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DOs & DON'Ts OF GD :

DOs :
1. Listen carefully and speak accordingly at an opportune time .
2. Use proper body language, keep a smiling face.
3. Keep your arguments focussed to the main topic.
4. Try to generate new ideas so that the other discuss on ideas generated by you.
5. Keep eyes contact with maximum number of people while talking.
6. Your aim should be to get selected and not to win the arguments.
7. Be active and attentive during the whole process. You may speak as many times as possible as long as you have something new and relevant to add.

Sample GD Topics
Neccesity is the mother of invention.
Engineers joining management is a national waste.

  Online GD/PI
Online Mock GDs: Should IIMs start engineering courses? GD-1; Cos Theta
  What is Evaluator Looking for
Managerial skills : People handling skill, proactive, Social behaviour, overall personality, sharpness of mind,

DON'Ts :
1. Don't interrupt others while they are speaking, you may start as soon as the person speaking takes a pauses.
2. Don't make it a fish market by using high pitch also don't be totally silence.
3. Do not try to impose discipline on others.
4. Do not feel agitated if others don't agree with your view point, you may agree to disagree.
5. Do not get personal or make fun of others.
6. Do not flaunt your past experiences, education qualification or other achievements during the GD.
7. Do not ask others to come to a consensus by voting. Voting is not a substitute of discussion.
8. Do not ask the members to speak in turn or allocate time for each member to speak , unless specified by the evaluator.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants