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Achal Arora: I am Achal Arora , from Bangalore , B.Pharma from IT-BHU , currently in s/w firm for the last 1.5 yrs.

Sanu: I am Sai from Hyderabad aspiring for cat2007

U. Agrawal: Hi , My CAT %tile 89.28, B.E, work ex - 2.5 yrs, Kolkata

Senthil: I am Senthil from Chennai

K k: Hi all, I am  Kanika doing BA  from indore.

Rashi Taneja: Hey everybody. This is Rashi Taneja, doing B.A.(hons.)

Jameel: Hi,  This is Jameel from Bangalore. I have done B.E and working with TATA group.

Rohit Dwivedi: Hi, This is Rohit  , B. tech Comp Sc , ISM- Dhanbad -1.5 work experience

www.UrPercentile.com: Today we have Case Study :
Sachin has just completed his BTech. He has been an above average student all the way. He was aiming to get admission in one of the top 10 management institute in India but got calls from three management institutes all ranked between 25 to 30. He also has a job offer from a MNC as an Trainee Engineer with decent salary and job profile. The job is very demanding and he feels that he cannot prepare for exams next year and do the job at the same time. Also he fears that once he joins a job it will not be easy to go back for studies. Three of his BTech classmates who wanted to do MBA but could not get calls from Management institute of their choice have decided to drop an year for preparation of MBA entrance test. The three friends are highly motivated and have already started working hard devoting 10 hours a day for the written test and GD/PI preparation. Each of the three friends have joined three different coaching institute and share their material with each other and are suggesting Sachin also to drop a year and join them for preparation.
What should Sachin do :
1) Take admission in one of the three institute he has got call from.
2) Take up the job and try next year or
3) Drop the year for preparation ?

Rashi Taneja: This is an interesting and a very relevant case for discussion, as I am sure many of us might have or would be facing similar situations. Going by the elimination option, I think option 2 should not be considered as: Sachin himself believes that he would not be able to give time to preparations, once he takes up the job. So since he prepossesses this belief, he would certainly not be able to prepare for the exams next year. Also, if, say, he decides to drop the idea of doing MBA and just stick to this job, then, as he's only a graduate, so the chances of getting a promotion are decreased. So keeping all these points in mind, he should not take up the job.

Rohit Dwivedi: I would like to say that choice 2 is the best of the given alternatives as one can try next year and moreover it will add to the work ex which will help in getting better call even with the same performance next year

Sanu: Sachin should opt for the job so that he can get an experience for 2 years and after that he should try his MBA the next year so that he can do MBA  from a more reputed institute. The reason being he has a lucrative job in his hands, a bird in a hand is better than two birds in a bush

U. Agrawal: My opinion is he should take the job and try next year

Jameel: Agarwal, i guess he must go in with the call which he has got, as the job is very demanding and he won’t be able to put in max.

Jainisree: According to me : Sachin , as he is an above average student and has a desire to do MBA should go for one of the three schools(choice 1),as they are in top 25-30 schools and as he is a good student, he can top in that school and complete his MBA

Achal Arora: Hi , in the present situation in which Sachin is finding himself , i would suggest that he can go for any of the options 2 or 3 , but would strongly advise against option 1 , as he believes that he is capable of getting a call from top institutes than why to settle for less? As we all know that in MBA the reputation of college matters a lot and hence he should try once again to get a call and that he can do with the job or without a job , if he finds that it is quite difficult to prepare with job , he can leave the job and do only the preparation , but out of 2 & 3 , i would advise him to prefer option 2 because he can leave the job at any time and start with preparation but he cannot do the reverse.

Rohit Dwivedi: Rashi,  option 2 is the most appropriate one and moreover you have not suggested other alternative from your side, his career objective is not mainly to get a promotion rather pursue higher studies which can only be fulfilled by preparing for exam or entering this year itself in lower ranked college

Rashi Taneja: Also, Sachin should not think of dropping a year. Dropping a year always puts you at a risk. What is going to happen next year, no one can say for sure. If his preparation is up to the mark, and luck favors him, he might get admission into a good institute. But, it may so happen that his preparation is good enough, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, his exam does not go well. Similarly, there can be various  reasons due to which he is not able to perform well. Then he's at a complete loss, as he gave up the job offer, and the 3 calls. So option 3 should not be considered.

Senthil: I think he should take up the job since he is above average he can manage with the studies and gains experience. He has chance to apply for the courses that need experience in this way it would help him in his goal.

U. Agrawal: Yes I agree with Rohit, because in the industry it is not imp. to have just academics and MBA is not just getting a good job. It is about learning the way business works and no B school can teach that , that comes with the industry,  and moreover Sachin will have a better understanding of business after his job

Rashi Taneja: Rohit , what if he is not able to get into a good institute next year to?

Jameel: Agarwal, you are wrong. See put in the max of his efforts and trying again next year might get him off the track also as he is just an above average student n moreover his work load does not gratify him to get back and study.

Senthil: The guy would have experience in his field. Many good institutes provides marks on experience category moreover he can apply for foreign institutes with experience. The point is EXPERIENCE

Rohit Dwivedi: I think all of us should first suggest our alternative and then give counter points against other alternatives rather than starting by striking off one later native after another.

Jainisree: There is nothing wrong in dropping from going to job, when he is capable of getting a decent job now. He will definitely get even more better job after his MBA in one of the three schools and he can be very confident of a better job

Achal Arora: Yes I  agree with Rashi and Senth , that he should join the job and prepare , because during the job you still have the weekends to prepare , when he can devote around 10 hrs per day and prepare and on the other hand that job experience will give him an added advantage in getting calls from top 10 institutes . And he will also have to defend himself on the point as to why he didn't went for job , to which he cannot reply that he is not capable of preparing along with the job , as it will go against him in the interview .

Rohit Dwivedi: Rashi, what you say is valid but we ought to make a decision here and it cannot be made on Ifs and Buts. We have to think of pros n cons and suggest one option since we have only three to choose from , what is the alternative according to you?

Sanu: Ya as said experience is the requisite in pursuing MBA in a college , he can try the next year if he is successful he can jump into MBA unless there is any bond with the company. There is always the option of MBA left with him lifelong but his chance of getting into a job may be thin afterwards

Senthil: Moreover if he is getting a decent job in good company there would be sponsored candidates quotas in the institutes, So he has chance to study as sponsored candidate from the company. Many big firms now sponsor the employee to top institutes

Rashi Taneja: I am going by the elimination method. I have presented my views against options 2 and 3.So I think option 1 is the best for him. He should take admission in one of the 3 institutes he got calls from. They might not be the best of B-schools, But they are, after all, ranked in top 30. I'm sure this is not what Sachin is looking for, but as compared to the other 2 options, it is the wisest one. Why should he risk giving up the job as well as the calls, and drop a year for preparation? And again, why should he Give up those three calls when there is no certainty that whether he gets even a single call next year!

U. Agrawal: Jameel, I agree work load may b an obstacle, but MBA is all about managing stress n strain that you will always face , and going to a rank 25 - 30 college , he may not get a good platform .The deal is simple either Sachin can take the challenge of work along with the prep., as an MBA is all about challenges. I agree easy options always attracts us but they may not b the best for Sachin.

K k: I believe that he should take up the MBA course because
1. if he takes up the job then he won't get time for preparation.
2. If he takes up the job there will be double pressure on him from two different streams
3.  Actually what matters is not the school but the student ,if he takes up MBA, as he is a good student, he will be able to put up a god performance. Even INDIRA NYOOI is not from IIMs but from Yales Institute of Bangalore but she has out performed many IIMians .
4. Opportunities do not repeat themselves and there are many a miss between the cup and the lip, so because of uncalled reasons he might not be able to perform this good next year because its not the %age but the percentile that matters.

Achal Arora: Jainsree,  If you are toping from an average than the market value of your MBA degree will still be low as compared to the student who was average in his MBA but did MBA from a very reputed institute. Hence I will suggest him to join the job right now instead of joining the college.

Jameel: Take up the growth prospects Sachin will face. After two years in the industry, he will have to face a much more responsibility than he is handling now. So, the whole point is he must take up MBA now so that he has a flow in his studies.

Senthil: Moreover if he is getting a decent job in good company there would be sponsored candidates quotas in the institutes. So he has chance to study as sponsored candidate from the company.  Many big firms now sponsor the employee to top institutes.

Jainisree: If experience is that important then these institutes would have made it a requirement. but they didn’t. They offer MBA program even for fresher, so experience only adds to what you already have. But it is not a necessity and once you join a job you can’t dedicate time to both job and MBA preparation. And moreover here Sachin himself is not confident regarding carrying both job and preparation.

Rashi Taneja: I agree with Kanika. Such an opportunity may not come again. So dropping a year is definitely out of the question. And if he prepares from the exam while working, then his preparation might not be up to the mark.

U. Agrawal: But thing after experience. Sachin will have lateral placement options and many other courses to apply, with much better institutes

K k: Next year the quota are to be implemented in more and more institutes and  if Sachin is a general candidate then he might not get a seat no matter how hard he tries. So the best time is now and here.

Sanu: Let him not get the first time if he can’t dedicate that much of time to his MBA preparation but this is a better option because he may get into an MBA at a later stage also. Job is not a compulsory factor but for sure it adds an added advantage to get an overall concept about the MBA studies and also the reservation for experienced people plays a good role for him to get opted for a better college than the present offer.

Achal Arora: Kanika , I would say that there are very few Indira Nooyi's in this world as compared to the number of IIMIANS , so if Sachin thinks that he is of that category than he can go for College , but if he has a bit of doubt , i don't think that he should make the choice suggested by you .

Rohit Dwivedi: Rashi , you are method seems to be like choosing lesser of the evils, its good to play safe but i think you are being critical in your analysis …1 is an option definitely but it makes you settle for less and remember the day you settle for less than what you deserve you start getting even less in life. So going by the philosophy and also the point that if he takes up a job he won't be wasting an year but rather gaining experience and also making money, even if he performs at same level next year he is bound to get better calls with his work experience in an MNC

Senthil: Usually in abroad, Management studies is to be only for Experienced ones.  Only in India we follow this rule of studying at one stretch and working. My opinion is that a candidate need to be experienced if he has to completely gain from the management studies.

Jainisree: Top 25-30 schools will not come under average. They are not excellent colleges but they do come under A+. So Sachin can definitely go with them and those institutes definitely have campus placements and he can get through them.

Jameel: I agree with Rashi. It really makes no sense for Sachin to wait for an year or work and study. So far so good. Top 25 to 30 mgmt institutes in India are not that very bad. At last its just a question of MBA and inculcating the business traits.

Sanu:  Yes I agree with you Rohit. The position with which we got to start should be chosen a higher position in the field because the life of people who chose positions much below their capability will be settled lower than the former people

U. Agrawal: I disagree with Jameel on the analysis, as Sachin is above average student not that very bad institute and good institute do make a difference. Once Sachin has experience he can try for MBA outside india like the ISB, S.P Jain,  GMBA, which will be no doubt better than the 25-30 B-schools

Rashi Taneja: Rohit, he will get better calls only if he clears the exam and that will happen only if his preparation is good and that will happen only if he devotes sufficient time which he himself believes he won't be able to do. So what knows whether after this, he’ll ever be able to clear the exam! So then where does he stand?

Rohit Dwivedi: Jameel, i think you are mistaking MBA degree for a wonder pill even after a two year course you might end up being just an average guy. For making it really big, you should have some work experience and this work experience  only adds to your learning in the institute. If you want to cut a tree thru an axe you should spent most of the time sharpening your axe rather than putting in effort in cutting the tree first.

Senthil: See going in top 25-30 institutes and then working he can get same amount of money directly with experience in the job field. So it is useless. Moreover, the candidate gains hand on experience.

Sanu: If Sachin has got admission into colleges with ranks 25 to 30 unless its a fluke for him we can expect his intellect so he can get it the next year a better college if not the next year the other year he can try each year writing the management exams till he succeeds. People with prior experience can understand the concepts better compared to the other people which will be an added advantage and he will also have ample time to prepare for his MBA admission test

Achal Arora: And I would also like to include that once you go for a college you cannot back from that decision , but while doing the job you can give the exam next year , or the year after it, and side by side do the job , which will give you an added advantage . I will also support experience first and than college , since if you are having On Hands experience in some field than you will be able to get to know the significance of the curriculum the institutes have planned for you , the impotance of subject learning will be clear to you only when you have an field experience and have felt the lack of that knowledge which you are learning now . I believe that it will take you miles in your MBA .

U. Agrawal: senth i guess u r mixing MBA more with money, if Sachin stays in Job and don’t go for an MBA he can even earn more with less exp. than an MBA graduate, it is more about the platform Sachin wish to run on, money comes next

Rohit Dwivedi: Rashi trust me if you have prepared once it is very close to learning swimming ..once you learn it you can't forget it although you might not be as good if you don't practice but here we cannot neglect the major factor called work-ex.. there is thin line between playing safe and being pessimistic .. knowing the difference makes all the difference

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Rashi Taneja: So Rohit you mean that getting work-ex can do wonders for you? Your exam is not cleared by getting work-ex.. preparation is needed for which time is needed.. And who ever said that you cannot a placed in a good company after going to an average B-school? If not on-campus, You can always apply off-campus and there are chances that a person doing MBA from a B-school ranked 25-30, may get an offer not very less than the one Sachin is getting now!

Jainisree: If Sachin would have got in top 10 institutes in his first attempt then none of us would have spoken about this work-experience and even now top 25-30 institutes are no less and they too have good placements and good pay scales. So why not use the opportunity at hand.

Jameel: Well a fresher has more flow of thoughts. an experienced person will definitely know how the industry standards are but their thoughts will be confined to a particular topic.

K k: When you get out of a premier institute then you get good job but that is what I believe , a good institute teaches you that believe in yourself then on any body else, a person who lacks this might study in best but won't perform in field suggest better be right now right here......instead of dreaming about future, you can make future with ur efforts an not with degree, that is what management is all about

Sanu: moreover if he is in a decent job and if he's performance is very good in the job he can enter the management colleges through the reservation category of the industries and there will be a commercial advantage of 2yr MBA fees+2years of experience+2yr's salary

Achal Arora: Rashi chances are that without MBA also you can get a job in That company , so why do MBA . But what matters is that your strategy should be based on chances , you are deciding the track of your life here , not sitting idle and playing some game of cards and taking chances .

Rashi Taneja: Well, whatever we say, I think if Sachin himself believes that he will not be able to get back to studies once he starts working, then there's nothing left to it. The obvious choice is that he should study before working, unless he wants to remain as a graduate forever. Achal, he is already getting a job in the company. But don't you think if he does MBA, then the offer will be better, say, even by the same company?

Senthil: This problem can be easily solved....everyone with decent percentiles join the job that they are offered and join any institute as coach. they teach students and never forget the subject ,...i think the same thing can be applicable here......

U. Agrawal: Jameel for a exp. the thoughts are more matured and not saturated, he understands how real business flows . A fresher, Sachin , with not good options in hand , if chooses these colleges may not get what his potential really deserves

Rohit Dwivedi: Senthi,  we don't have the option of working as coach please don't digress

Sanu: Rashi, he may not remain in the same job forever he may get into a good job where he may get ample time to study for his admission test and the company may recommend him to a college....nothing can be predicted. we cant tell that he will remain in his job he may switch into other jobs

K k: since he 1st aimed to do MBA, taking up job now will be like getting vanquished, this might decrease his confidence and he might always retain the memory of his first failure

Rohit Dwivedi: No Rashi there are finance companies which are giving offers to fresh graduate as to MBAs from satnford/wharton that is because they require some other skills (mathematical ) for doing the job well so a MBA might not always end up in a better job

Jameel: MBA graduates from the top 25-30 institutes will more or less have the same brain and management skills. It requires the inept need of a person to learn the stuff he is being thought. Doing MBA from a top B-SCH n doing it from top 25-30 institutes will only differ in the pay packets.

Rashi Taneja: Sai, person A is a fresher and person B is an MBA. Both are working in the same company, say at the same post. There comes a promotion. Who stands a better chance? And if there's a better offer from another company, again, who stands a better chance?

U. Agrawal: Rashi I disagree, the kind of college he is going may not fetch him a better job. Sachin should see MBA as an ROI, where he is investing his most precious time and energy and the output should match his capabilities, as he is a above average student, he can easily manage the challenge of work and studies

Achal Arora: Rashi companies give a good offer to the students only if they think that what the student has learnt is beneficial to them. So going into any college doesn't make sense, when we have the examples of Aditya Mittal type persons saying to the IIMs that their course is not good enough , so what about other institutes .

Rashi Taneja :Agreed with You, Rohit. But what I'm saying is that better are the chances of an MBA

Rohit Dwivedi: Your example itself says,  two guys one with MBA and other without at same level, how is this possible according to you

Rashi Taneja: Then you can say for yourself, that if they are not at the same stance, then who is better off!

www.UrPercentile.com: Request everyone to give a concluding statement .

Senthil: My Main Motive is that person should not say in the next GD that i wasted my one year preparing for the MBA, so he should work and prepare for the MBA which is a double advantage
Achal Arora: I would like to conclude by saying that he should not blindly go to the college, but should carefully weigh the possibilities of going for MBA next year , with or without JOB

K k: I believe that he should take up the MBA course and frame his own qualification, instead of wasting one  more year in mere expectation or taking up the job for which he isn't mentally prepared.

U. Agrawal: Rashi, the suitation you are comparing is a bit different - consider person A with work experience 1 yr. (as Sachin has offer from a good MNC) person B from 25 - 30 rank B - school, fresher. the changes will be better with A (Sachin). Reason 1 : he is from a reputed organization and thus stands a good chance of higher education from company sponsored programs from Top 10 institutes.

Sanu: I prefer Sachin to pickup his job because he can opt for MBA every year from his job. Suppose a term of 5yrs:  5yrs salary+ 5yrsexperience+chances of recommendation by the company to a B-school better than what Sachin has in his hands. So I  conclude by saying he should pickup the job ,which according to me is the better option.

jainisree: I would like to conclude that, dedicating one year for MBA preparation is not a wise decision. Also  he himself not confident of managing both work and MBA preparation at the same time. Hence, he can go for MBA in top 25-30 schools and excel there and get into a good company and start his career with a very good job and pay-scale.

Senthil: My friends here decided not to waste one year so the candidate should either work or join the institute

Jameel: Well a final concluding statement from me is, Sachin must grab the offer from the top 25-30 institute and do his mgmt skills. Staying with the firm and 2 years down the line, he’ll be earning lesser compared to him having done MBA where he’ll have an very good knowledge of business also. I thank everyone for giving me a chance to put forth my views.

Rashi Taneja: I conclude by saying that he should go for one of the institute he got calls from. Nothing can be ascertained for the next year. Who knows he might perform very well in the institute and it might work wonders for him.

Rohit Dwivedi: I would like to opt for option2, as most of us think and the reasoning belong simply that we won't be loosing on anything as is the case with other alternatives, rather one can make money to survive and gain work experience at the same time and it is going to help in next year with even lesser effort as compared to this year.

U. Agrawal: Jainsree, Sachin is an above average student, his capabilities can only be decided if he faces the challenges and not by closing the eyes in mid day and thinking it to be night. So he should not join the institutes, he should face challenges. He can definitely manage it well and the next year could show him bright colors.

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