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Kumar Rahul : It definitely makes a wrong impression. And be ready to be asked “Why should I select you. A lot of guys have made up to this stage while working. And you had to take a great of one year, preparing”..
Only the reputed institutes will be making a penalty marking with regard to the gap year. A lot of lower rank institute, will not mind. But in any case, you will have to answer again at the time of final placement.
Any other genuine reason should help, like health or family problems. But the case should be genuine.
So a gap after graduation is never advisable.

Rahul : GAP yr...I think it depends on one's idiosyncrasy...guys workin' may find it difficult juggling betvn their work n prep...in da same way grad. or masters students may feel difficult in switchin' betvn their acads n prep....it's all centered on one point 'Being Focussed!'....so one shud make a thorough analysis of oneself b4 starting da chase.. .after all MBA is abt managing stuff na :-)

Kanika : One year gap is ok ! u focus on 1 thing and live,eat and drink it.But the catch is tht it should be a very personal decision based on individual priorities.Many people take a gap b'coz their parents want it or b'coz their frinds r doing it (e.g LAKSHYA-movie).Self motivation is the only thing tht can lead u through.

Ashaya: Should one go for a gap year for preparation of MBA entrance exams ? This is the question that comes to everyones minds when preparing for an MBA and actually this is the most important question of your career , if not your life!
In my personal experience i have seen people take up an MBA just after their graduation.
They have done well, but the entire journey was very tough.
Whereas i have met old seasoned professionals with loads of work experience crib about not being able to keep up with work and the rigirous exam preparations.
The most common reason  being "I am not able to study"
Well this is what life is ! wake up guys and smell the coffee!
But choosing not to do an MBA in this "MBA Crazy world " would not be a wise decison, according to me .
As even doctors now a days want to do an MBA after they complete their masters.
So the question boils down to what does an MBA mean to you and do you have that fire in the belly for the same.
Believe me if you have that fire in the belly for the same then  you will definetly acheive an MBA  from a good college and will not be struggling for preparation for an entrance exam.
Hence coming to all the important work experience, i feel minmum one year work experience and maximum three year work experince from a good company is essential for an MBA degree in india.
But if you want to pursue an MBA degree abroad(out of india) then  you will have to have atleast three years work experince which most of the universities "prefer".
From all the above talk one thing is pretty clear, the going will be easier if you have some work experince on you.

Asad : "There is nothing like free lunch in this world" so to get something one will have to lose something. Simple is that, but if we look this matter critically we come know that in a true sense one is making a future investment.

Prashant : I think gap of one year is not required to prepare for MBA.If one can devote some time along with his regular studies from the beginning itself, it is not an hard task to get MBA seat in good college. Ofcourse one who could not prepare along with their regular studies they may spent their whole time of one year on their preperation.

Robin : There need not be a GAP in ones career to make it to an MBA. Instead of having a gap i would prefer to keep studying/working and pursue the preps. Keeping focused is very essential to get through any tough entrance. So one should be able to sustain the focus while pusuing his career to get through.

Ritesh: Better gain valuable experience in the field you want to grow in future.

Avadhoot : I myself won't be taking a gap year for preparation for any MBA entrance exam. I would like to continue taking work experience rather and then seek better MBA institute. Preparation can be done at the same time.

Saurabh : Even if one opts for a gap year, it may not actually be a full year. As most of the graduation examinations get over by June, one just have to focus oneself towards MBA preparations for 6 months, as majority of the entrance exams take place in the months of November and December. After which one can do a job.

Rekha : I don't prefer gap years at any point of life. Especially for an MBA when one is looking for an overall development, he/she is not expected to shut himself to work on problems.

Ashish : I feel when you are not working and then you take a year gap only for preparation then in that case you might land into troubles because as I heard and I am not sure about this but many colleges looks for Continuity in the education. If are able to convince people then there wont be any problem as such.

Deepak : I donít believe in taking a year gap of preparations if u have to do , u have to do it along with ur normal life . Basically u have to practise time management which is the first step toward management. Learn a lot in that 2hours rather giving unnecessarily 20 hours .

Parag : A one year gap is fine. Given the competition and the number of seats available in the iims, failure to secure a seat despite a good exam performance is not surprising and one can attempt again if one is determined to get into the iims.

Maalwika : Nothing wrong in it. If a person has a goal of MBA and if he/she doesnít succeeds in first attempt then he/she has all rights to drop a year and achieve their goal.

Jitentdra : Yes, its good if u can't handle college studies and preparation for entrance exam together then u should have a gap but if u r mentally balanced can balance ur studies like me u can do i m doing third year in college and giving cat this year. I donít have any problem, if there is a will there is a way

Pradeep : Very good time for preparation would be 12 - 10 months. But the Ideal would be 8 - 6 months.

Sapna : In my opinion one should not take a gap for preparation for any entrance exams as you only needs regular practice to crack even the toughest exams like CAT. Anyone with decent basics can crack any entrance exam with regular practice to improve speed with high accuracy.

Sourav : I think gap year in preparation for MBA does not matter at all, because I think cat is not a child's play, most important thing is clearing the written test, gap doesn't matter to me.

Jyot : Carrer gap for preparation is not required though 1 year is ok.

Upen : Preparation on the MBA entrance exam can be anytime and in any year after your graduation. 1 year of exhaustive and intensive preparation should take one to a good school.


Gap Year for Preparation
Some of the aspirants prefer to dedicate one full year for the preparation of the MBA entrance ....

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