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www.UrPercentile.com: We will have discussion on a case today. The case is:  Manoj recently graduated with B.Com (Honors) and want to do MBA after a work experience of 2 to 3 years.  He also has done a 3 years part time Diploma in Computer Science along with his graduation. He has following job opportunities in hand. Which one of the following should he take keeping in mind that he wants to pursue his MBA after few years?
www.UrPercentile.com: 1) A well known ISP has offered him job as Sales Executive to take care of sales in his city.
2) The second offer is with accounting firm as Accounts Executive.
3) He has got offer in a public sector company as Administrative Assistant.
4) A software company has offered him job as Web Developer.
5) A job at BPO as Tele Marketing executive where he will be required to make calls to senior IT executives of various companies in USA and get business opportunities.

Manish: Hi Guys, I would like start by saying that he has 5 options in 5 different fields, like finance, sales , marketing, tech, a high percentage of the decision depends on his personal likings. Keeping in mind that he wants to go for a MBA, it depends that what he wants to got for in his career while picking us specialisation

Souvik Sen: Hi everyone. All the offers that Manoj has got is nice. So we need to consider each option one by one.

Harveen: Let us start by eliminating the options, By working in a BPO, a person is notable to practice what he has learnt during his graduation. So, I think since he has to do MBA, his job ex should be better than his competition.

P.PANDEY: Hi all, I think out of the five options, the best way will be to discuss one by one on all the five options. It will help us decide on the best option for Manoj in the given time. Let’s also keep in view that Manoj has done B.com and Diploma in Computer science.

Jagani: Ok, friends to identify which job Manoj should opt for we should have a close look at his profile. He is a B.com honors so by this we can infer he is inclined to commerce and he wants to pursue MBA which further strengthens this point. Now only reason he opted for part time course in computers was may be he was afraid that after MBA he won’t get any job and a course in computers would increase his chances for a job.

Rashi Taneja: This is indeed, an interesting case. Manoj has really got a variety of options. I think firstly, the 4th option, that is, the job of a web developer should not be considered. This is because as Manoj wants to pursue MBA in future, and perhaps utilize this work experience, so this software field may not be too useful for him.

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Manish: I agree with Rashi. I guess he should look into marketing, sales or finance and then he needs to look on his interests, the brand of company and the exposure he can get

Jagani: Now if we had known what kind of MBA he wants to pursue .Example : if he is  interested in marketing then doing Sales job would really add value to him during his MBA entrances and in future also.

P.PANDEY: I don’t think the sales executive job suits him well. He has by education not been trained in sales. His performance might not be very well if he goes for this job. Since, it is necessary that he performs well in his work. I think some of the critical parameters to decide what role he should take depends on : his education background, whether he can perform well, whether it will be useful after and for MBA.

Souvik Sen: The ultimate decision depends on Manoj's personal liking. But as he is a commerce graduate it is always better to not consider any other fields. So options of BPO and software can be rejected in this consideration. But software is not which will get him the experience for an MBA, this is not a hard and fast rule but not advisable also.

Manish: I beg to differ with P.Pandey here. It may be possible that he wants to go for sales as a career shift and if he is looking for an MBA in sales and marketing, he should go for a sales job.

Souvik Sen: But still as he has done a software course he might have a special interest to software. In that case he should give a thought to the software job. But BPO is not going to a good option to him.

Harveen: I think the account executive option is a strong one for Manoj because he is a graduate in commerce. The software industry will be highlighting his skills as a diploma holder, which he did part time. So, he should look for a job where his major specialisation that is commerce is being applied.

Jagani: I don’t think BPO option can be totally ruled out because note that out here he has to make calls ( i.e. advertise and market some product) which may be really helpful in his MBA studies, especially when the interaction has to be done with executives of various companies in USA.

Rashi Taneja: See, instead of knowing what specialisation he wants to pursue in MBA, it is more important to know what all he requires in totality, for this course, that being, managerial skills, convincing powers, ability to get a team working, actually more or less, the skills that are required in a manager. If we consider all these, the specialisation part can be managed. So obviously he should go for a job that gets him al this, so the option of a Web developer is surely out.

Manish: Yes rashi, but we are still in a dilemma if he should go for sales, finance, and marketing.

P.PANDEY: May be , but still the parameters I think are among the critical ones to make a informed decision. Since he has no sales experience, he might like to do that, but might not perform well . This can put his MBA in jeopardy.

Souvik Sen: Now the first option is ISP. Given the fact, he has some computer knowledge; he can opt for this job as it will give him a good experience of sales. So, if he wants to pursue an MBA in sales then this work-exp will act as a very good bridge between his masters and graduation.
Because this job will require knowledge of computer which he has acquired during his graduation and also it will give him some practical exposure of sales which will help him for his MBA.

gocrazy4kunal 11: Well friends according to me he should opt for the job of a sales executive, my reasons are: first he is interested in MBA and so he is very clear, so this opportunity will give him a proper and suitable platform to analyze the market. And also since he is quite Aware of the IT field and its requirements, he will be take care of that. So I feel that Business acumen combined with IT sector experience will make him the best candidate to tackle any IT sector managerial job.
executive job involves continuous analysis of market and that can only be carried out if some body has some business intrests

www.UrPercentile.com: He should aim for a job which will give him over all understanding of a working of a company,  which is generalized in nature and is not very specialised job, a job which offers him maximum exposure.
Rashi Taneja: BPO can be considered as an option for Manoj because convincing other executives and getting business opportunities is quite a responsibility, one that can equip you with a lot of experience in marketing and managing. So the BPO option should not be ruled out.

P.PANDEY: Even I think that the commerce job is the best bet he can play. Since he has done B.Com, he can perform well in that field + due to its relevance in MBA, he can contribute to his MBA. Also, it will help him get a better job in the same field or any corporate, which i think is also one reason he should consider.

Harveen: No, here career shift cannot be thought of. He can do it after his MBA.

Souvik Sen: Now the post of accounts executive will be his best option if he wants to be in his own trade and wants to do an MBA in finance. It will give him a very good platform for doing his MBA.

Rashi Taneja: Even though accounts had been his field, but as he wants to gain experience and then go for MBA, he might want to utilize this experience and so working in the accounts field might not be very helpful to him, as this field would not equip him with any managerial skills. It will only help him gain expertise in a specific field, that is, accounts. Maybe he wants to specialize, in say, IT. Then this field of work might not be too helpful for him. Also, the job of a sales executive is an interesting option for Manoj.  For this post, one should have all the skills of convincing, managing and analyzing. All these can help him in future

Jagani: I guess BPO is a good take because its the only job wherein he has to apply both the computer knowledge and commerce knowledge. As said by Rashi this job offers him great chance to show his convincing powers and managerial skills and if he continues to stay there, there is a good chance he may get promoted and then actually manage a team. So all in all really boosts his managerial skills.

Souvik Sen: Now to me he should also think what he wants to do after doing the MBA. I mean he should think what kind of industry should be his preference for working after doing the MBA. Sales executive will give him a very good platform if he wants to go in marketting.

Harveen: Yes, i agree with Souvik . So BPO is ruled out. Nobody will join BPO after MBA. Sales executive can be thought of if he thinks of doing specialisation in sales or marketing.
Manish: Harveen , we cannot rule out a BPO since we need good managers in the growing industry like a BPO.

gocrazy4kunal 11: Well, I do subscribe to the views of Souvik but since he is a IT sector guy so he will definitely wish to work in that field so that he can climb the ladder faster

Jagani: That’s not the case. If you are  employed in a BPO before there is a very good chance that you get good posts as managing a team of people in a BPO.  You do require managers at BPO  too

Rashi Taneja: Harveen  it's not the question of joining BPO after MBA. It’s the question of what he gains out of this BPO job before his MBA. If you can't even convince a couple of business executives to give you business, what a manager are you going to become?

P.PANDEY: Though admin assistant will give him a good understanding of the system, I am not sure given the public company tag, how much he will be able to broaden his experience. In today’s scenario, it is critical to have a global experience. Other jobs give him an opportunity to interact on a global scale, which will be far better.

gocrazy4kunal 11: Rightly pointed out by Rashi, that the job of a Sales executive involves every sort of managerial skill so thats the best bet for him.

Jagani: I don’t really agree with gocrazykunal . Note he is a B.Com honors and did a part time Computer diploma, so he is not really an IT guy. May be he was afraid that after  B.com, he won’t get any job and a course in computers would increase his chances for a job .That might be sole reason for which Manoj decided to do Diploma.

Souvik Sen: Yes but Manoj is not working still. So he needs to think first in which industry he wants to work. Then he will decide how he can climb the corporate ladder in that industry. If he wants to go in IT industry, then there will be no better option than joining as a web developer.

Harveen: But can opt for Administrative Assistant, if he wants to specialize in O.R

Rashi Taneja: Even Administrative Assistant is a good option because for a future manager, administration skills are very important. He would gain useful experience out of this job

gocrazy4kunal 11: Jobs like accounting and Web developing will not require much on Business acumen but we must not forget that he is interested in an MBA degree after all , so its better to be on firm ground and then prepare.

P.PANDEY: The best point of being in accounting job is that while being a B.Com he will be able to perform better, he will also get to handle better roles as time passes by, which will enable him to gain valuable insight in how a corporate performs. Lets not forget that the point of choosing a career is not only from the perspective of if its useful for an MBA, but also if he can make it to  a good MBA college. For this, his work experience should be substantial.

Souvik Sen: Yes, it may be a reason of his doing the diploma. If he did the diploma because he had apprehension that he may not get job after doing B.Com then he might not have very keen interest in IT. In that case now he may not consider those options.

P.PANDEY: In an corporate accounting job, you get to know a lot about the economy of the industry, and different happenings in the industry. Lets not get bogged down by the excel work of accounting. What matters is that how much he can learn in that environment. An critical understanding of economy is essential.

Harveen: Working as a web developer will only be beneficial if he had a full time diploma.

Souvik Sen: Now he should think what he really wants. If he does not have keen interest to IT, then he should think the other three options only.

Manish: Hi Guys, till now everybody has been taking about the pros and cons of all the points but the group has not yet taken a standpoint and i believe that such discussions can only have "may be", "what if". It is very much required that we get to know what the person wants to do after an MBA and how his present job will contribute to that

gocrazy4kunal 11: Well Pramod, if any work experience gives you better planning for future MBA in this case then you can hardly deny the benefits of Sales executive which takes care of IT know-how ,M.com and Future MBA prospect. I would wish that the whole groups clusters around one single option , so that we can solve the case study on hand and highlight all the pros and Cons

Souvik Sen: Absolutely Manish. I'm emphasizing from the very beginning that it depends on his liking. It is nice that he has already decided that he wants to do MBA after working for 2 years. Now he should also think what he wants to do after doing the MBA. And as per his fascination he should choice the job.

P.PANDEY: I will agree to you Kunal on that. My only fear is that if he has no background in sales, he might get to bogged inn learning the skills and miss the opportunity to learn about the industry. And one thing that i have learnt in personal exp is that a bad performance early in career  never gets forgiven.

Jagani: See the BPO job gives Manoj more options for MBA. After having a job in BPO n a diploma in computers he can venture into MBA in systems too which he might have not thought of

Rashi Taneja: So cutting down on the options, I think a choice should be made between a sales executive, admin assistant and a BPO job. Out of these three, if we keep in mind that Manoj wants to pursue MBA in future, and we do not know what he might want to specialize in, I think the best option is that of an admin assistant. This is because being in the administration section, can equip Manoj with all the skills of managing, and of administrating. He shall know what happens how and when. How to manage things, people, get things going and the various other little things also, that makes you a good manager. What he wants to specialize in, that can be decided by him depending on his field of interest at that time.

gocrazy4kunal 11: So Souvik, i think you should start followed by Pramod, Rashi, Harveen, Manish, brokenheart and me. Please group lets hover around one single Option, we need to give a solution to this.

Jagani: Agree with Kunal on "clusters around one single option” and solve the case study.
P.PANDEY: Your point is valid , Souvik  and Manish, but since we don’t know what his liking is and cant predict that, we should put that aside. We can definitely come up with if and buts for each of the jobs, but i think we have to here come up with a good job option.

gocrazy4kunal 11: I wish that whole group concentrate on the solution aspect.

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, requests everyone to give a concluding statement.

Harveen : As a admin asst., a person will sure be gathering  experience in administrating and managment. So that can be a valid option for Manoj.

Rashi Taneja: I conclude by saying that Manoj should take up the job in the public sector company as an admin assistant. This would help him gain a lot in administrating and managing which would surely help him in future. This doesn't go for saying that a BPO job or a sales executive job is not good for him. They are good options for him as well. But in my opinion, the option of an admin assistant is the best suited for Manoj.

Souvik Sen: The group has discussed all the points thoroughly. All the points have some pros and cons. Now the ultimate decision depends on his liking. To me the best option is to join as an Accounts executive. But if he has fascination to IT or sales then joining in software industry or sales executive will serve his purpose better.
Jagani: I think a BPO job equips him to venture in many different streams in MBA.  MBA in Marketing is an obvious option for him, besides this he may opt for MBA in systems or MBA in Global. So this job offers him a variety of options and hence he should go for this job.
P.PANDEY: To conclude, I think that where commerce and IT can be good from the perspective of his education, I think the team mostly is in favor of sales executive job.

gocrazy4kunal 11: To conclude I think that the candidate opts for the 1st option i.e. Sales executive In an ISP. Reasons being that , he will be able to use his IT know how , Also being an M.com he can concentrate and contribute on sales Data and Figures and lastly Sales executive for a town will allow him to study market dynamics , market forces and so if these ideas are combined with business acumen u r simply the best . Thank you.

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