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www.UrPercentile.com: The case we are going to discuss today is: 
Kapil graduated 6 years back and since than has been working with a MNC. He joined as a Management Trainee and currently is Assistant Manager (Personnel). He his finding it difficult to gain further promotion as there is a rule in the company that all the staff with ranking above the Assistant manger post should have a management degree.   He also is finding it difficult to get job in other companies without a management degree. His family members are asking him to get married soon.   He wants to get his MBA as soon as possible and has following 5 options:
1) Do a regular 2 year MBA. He will have to give up his job , will have to postpone his marriage plans.
2) Do a 1 year MBA, in this case he can take a temporary off from his company and will have to devote just 1 year.
3) Do MBA by correspondence. He can continue with his job and marriage plans and can get his MBA at the same time.
4) Do a part time MBA from a management institute near his house.
5) Forget about MBA and continue with his job.
Which Option should be select?

Manish: I would like to start with the point that since an MBA is imperative for Kapil's career move and he has lots of things in pipeline, I think that either a 1 year executive program or a part time will be the best match for his profile.

Niraj: Well in my opinion, it would be really better for Kapil to do a 2-years MBA program.

Sanu: Kapil should take a temporary leave from his job for a year to complete 1 year MBA. This is the best option. The reason being he shouldn’t give up his job, it’s a risk he will be taking and on the other hand he shouldn’t pursue MBA with distance education course because interaction and classroom is very much important for an MBA student.

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Senthil: Option 5 is eliminated since Kapil wants to grow in his career and option 1 is too eliminated from the marriage perspective, so Kapil has option of doing a Management degree by correspondence.

Pramod : I will agree with Manish on this. One year MBA course helps Kapil not to be out of industry for a long time and still learn the relevant skills and networking which can be crucial for his career development.

Manish: Executive MBA definitely has an edge and as we have lots of good B Schools providing the same, he can definitely go for the rigorous course. He can also go for a correspondence as he has already forked for more than 6 years he can balance his family commitments. Correspondence can give him the VISA to the corporate ladder

Rashi Taneja: For doing a 2-year MBA, he would have to give up his job, which makes no sense plus, his marriage plans would also be postponed. So that option should be eliminated.

Souvik : I think Kapil should take a leave and go for a one year MBA. After completion, he will not have any pressure to get any job. He can simply join to his previous job.

Pramod: Going for correspondence might not turn out to be highly useful. Kapil is already at assistant manager post with 6 yrs of experience. Given his workload, he might not be able to do justice to his MBA. Also, an important part of doing MBA is to develop necessary connections with other people, where again correspondence might not be useful.

Souvik: Agree with Senthil, The option 5 can be eliminated easily as anyway he has to do the MBA.

Rashi Taneja: Option 5 should also not be considered, because he necessitates an MBA degree.

Senthil: Mani, Top notch Institutes like IIM's provide the option of doing Executive MBA by Correspondence or by Online. I think Kapil should opt for the same for his bright career.

Sanu: Senthil, I disagree with you because an MBA degree requires classroom interaction and leadership qualities group work etc, so he shouldn’t opt for the correspondence course.
Pramod : Not doing an MBA also won’t be advised, since given the companies mindset, its really difficult for Kapil to convince management that he can do justice to his role if promoted. Sticking to his current job will only add frustration which will adversely affect him and company in long run.

Manish: Sanu, he has already proved himself as a leader

Rashi Taneja: Sai, the company only requires a "management degree". The same can be obtained from a correspondence course.

Souvik : Yes although he has the work experience and he is already aware a bit about how the industry works, still he needs some classroom interaction to go in depth of the subject. Therefore correspondence may not be a very good option for him

PRAMOD: Manish, you are right that he has already proved himself as a leader. But an MBA also helps in making better future networks. This is one area where he will loose.

Sreedavi: Out of the five option’s Kapil has in 1st and 2nd options. He should leave his present job and also postpone his marriage plans and should study hard, instead he can go with option 3 correspondence MBA with that he can continue in his present job and also his marriage plans. Also, with option 4, part time MBA in nearby college (may not be a good school) and he can’t even go for option 5 as he will not have any growth in career without MBA

Senthil: These qualities would be imbibed with him since he has the experience. He would faced many challenging problems and targets in the company so he doesn’t need any special guidance, so classroom option can be avoided

Manish: Ok, if we take that option into consideration, a one year MBA definitely has an edge over correspondence and there is no denying in that fact.

Souvik : Yes rashi, but if he really wants to rise through the corporate ladder at some time he may not get that rise by the correspondence degree.

Sanu: The Company may require a management degree but he should be benefited from it as well. A classroom interaction is a must for he has to work in an environment in his job where he has to compete with the management degree holders of the other companies or whatsoever like in his own job. He should know the ideas and strategies of the other students as well for which a classroom interaction is a must .

Manish: And even if he wants to go for a new company, his job profile will be a better one with his one year class room MBA.

Rashi Taneja: I agree with Senth. Though options 2 and 3, both could be the ones for him, but if he does it through correspondence, his other objectives also get fulfilled. He earns side by side and can get married too, it that's what his family is insisting upon!

Senthil: Leadership and Management qualities would be imbibed with him since he has the experience and he too got assistance manager post, he would face many challenging problems and targets in the company so he doesn’t need any special guidance. So classroom option can be avoided.

Pramod : Friends, lets consider each option one by one rather than rambling over all at once. If I take option one, even if it will turn out to be useful, it might cost a lot + he will have to postpone his marriage. Also that would mean leaving the industry for a long time which Kapil might not prefer.

Souvik: However, one point needs to be considered here. It is not like just thinking for a one year course and going for it, it requires preparation to do MBA from a good institute. Now Kapil needs to think whether he are prepared well to take a competitive exam and crack it.

Manish: Pramod, people have already identified 1 yr MBA and correspondence as the only good match, we should not go again at all the points and waste that time.

Souvik : Yes pramod, option 1 is not very much suitable for Kapil.

Senthil: These qualities would be imbibed with him since he has the experience, he would faced many challenging problems and targets in the company so he doesn’t need any special guidance. So, classroom option can be avoided .

Pramod : Yes , you are right that Kapil would have to pass the exam. But that’s secondary and might not be relevant now. He must first decide on the right option so that he can decide his course of action

Souvik: I think we can discuss on part-time, correspondence and the 1 year course only. Out of the five given options only these three suits for Kapil

K k: I think he has enough experience to leave the class-room option.

Sanu: Rashi, keeping aside the point of classroom interaction aside doesn’t it seem to be a little difficult for Kapil to pursue his MBA career in correspondence with job and a family responsibility laid on him?

Souvik: I agree Kk, that he has work ex but as I told earlier still he needs the classroom interaction to get an in depth understanding of the subject. Also obviously 1 year course will add more value than a correspondence course

Rashi Taneja:  Sai, it seems appropriate for Kapil to totally ignore what his family demands of him, and do what he feels is right? Sometimes you have to compromise with the next best option in order to satisfy others.

Pramod: ok, in that case lets rule out option 1. As decided earlier, option 5 is also ruled out. So we have correspondence, one year and part time. While we have explored correspondence vs one year, we should also explore part time MBA- benefits compared to else.. what do you all say?

Senthil: It too depends upon the Institutes. Institutes like ISB provide facilities for the whole family to reside in even the IIM's to complete the Executive MBA.

Sreedavi: Doing MBA through correspondence, Kapil will have enough time as he can take some less no. of subjects which he can manage.

Sanu: The experience which he has gained is different he might not have an interaction with a student of MBA degree because his thinking will be in a totally different way. His knowledge may be different and his strategies are totally different to any other graduate. This exposure and interaction is very important for any person who wants to pursue his MBA.

Souvik: Now I think the part time course is a good option. But given the fact that Kapil is working in a higher position in his company, I think he should have enough job responsibility. So it may become really tedious for him to pursue the course abreast of working.

K k: He cannot prepare for a premier institute that makes classroom point useless.

Pramod: I will agree with Souvik on part time given the demands of MBA and a job, though it will actually help him quickly learn the concepts and build good business network.

Sanu: 6yrs of experience will land him up in a very hectic schedule in his daily job and doing his MBA correspondence besides I don’t think so its too easy a work for him. MBA from a reputed institute alone gains him a good career. But it may be an exception when he performs extraordinarily in the field.

Sreedavi: Part time MBA is fine but it is from a nearby college. This may not be a reputed institute.  MBA from a non-reputed institute will definitely not serve its purpose.

Souvik : The same applies to the correspondence too.  He may not get sufficient time to study after doing his job. It will be like doing an MBA just for the sake of doing it

Manish: Yes pramod, we then have only one option as 1yr MBA.

Pramod: Sreedavi, while you have made a good point, we do not know where Kapil is located.  In fact you have made a good point, I think that if he is located near a good university which suits his requirement, he goes for a part time, else one year MBA

Senthil: The main theme is Kapil is Studying not because of his bright career, he just needs a degree to apply for the better job and correspondence is best option. So that he can manage the family and studies and the job too, there is no question of premiere institutes at all.

Souvik: But I think as he has to do the MBA anyway, why not take a bit time to prepare for 1 year course and pursuing that? It will not only help him to meet is current demand but also he will get an edge in his career

Manish: But Senth, if he does not gets good education, its no point that he should go ahead with, not just for a ticket for corporate ladder

Sanu: Senth, The topic doesn’t tell that Kapil should be married immediately. He can postpone his marriage. The main point the extension of his career for which he should have an MBA degree

Sreedavi: If the nearby institute is a reputed one then that's fine but if not then correspondence from a reputed institute like Bits-Pilani or so can be opted as one year course will disturb his family plans.

Rashi Taneja: I think correspondence is the best option for Kapil. 1 yr MBA requires him to take a leave from his job, while on the other hand if he does correspondence, he can resume with his job. Part time also requires him to attend classes, something that he may find inconvenient during the course of the program.

Pramod: Senth, while he needs a degree to grow, let’s not put aside that there will be reasons why his firm insists on doing an MBA even though he is fit for it. It might be a indication that there are things, may be soft like networking, understanding current business research etc for which an one year or part time is better. Also, since MBA requires a good investment, let’s not think short term but accept that it matters what quality of education he gets, since that will help him later in his career.

Manish: Guys, as long we have been taking lots points for correspondence or 1 year, let’s start accumulating the points and instead rambling

Sanu: However, Kapil is thinking of sacrificing an year for an MBA degree, let him pursue it from a good college and correspondence from a college of low ranking may not have any value which will be wastage of time and money for Kapil

Sreedavi: Correspondence but definitely not from a low college but from a very good college.

Manish: 1 year MBA  : Classroom , network, better value, profile becomes better, better learning experience, campus placement opportunities if required.
MBA by Correspondence: Better life balance, marriage on the go, ticket to corporate ladder, but loses the classroom, placements , network

Souvik : Even for 1 year course he can resume his job. It is not very difficult to take a 1 year study leave. Only thing he will miss 1 year's salary after working for 5 years it may not be the fact he has monetary problem. If not, he can think about the 1 year course, but if he has monetary problem then definitely he may not be able to quit the job. This is the only reason I can find of his not leaving the job

PRAMOD: I  believe that part time should be the first option if he stays near a good university, it gets him the degree, the required skills, lets him marry, be in job and develop new concepts and networking. If a good university is not available nearby, he should go for one year correspondence though will help for the current job, might not be useful considering the investments that Kapil will put for MBA.

Souvik: Delaying marriage for 1 year for the sake of good career is not a bad choice at all.

Rashi Taneja: But friends you all are forgetting that the company just requires a "management degree". Why think about the institute and its ranking. Of course, that is important, but not in the case in question. Had the company had any requirement of an MBA from a top-ranked institute? It would've mentioned that!

K k: A good job is better than just a degree of MBA which he already has, he already has the talent, and he only needs to put a stamp on it and any MBA degree can do that. There are many people who never had an MBA degree but they did well in field.

Rashi Taneja: If Kapil gets that, plus his family's wish of him getting married, fulfilled by doing a correspondence course, what’s the harm!

Pramod: Rashi, it’s not about company. It’s about Kapil and his career growth. He has already tried changing companies. That shows, the focus is for Kapil’s career.

Sanu: Rashi, You are just talking with that company in mind but what if he is ejected out of that company tomorrow or what about if he wants to get into any other company!!

Senthil: Right, I agree with Rashi, all that company needs is a MBA degree that’s all. The candidate has enough experience

Souvik : But Rashi, this is only the current situation. After 5 more years, he may have to compete with a IIMA graduate for getting a position. In that case, the part time course will not help a lot.

Sreedavi: Placements is not a question because Kapil knows that if he can get an MBA degree, he has good opportunities waiting for him. So, no bother about campus-placements.

Souvik : Campus placement is not the issue here, the issue is a good career.

Pramod: The fact that Kapil wants to be promoted means that he is career oriented. Hence, he will make decisions that are good for him in the long run. He would like to get good value of his time and money invested.

Rashi Taneja: Sai, the case says that to get into any other company, he requires a "management degree". So I am going strictly by that the case demands.

Senthil: I agree with Jainsree. Placements is not an issue, it’s not about good career. Read the Problem. It’s all about getting a MBA as quick as possible.

Manish: Yes Senth, I was going a bit away from the topic on placements. Thanks for better guidance.

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, request everyone to give a concluding statement .

Sreedavi: With correspondence, Kapil also has the flexibility of taking up any no. of subjects he can manage. So if he is in a hurry, he can make it fast and if he can’t manage both work and too many subjects. He can take a few less. There is flexibility.

Sanu: Kapil should leave his job for 1year and pursue his career in MBA which will add value to his profile and the other options including correspondence course may land him in a less knowledge position which may be because of lack of interaction with MBA students resulting in the lack of understanding and strategies ideas of other MBA students...

Pramod: To conclude, i think that the team finally came up to the options: One year, part time and correspondence. While part time is a good option, I think most of us agreed for a one year MBA.

Senthil: All of my friends agree that the candidate does not need to waste 2 year to study and the option 5 and 4 are eliminated. So the one year program or correspondence is the only option left here

Rashi Taneja: I would conclude by saying that doing MBA through correspondence is the best option for Kapil. The requirement of the company he's currently working in as well as of any other company he might want to go in, is a management degree, irrespective of the institute. Also, if his family puts pressure on him to get married, he can do so while pursuing the course. So that is the wisest option.

Sreedavi: Kapil can go for part time in nearby if it’s a good institute otherwise go for correspondence, which has no effect on his present job and also marriage plans and is also flexible..

Souvik : This is such a decision which Kapil has to take ultimately. The perfect choice will vary person to person. The best option is to pursue a 1 year course; it will meet his present and future demands. But if he has some monetary problem or something like that then he may not be able to quit the job, in that case he needs to go for correspondence or part-time. Here the question comes if there is enough opportunity for him to do a part time course near his home, if so, then well he can go for that.

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