23/12/06 over the topic "A cockroach has 16 legs"... I have some inputs...

1. Probably the cockroach can be viewed as a sinner and we can relate it to the various sins or illicit activities of the society.
a) These activities and people related to them have vast contacts and they are present everywhere... Just like cockroaches.
b) These people also have numerous ways to do harm to the society... just like cockroaches have 16 legs.
c)Just like cockroaches, we're into eliminating these sinners but they somehow resurface from one place or other.
d)Also... these sinners can try to any extent but they will never be able to destroy the human race...
These are some of the points I would have spoken about in that GD. Can we provide such feedbacks to the GDs if we're somehow not able to take part in them directly?

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