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www.UrPercentile.com: The Topic of Discussion  is : " Is classroom coaching necessary to clear the written entrance exam and GD/PI for MBA admission. 

Manan Shamihoke: Hello everyone. Our today's topic of discussion is a very relevant and perhaps important one. "Is classroom coaching necessary to clear the written entrance exam and GD/PI for MBA admission?"  I think ‘NO’. The  classroom coaching is not absolutely necessary. Clearing the Entrance exam as well as the GD/PI needs practice at its very best. And there are many other ways to get that practice or to do it..

Santosh: But classroom teaching might give us some tips, the right path may be to Practice.

Manan Shamihoke: Yes definitely, Classroom coaching only give you some tips, then why to waste around 20K Rs for those tips? There are many ways to obtain those tips.

Niraj Mall: I don't agree with Manan . In today's times when over 2 lakhs sit for CAT, Good coaching is utterly essential.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Well, I personally feel that classroom coaching is not at all an imperative. This is because if we analyze the questions asked in these tests, we find that most of the portion involves what most of us have already studied. Moreover, the very term 'Management' implies that there are resources which are to be managed in these exams. Some of these are time, the toughness level of questions asked. Managerial skills come to a person via experience and having a knack to decide what is priority. Classroom coaching tends to put us into a fixed mind set which is seldom required in real life situations.

Debabrata: Today in India, MBA exams are considered as one of the toughest exams after graduation. In the whole world, specially CAT conducted by IIMs, Most of them comprise a written exam, Group discussion, Personal Interview. The question arises how the aspirants should prepare: SELF or COACHING in order to surely crack the exams

Rajni Kukkar: Hello All, I am in Favour of Classroom coaching. The MBA Entrance Exams are all about One’s techniques and tricks to handle questions. So all that one get from some experienced person is no doubt .

Amardeep Singh: Well my perception is classroom coaching for clearing the MBA exams and then GD/Pi is very much necessary. Lets not talk about the valuable tips and guidance by the teachers, lets focus on the amount of competition we get while the preparations. I say here preparations not the end when most of us are giving MOCK CATs compttt while the preparation time i.e. at the raw stage is necessary and classrom coaching gives you that

Pramod: I agree with Manan that the exam and GD/PI require a lot of practice. I think the importance of coaching classes will differ in degree for written exam with GD/PI.

Manan Shamihoke: We shall identify the reasons behind a person's joining a classroom :
1. Lack of seriousness.
2. Availability of material.
3. Interaction with good minds.
4. Influence of friends...
5. Expert opinion

Santosh: Definitely agree with what Pramod said, Classroom teaching is of utmost importance when it comes to written exam

Debabrata : Self preparation has always been the best mode of study. But today , we can not provide the amount of time necessary for self study, as it requires a lot of hard work and time , Thus we choose to depend more on classroom coaching these days as they do most of the hard work for us

Punnu Haniya: No Class Room Coaching Can Teach Aptitude, Its inherent the system of Human Body.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Coaching cannot teach you how to manage your time. That comes only when you know what your strong point is. Be it Quant or English, it is a candidate who must know this and for this I don't think you need to ask others. Coaching institutes only stifle your mode of thought by teaching you quick fixes.

Amardeep Singh: Classroom coaching gives u the edge over others. You get to know your level of preparation well before the actual exam day and you can continuously work upon improving yourself..

Santosh: Why not? You get to learn a lot of techniques especially in Quant. One can also know their relative ranking.

Niraj Mall: While most of the  questions are from 10th level . The sheer no. of people sitting for the exams makes it utterly imperative necessary to go for coaching. Many people are not in touch with those techniques which they would have easily adopted at school level. Here expert guidance of the faculty members becomes essential. Also one can gain from their experiences. One can also test oneself against other students preparation.

Manan Shamihoke: The seriousness can be inherited if you study or even interact with good minded people. There's no need for a classroom coaching for that. Availability of material is also not a matter of concern today’s as is can be obtained very easily, probably from correspondence courses too. We all shall focus that in the end, it is the shear grit, determination and practice of a person which will make him clear any exam.

Rajni Kukkar: One Needs a regular Practice when its about MBA entrance exams. We need to be aware of the situation we might fall in when it’s a competition, in classroom sessions we come across regular competition!

Santosh: But for the GDs  only classroom teaching is not essential. You need to keep a track of the current affairs for it.

Niraj Mall: In these exams where even fraction of a mark can make a huge difference the expert advice is very necessary.

Ritesh : Classroom coaching is a useful aid to brush the concepts we learnt in school & pre University college . But this will not guarantee us a seat in a good B-school

Amardeep Singh: Classroom coaching helps you to build your personality and handle healthy comptt in a sporty manner. You get to know about the personalities of people from diverse backgrounds. Interaction with all these people gives u the extra edge above the others, who don't attend coaching classes, in a way that u get to know how to deal with people of different personality at a very early stage and this finally helps you in your masters and finally the job.

Manan Shamihoke: Yes Niraj, I agree but it is a student who has to work for that fraction of marks and not a classroom

Rajni Kukkar: For Shortcuts and other time savers, we all do need guidance, No doubt a study material can provide all that but the fact is not just reading the shortcuts its about the application, so that is what an experienced hand can teach.

Debabrata : There are both positives and negatives of classroom coaching but I think the positives are more . In a classroom you can interact more with the other aspirants and discuss with them the mode of preparation. Thus forming groups to study has always been beneficial more than self study

Niraj Mall: While grit and determination are necessary they may not be sufficient. .

Ritesh : At some point it is your aptitude & dedication which will make us sail through the exam given the patterns which exams like CAT & IIFT have had in their recent exams

Pramod : I will agree that coaching helps. But i don’t think that it is absolutely essential. I know some friends who have cleared the exam and the GD/PI for IIMs without even joining any coaching institute. With coaching also comes an increase in pressure. It happens when we see and compare our results with our peers during practice. And it is this pressure which takes the toll during real Exam and GD. One benefit of not going for coaching is that our unawareness helps us not increase our tension levels and keep our calm.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Quick fixes imply that the test is your end and not what lies after that. A person who knows his basics well and also has the knack of managing time does not need these coaching institutes' help. This is because he will always be confident of having these skills as such . As far as GD and PI are concerned, these are a matter of self awareness and cognizance of the external environment .You don't need coaching classes to know yourself

Amardeep Singh: I agree with Mr. Sandeep that aptitude can't be taught, but my dear friends one can build upon one's aptitude and excel with the help of peers and teachers. The guidance that the teachers provide with can surely help you increase your level of aptitude and IQ

Manan Shamihoke: Yes Rajni, but this guidance can be obtained from many other places. You do get books full of shortcuts. You have the power of internet then why go for classroom coaching? All the things which are provided by classrooms can be obtained from other sources.

Niraj Mall: If we did not feel necessary then probably we would not be involved in this online GD This just goes to show that we want to benchmark ourselves against others. Classroom coaching provides that environment.

Punnu Haniya: And Group study is not the Potent means to test your creative powers, Can you think the likes of Einstein . To have had a Group Study before giving laws . Is Inherent may be Genetic or DNA thing. No Einstein ever needed group study, no Newton found interest in it, its just the Determination and Love for their hard work that can get you through, And also Smart work should’ t be sent out a contention

Debabrata : Regularity about classes, are the second positive of class room coaching but it is also associated with a negative that they tend to rush with the course without seeing whether your condition is improving or not. So lack of individual attention is also associated. But we need to remember that success totally depends on our sole hard work with little support from coaching

Rajni Kukkar:  Yes Books can no doubt be helpful but not the sole teachers, the real methods and their application can be taught by a teacher only. Somebody who has works in the field can be much more helpful .Moreover you get to develop a habit of being regular in your studies

Amardeep Singh: Well said Mr. Manan, but i would like to mention over here: Surveys conducted show that people who have prepare through a class room coaching center have always had an upper hand interims of final selections as compared to students who prepare on there own and moreover classroom coaching keeps u in touch with the hot topics of the field and also makes u adjust better to the latest changes in any MBA exam as in classrooms constant analysis of the MBA exams is done.

Manan Shamihoke: One negative perspective is the Advertisements these coaching institutes give just to lure students. They promise satisfaction and even some promise CALLS from great B Schools. We all know that no institute can guarantee this. This is only a way to get more students and earn profits.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think that the shortcuts that these institutes teach can be learnt by oneself. As far as attitude is concerned, that again is an aspect of a person's psyche. It cannot be fabricated by a group of peoples. In fact, it may even militate if you are caught by the interview panel dissimulating.

Ritesh : What helps is
* the expert advice on how an exam should be attempted within the given time

* The mock exams which make u commit all the mistakes which you would   do  in the real exams.

* The mock analysis where you get to know your mistakes.

* The rigour & routine which the classroom activity puts in u. It imbibes in u a systematic planning & implementation routine

* It lets u compare yourself against your peers ( Adds  peer pressure )

Amount Required for Preparation
How much total money will I be spending on preparation, that is on study material, books....

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Reasons why one should join a coaching institute for preparation:

  Do I Need to Join Coaching to Clear Tests
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Amardeep Singh: Well i agree with Mr. Sandeep, but everyone is not an Einstein or a Newton and Einstein and Newton never gave CAT.

Manan Shamihoke: Yes Amrit, but these surveys don’t say that classroom coaching is absolutely necessary. These coaching institutes make students dependent on them.

Debabrata:  In self study all the hard work need to be done by us, Going through the books, then summarising, then self mock tests etc . But in classroom coaching all the hard work has been done by the institutions .They have the experience in the line that we lack. Thus, we can utilize their experience as we have very little time.

Niraj Mall: Not all shortcuts can be learnt in a short period of time. Faculty members already have those, what's the need to invent the wheel gain

Manan Shamihoke: We all shall understand one clear point : In B schools, good one we won’t be given any coaching. We have to understand and act only by our mind and thinking. No one will give us any solution or teach us like we were taught in schools, we have to learn how to learn by ourselves

Punnu Haniya: Sometimes you feel an unusual pressure. I have found a lots of students failing in getting a good percentile even if they got all India good Ranks in Mock Tests.

Pramod : Secondly, now the size of batches in coaching classes have become so huge that giving personal attention to individual needs is negligible. What we need is a focussed study plan that can help the person ,which can come only through self analysis or by making your own study group. If we really dig, we will find that our success is mostly a result of our self analysis and not the current coaching classes. Most of the people even don’t go to all the classes.

Ritesh : No individual can claim that he is concentrating on the prepration at the same levels at all times. There are times when you are low on motivation & concentration. A good institute gives you focus & motivation.

Rajni Kukkar: There is nothing wrong in learning from people who have something good in store for us! Learning by oneself is also required in classroom coaching. Its just an enhancement to what one can do by himself.

Amardeep Singh: Well, I never said that classroom coaching is a must, I just mentioned that students who go for classroom coaching have an edge over others. The institutes doesn’t  make students dependent on them, the students depend on the institutes students and  join institutes despite the high fees because  they see the advantages behind.  It  practicality shows you that classroom coaching is much better that self study for cracking CAT. And regarding the group study i would like to say the laws may be given by an individual but analysis can't be done by individuals. Groups analysis is always better than individual analysis , Perhaps thats why,  we have specialised departments in all the companies to solve the matters collectively.

Manan Shamihoke: For focus and motivation, you can also talk to others who are preparing for these exams. You can also get help from your peers and friends

Tuhin Chaturvedi: A good point by Mr.Puri, Group study need not always bring out your best. As far as mocks are concerned this year's cat was a complete ripper. No mock came near it. What was needed was self belief and determination apart from the usual skills. Mock cats may only be a barometer of a certain ability. Doing well in these cannot guarantee anything because they are set by people who are no authority. On the contrary, they may even give you a bias which you may never overcome. Internal motivation can also come by other sources.

Debabrata : At the classrooms , we can get assessed by the expert faculty members on a regular basis and as they can point out our mistakes more than us thus there is always a chance of better self improvement by minimising those mistakes.

Niraj Mall: Well the faculty there is itself so good that one does not need any other coaching,  while i m not denigrating the importance of hard work , I think hard work coupled with experience will work to one's benefit

Ritesh : A good institute also brings u abreast with the latest developments. It does the research & you can reap benefits from their research & experience.

Manan Shamihoke: Orion, in the B schools, we have to do all the research, no one will do it for us

Punnu Haniya: Not just personal attention, but in addition to that they can get unscrupulous at times, when you stay in hostels of these institutes , you feel that you have made a very Serious mistake joining them, CAT is about all the aspects of Human Being.
1. How he reacts in Pressure
2. You cant be taught a Psychological Change over the Period of 1 year nor do any institute concentrate on this thing

Niraj Mall: A good institute will equip you too the needs of an unpredictable test such as CAT, Rest is upto one's self to work on it. You can take a  horse to water but You cannot make it drink.

Ritesh : We are talking about research on the previous papers & analysis of patterns

Manan Shamihoke: Yes Amrit,  I agree to a point.  A GD needs a group, but not that group does not need to be from the coaching institute...

Rajni Kukkar: Manan, that will be a stage when we ourselves are gain to be worth all that teaching! At the stage when we are entering that MBA world , we need not do all the reasearch on our own!

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Another demerit is that with the sheer number of people flocking to these institutes,there's no guarantee again that you'll feel motivated or more comfortable.And as far as B schools are concerned what Mr.Manan says is correct.There'll be no 'coaching' there.

Amardeep Singh: and moreover an individual by himself can't prepare for GDs and PIs .GDs are always held in Groups like the obe here and for Pis u need feedback from a learned person..and experienced person. So you can’t get it by yourself. You gotta attend some sessions to crack GDs and PIs

Manan Shamihoke: Rajni,  throughout our life as a manager, we have to do the research and keep learning new things. No one else can and shall do it for us.

Pramod : Sandeep has made a very valid point that it is mostly about handling the pressure. It comes only when we analyse our own shortcomings in areas relevant to the exam and work upon them.

Ritesh : A good coaching institute does this for you. You don’t have to learn from only your mistakes. You can learn from their experience as well. This is what I intended to say !

Debabrata : But going to coaching institutions is definitely time consuming. Their locations vary and definitely is not near our homes for many of the aspirants. Thus it is time consuming for the travel that need to be made. Also the timings of the institutions are sometimes not well, sometimes they are timed in the middle of college timings. Also, it is difficult for the non-residential students to make it to the classroom coaching institutes.

Punnu Haniya: Sometimes those People , who can't Concentrate for 1 hour even how can the Coaching help. They are actually suffering from Mental disorder on a Small scale like A.D.H.D(Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder)

Manan Shamihoke: Yes I agree with Sandeep and these areas of shortcomings can be improved by a person and not by a coaching institute...

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Mr.Amrit, those groups can also comprise of a person's good friends and his colleagues. In fact, most discussions in daily life are GDs .We just need to fine tune them to be more formal to suit the occasion.

Ritesh : I never said that we don’t do any research or work . We have to do it after our MBA as well as before it. Everyone is a manager managing himself. Guidance is an important aspect. It  gives direction to your preparation.

Amardeep Singh: A coaching institute tells you , your weaknesses, your strengths, your pluses, your minuses and then it also guides how to work upon them. I mean you get all this in a short span of time in a coaching institute then why spend so much time on urself when you can utilize that time on some other important things...

Pramod : Coaching classes rather than increasing the motivation sometimes kills it. I have seen plenty of people who just loose hope after taking the classes when they fail to compete with the peers. And coaching classes can’t help since the focus on the majority.

Rajni Kukkar: Yes, That is what i am saying, even when its our research time, we need guidance at times then why not at this stage ? My point is what is wrong in learning from one?

Niraj Mall: Everyone needs guidance in all aspects of life. Coaching does help in giving us that guidance

Debabrata: Classroom coaching takes a one time huge amount of fees. The fees that they charge is not possible to bear for a middle class family that also at one time .Also once paid they are not refundable thus if you find it unsatisfactory you cannot quit.

Punnu Haniya: Sometimes , the Combination of A Psychologist, Institute, Self-study can become a Lethal Combination in clearing the CAT exam. Only self study is as Good as not studying at all. Combination of these thins is required definitely

Amardeep Singh: Mr. Sandeep, we are not discussing the things for specific section of the society. It is being discussed in a generalized manner and practical experience of many people say that coaching institutes provide a much better platform to crack CAT and other MBA exams and the coaching institutes also help  you to handle the GDs and Pi much better.

Pramod: Coaching helps in giving guidance and direction. But a good self study or peer study plan can also be a good option, since it is mainly about handling pressure
www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement .

Debabrata: But it is true that if you are serious about your career and is determined to crack MBA the classroom coaching definitely gives a competetive edge over others

Rajni Kukkar: coaching classes do give one that extra thing which is required in MBA exams, whether its regularity, or your  overall speed improvers, we can learn from the learned ones. an experienced hand  always helps!

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think there's no impelling need to join an institute.One can do it with self determination and the will to succeed. An institute may not do half as good to you as you may do yourself. So, introspection and self awareness is crucial. Thank You.

Manan Shamihoke: Another point which I would like to mentions is regarding the PI (Personal interview) ... these coaching institutes... really provide a good material for PIs... they spoon feed for the common answers and hence prevent the creativity and originality of a person to come out in a PI....

Ritesh : * It cant be denied that attending classes at a good coaching centre increases ur chances of getting thru CAT or other exams but this is not a prerogative & doesnt ensure success all the time.

* Self study still forms the major chunk of an MBA preparation. At some point it is your aptitude & dedication which will make us sail through the exam

*A good coaching institute also brings u abreast with the latest developments.

* No individual can claim that he is concentrating on the preparation at the same levels at all times. There are times when you are low on motivation & concentration. A good institute gives you focus & motivation.

* It lets u compare urself against your  peers

I would conclude that attending classes adds to your preparation & is a good thing !

Amardeep Singh: A coaching institute and the groups you form over there, while studying ,do help you in every sphere of life be it cracking an exam, handling a GD or interacting with people  from diverse backgrounds so a coaching institute helps u in many ways...and I  would personally suggest people to join a good coaching institute to crack the exams and excel in the field of management

Debabrata : We can conclude that in today's world of high competition to get an extra edge and to crack MBA smoothly without doing a Lot of hard work a classroom coaching is necessary, but beware and choose wisely the institution you join there are a many to cheat.

Manan Shamihoke: To conclude, I would say that the group was divided on the opinion. Some felt that there are advantages like getting expert knowledge, motivation, team work etc in classroom coaching while other felt that a person can get everything he wants and needs by studying himself, he don't need a coaching institute for that.

Niraj Mall: While the merits and demerits of coaching were discussed, one point that came about is that coaching helps in certain aspects but of late they have become money-making instruments and the personal attention that one expects at these institutes is missing. Finally it is up to the individual how he manages time and requirements for cracking the exam

Comments by UrPercentile Members :

Yogesh Aggarwal : Hi, I want to add something to this GD.
Well, as per the topic goes we are being asked a question “Is classroom coaching necessary to clear the written entrance exam and GD/PI for MBA admission”. So, the answer lies with the candidates itself. Here we need to put emphasis on the word “necessary”.
Today, lakhs of aspirants sit for getting an entry in the top management school. So, preparation with a right mind set is of utmost importance. And if you set a right mind set then you can achieve your goals without joining the coaching institutes. It is because the pattern of MBA entrance exams are getting changed every year with lesser questions with more difficulty level. No institute can predict the pattern for the coming exams. So, if you go by the pattern of last 5-6 years so will see that and can analyse it. Now-a-days, reference material is accessible in the bookstore, online, etc and once the concept are clear the aspirants can join some one or two test series to check their preparation level. I mean they can manipulate their strengths and weaknesses.
Now, comes the GD/PI part. People usually have a mind set that they are not able to speak in public, don’t know about the body language for a GD/PI so how can they perform in a GD/PI. Well, again that depends upon the mind set and dedication you have. You will definitly have a group of friends (having the skills at par with you) who are preparing for MBA. You can discuss the current affairs, have small mock GDs, ask them to take your mock PI because they know you better and can pin point your strengths & weakness easily. If possible try to add a couple of new people in that process. Also, you can have online GDs like on UrPercentile.com where you can share your views. There are some magazines like CSR where there is always a GD topic discussed and the moderator tells about the body language, about the way emphasis should be put on your say, how to manipulate others idea, how to support other’s views, being a helping hand, etc. And this way you can grill yourself for the D-day.
So, in my views joing coaching institutes is not necessary. If one has enough time or wants to have monitoring for oneself then these institutes can help you but the dedication for the preparation will come from your end.

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