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Tuhin Chaturvedi, Rani Mehta and Poornima clears this GD.


www.UrPercentile.com: The topic for GD is “Adaptability is the best Management tool.

Rani Mehta: Adaptability is best management tool. You need to adapt to situations if you want to be successful. For example, if there is demand of small fuel efficient car in market and if you keep on producing large luxury cars. You are bound to loose market shares. So you need to change according to market demand and should be able to produce small cars rather than large cars.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think adaptability is a very important tool in any management job. Corporate situations are not tailor made to our choices. So it is not sufficient for managers to be only well versed with academic concepts and people skills. Change is something which is the only constant in the world and to counter it and survive effectively, one has to adapt to it and find ways of succeeding. Even in life, situations are not always benign to our liking. They may even abut on the unfair and the undeserving. But the person who accepts this and acclimatizes to the hostile environment has a better chance of overcoming the problem accosting him than one who can only brood and grow on it.

Poornima : Adaptability is the ability to either alter a preplanned course of action or accept an already altered action. It’s a mindset to be foresee and be flexible that matters to be a successful manager.

Roohi Malik: Well I  agree that adaptability is the management tool . In today's competitive world if you want to be recognized and have an edge you need to adapt the current  requirement and the needs of the situation.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: To add to what Miss Poornima said, Adaptability involves knowing your weaknesses and restraints but capitalizing on your strengths as much as possible coupled with having belief in oneself.

Rani Mehta: like Tuhin said, the person who is capable to adapt to the changes weather good or bad is more likely to succeed. If you see in business only those organizations survive who are flexible, adaptable and who are ready to change with change in technology, change in environment change in market.

Jainisree: Management implies managing all the situations and situations will not be the same always, they do change. So according to the situation, managing it should also differ. So adaptation to the changes is really important and it is necessarily a management tool.

Poornima : As a manager one needs to foresee a plethora of difficulties. Some of these might have a higher probability of occurrence and some less. Either way, one needs to determine these probabilities and their subsequent impacts.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think that a B-School can at best teach you the technical know how of managing a business. But the concepts of business keep changing and continual adaptation to the current scenario and devising strategies how to succeed will make businesses more successful. Again this attitude of adapting to the hostile situation and winning in spite of it, is not taught in any b-school yet it is a crucial aspect of management. This lesson is learnt by a man during his life from his failure as well as his spectacular successes.

Poornima : Adaptability is a key to people management too. In every an organization, there is a potpourri of people of different attitudes and mindsets, It is expected of a manager to consider all these digressions and still make his/her organization churn success.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think what Miss Poornima is suggesting is a very proactive way of handling change. Foreseeing obstacles and planning for them is a very good way of ensuring success even when the worst of the prospective obstacles become a reality. It is a very effective way of winning.

Rani Mehta: Business in today's world is very dynamic. Things change in small time span. You cant really do well if you just stick to your preplanned strategies in many instances. You need to adapt as per the changing needs. For example when AT & T was dissolved in 8-10 company they needed to adapt to situation and rethink all their strategy. Tuhin, if everything goes according to plan then there is no need for you to be adaptable. You don’t need to change anything. You need to be adaptable when something goes wrong to correct it in short span.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: If we digress from business and think of adaptability in life as a crucial management tool, we can remember several instances where handicapped people or deformed people have succeed by adapting successfully. As I mentioned earlier, these people are very receptive to change. An example could be that of the handicapped Olympics.

Ankit Gandhi: Adaptability is the one of the qualities of management and I think its one of the most essential requirement.

Jainisree: The only thing that can't be stopped or changed is a 'change' in today's business. So one has to accept the change and adapt to it for success.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I have not said that everything goes according to plan. I have said that one may foresee some obstacles and plan for them. Such proactive planning may help when unexpected things turn up, Miss Rani.

Poornima : From the perspective of a market situation of cut-throat competition,  managers need to have a flair for taking alternate courses of action and setting new plans when the old ones fail, which happens too often.

Rani Mehta: Like Ankit said, yes adaptability in marketing, one example of it could be how Saurav Ganguli was used in Pepsi ad, when he was out of Indian team that is a very good example of adaptability and marketing strategy. As you have already signed contract with the sports person and invested so much money on him, he was utilized very smartly.

Roohi Malik: Along with adaptability what I think really matters is your right kind of attitude towards the situation. If you have a a positive attitude you can easily adapt  to the current situation.

Ankit Gandhi: The 1st thing when you join the b-school they teach you is to live in coalition with your room mate.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think adaptability can also be explained with the way the Indian economy was able to withstand the stock market crashes which happened over the years. It still has managed to do brilliantly in spite of being pegged back a number of times.

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Poornima : Our stock market is the most exemplifying example for adaptability, It was on a bull-run till the SENSEX reached the 12000 mark. Later on it dwindled and took its own time to become stable again. Had it not been for the adaptability of the 30 companies listed in SENSEX, our stock market would have never recovered.

Ankit Gandhi: You see the interdependence between all the countries is the adaptability. You cant work in isolation even the nuke deal we have signed is the sign of adaptability. Agreeing with Poornima, here also the sign of interdependence in the form of adaptability is coming.

Rani Mehta: I think people will not take you for granted if they see you adapting to situations. Adaptation will rather increase your importance, they will be paying more attention to you because you respond as per situation demands and not based on any pre specified or decided upon procedure or rules.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: A very good point raised by the moderator. I think this is a question again about how proactive you are. A person who is always stretched and adapts to the external circumstances somehow may be viewed as being slovenly and being taken for granted. It depends on the situation one is in. For example a business startup may always have to adapt to the market vagaries initially for a few years. But once they stabilise, they may be more professional.

Roohi malik: Well there be some chances that people might take you for granted but then again it depends upon you that how you handle and tackle those kind of people and situations. We cant ignore how much the world today is competitive so for that you need to adapt the current situations and make your own identity.

Poornima : Now that one realizes the significance of being adaptable on the part of managers, how does a manager create an adaptable situation? One needs to create a conducive, open and free atmosphere in the organization. It is indeed these people who have to take any alternate course of action when needed. An adaptable manger has adaptable employees

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I think a continual state of just adapting may create an impression that you are externally motivated. You just cannot take the initiative and make things happen. On the contrary, you always wait for things to happen and then take a course. It may imply a reactive way of looking at life.

Ankit Gandhi: Take the example of partnership firm which you are running with your partner if you are not adaptable, it will not be a success.

Rani Mehta: I would like to say here that if you are that powerful that you can influence market then you need not to adapt but your foothold is not that strong then you need to adapt to market situations else you will be thrown out.

Poornima : Initially even if people might try to take advantage of the fact that a person is adaptable, with time the former will realize that the latter is more adaptable and can definitely come up with an action that could astound him/her.

Roohi Malik: You can take the example of today’s jewelers industry. Today if the traditional jewelers want to be in pace with the world they need to adapt the changes like going for certification of the jewellery.

Rani Mehta: Yes, Tuhin raise a very good point, if you are always adapting to the situations then one reason for it might be that you have not planned anything or you don’t have any clue what you are suppose to do and what you want to do. Adaptability is very effective tool that you need to posses but it doesn’t replace the planning and strategic aspect of business that you need to concentrate, good planning along with adaptability is desirable.

Ankit Gandhi: Taking Rani in to account, take the example of US, it has to adapt with others because other groups like EU which are adaptable to each other will kick US out

Tuhin Chaturvedi: Or we can also consider the strategies of survival made by a company when they enter a market wholly unknown to them. Exit strategies when business is unprofitable, is also an adaptation.

Poornima : One can also consider the case of print media. Print media earlier on had no parallels. But when the electronic media emerged as its rival, it was the adaptability of the print media that made it survive. A recent survey in India suggests that the print media has grown by 26% whereas it is a mere 22 percent for the electronic media for the year 2006. The Print media came up with creative print designs and concentrated more on distribution, to achieve such a state.

www.UrPercentile.com: Thanks everyone, requests everyone to give a concluding statement.

Poornima : Summarizing it all, it is adaptability that serves to boost up growth in both an individual and an organization. It is nevertheless, one of the most significant management tools. Thank you.

Tuhin Chaturvedi: I feel that adaptability is very important in the scenario today be it business, sports or life in general. It is something which if present in your arsenal gives you an edge over others. However, proactive practice in life must not be given up just because one is good at adapting to situations. One must always be positive, internally motivated and have a plan of success. Adaptability must come in when things don't go one's way and one is stretched.

Rani Mehta: I would like to conclude that in today's ever changing dynamic world adaptability is very essential tool that you need to posses coz d situations change very fast and its not possible always to foresee the future consequences of action taken in advance with 100% accuracy. So you need to adapt to the situation as it unfolds.


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