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GD : Group Discussion 

A GD is an activity where around 6 to 10 candidates are given a topic to discuss for about 10 to 20 minutes so that the evaluator can examine the Skill, knowledge and other traits required for the position the candidates are competing for. It is usually an informal discussion where each candidate has an equal opportunity to air his views on the topic being discussed.

KNOWLEDGE BASED: These kind of GDs necessarily requires in depth knowledge of the subject to be successful.
Examples are :
- The outcome of previous SAARC meeting.
- Single currency adoption in European Union.
- Functioning of NATO
- Role of Australia in the Iraq war.
In these kind of topics apart from other traits, the evaluator is most likely to give more importance to the knowledge base of the candidates. To prepare for these kind of topics we recommend all UrPercentile.com subscribers to read newspapers and current affair magazines of last four weeks before attending any GD. Without knowledge of the subject topic it would be very difficult to get through. Though you can play the role of co-ordinator (Roles Will be discussed later in detail) in such kind of situation but it would be very hard to be accepted as a leader by other members with you not expressing any knowledge on the topic.

FACTUAL STATEMENT BASED : In these king of topic the evaluator generally gives one statement from a past event and leaves it to the group to decide about what to talk about it.
Example of such topics are :
- Automible sector has shown 5 % growth last year.
- India did not win any gold medal in Olympics.
- BPO sector brought in 200 million to XYZ state.
In these kind of topics, one can clear the GD with relatively less knowledge about the subject compared to the ones mentioned in Knowledge based topics above. This is, provided that the candidate shows competence in other areas like Leadership qualities, communication skills, people handling skills and ability to work in a team. UrPercentile.com subscribers are suggested to be aware of recent hot topics to be ready for such topics. ( UrPercentile.com)

OPINION SEEKING TOPICS : In these kind of topics the candidate have to express their opinion on a particular topic.
Example :
- Should India send troops to assist other nations in a war?
- Should one go for MBA if he is having a very good job ?
The evaluator is likely to give more importance to presentation skill, the ability to work in a team, and overall personality of the candidates. Whether you speak for the topic or against the topic won’t make any difference, it is the way you express your opinion that will matter.

ABSTRACT TOPICS : In this kind of topic the evaluator gives one abstract statement for the group to discuss about it.
Example are :
- Nothing is possible.
- Sun rises from east and sets on west.
- A drop in a ocean.
The topic is usually ambiguous and is open for interpretation in different ways. In these kind of topics one has to think hard to crack what is expected from the topic. The evaluator is looking for the candidates who forms the basis of discussion, guides the discussion and get other people involved. The evaluator is likely to give more importance to the communication skill, intuitiveness and comprehension skills. UrPercentile.com subscribers are recommended to practise such topics by having discussion among themselves.

A situation is described to the candidates and a question is left open at the end for candidates to discuss. These kind of discussion comparatively require less amount of general awareness, it rather tests the ability of candidates to make decisions, ability to work in a team and the ability to influence people.
Example :
Suresh was the best salesman of the company and always use to achieve more than the target assigned to him. Sometimes he was able to achieve two times the sales target assigned to him. He was hardworking and honest and got promoted to Area Sales Manager just two weeks ago. His boss Ramesh, comes to know from one of his friend that Suresh is suppose to attend an interview on the coming Friday for a job with their competitor. Suresh is most likely to get the offer from the competitor if he goes for the interview. 2 days before the scheduled interview, Suresh applies for a leave for the scheduled interview day. What should Ramesh do ?
In these kind of GDs one should try to identify the problem and suggest different possible solutions to the problem and lead the group to a common consensus. Though it will not be always possible to convince the whole group, but one who tries the best will succeed.

Though these are not adopted for selection of MBA course very often, but we just thought that all UrPercentile.com members should know about these. A nameplate is put in front of each candidate and the role the candidates are suppose to play in the game is written on each nameplate. Example of such roles are: HR Manager, Union Leader, CEO, worker, Customer, vendor, Truck driver, Tax inspector etc. Each candidates can see the role other members are suppose to play but is not aware of the role he/she is suppose to play. A business situation is given to them and they are asked to discuss the situation. In such type of discussion the candidates are expected to judge the role they are suppose to play and react in the way they should be doing. Other form of such discussion could be where each candidate knows his/her role only but does not know the roles of others in group. The group is described a business situation and are asked to discuss on it.


Roles Candidates can play in GD
The major roles a candidates can play in a GD are as compiled below.The first three roles are the positive...
  Sample GD Topics
Neccesity is the mother of invention.
Engineers joining management is a national waste.

  DOs & DON'Ts of GD and Required Traits
Listen carefully and speak accordingly at an opportune time.Use proper

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