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Some of the aspirants prefer to dedicate one full year for the preparation of the MBA entrance exams. This is certainly avoidable.  A break of a month or two for preparation may be acceptable, but to give a break of one full year just for preparation is not advisable. You must do something in addition to your preparation, be it a job, a correspondence course or any short duration course / training program to add to your educational qualification. Some good news for those who wish to go against our advise, there have been people who took a year off for preparing for CAT and got admission at IIMs.  Taking a drop is a very risky proposition, take it only if you are very clear of your goals or else you might end up getting frustrated.

Some people may also suggest that anything less than a year is not counted as work experience so it does not make a big difference if you take a gap year, but you must be sure that you will get a call from a institute of your choice within that year.

Gap Year for MBA Prep (Comments)
"There is nothing like free lunch in this world" so to get something one will have to lose something.

  Discussion: MBA /Job/ Gap Year
There is nothing wrong in dropping from going to job, when he is capable of getting a decent job now.
  Time-Table for Starting 1 Year Before the Test
Following is a rough time table we have prepared for those have more .

Some people also suggest dropping a year would depend on the kind of job that you have. If you have a job with a very good company with international reputation then one should not take a gap year but if you have a job with a small company then it is better to drop a year, but we still suggest that be it a job with a small company or a big MNC, you should still go ahead and take the job and prepare at the same time. With a working experience of 1 year you will certainly have advantage over the people with no work experience. The weightage given to work experience varies for different institutes and so the extent of advantage that you will have will also vary.

If you already have taken a gap year for preparation, be ready with a answers for the question " What were you doing for last one year ?". This question will surely be asked at the interview stage, you have to have a good answers to it and should be able to convince the interview board.

A gap of 2 years plus is too long to be ignored by any institute/ interview board, unless you have a strong reasons for that. During these years you must have been doing something, be it at home. Try to find the positive points like what you gained during these years. Prepare well for you GD/interview and make sure you give a good explanation for the gap year.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants