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Prepare your own priority list on the topics to be covered in the last few weeks depending upon your strengths and weaknesses.

Give more importance to areas where you think that by investing less time you can improve more. There may be areas where you can improve but will require a lot of time, we would suggest to ignore these areas completely now. Don't invest too much time on areas that you have never touched before. Just fine tune your strengths and the areas where you think improvement is possible by investing comparatively less time.

Feeling Nervous before the exam ? There is nothing unusual about it, many of the CAT aspirants are feeling the same way. The cause of this fear is due to your early childhood experience when you used to go for school examination. It is the result of the fear you used to have during school days that is reflecting now. Your inner conscious, body and mind is in habit of reacting in the way you are doing at present. You have not given them a chance to react in any other manner in such a situation.

Last 4 weeks before Test
Here we compile a few things for you to do and a few things to avoid in the next 4 weeks.
  During the Test
We would suggest you to start with the section in which you are most comfortable .
  Selection Of Questions In the Test
Selection of proper question during the exam is very important and may be the deciding factor.

You have to make yourself understand that things have changed over the years. You are no longer that school going kid.
Show some control over your mind. Give opportunity to you mind and body to react in a different manner. Fear ends when faith in self begins.
Believe in your self. Continue with your hard work and don't worry about the result.
Your fear and tension is because you are worried about the result. Just forget about the result and believe that all the hard work you put will certainly pay. Prepare as if you are not worried about the result, and say this loudly "THOUGH I AM SURE I CAN MAKE IT, BUT IF I DON'T,THIS IS NOT THE END OF THE WORLD. IF I DON'T MAKE IT HERE, I HAVE MANY OTHER OPTIONS".
Think that you have nothing to loose, if you clear the exam this year, well very good, if you don't, there are thousand of other areas you can excel and there is always another opportunity next year also.
Don't be afraid of failure, there is no such thing as failure, every difficult situation you face whether you clear it or not, you learn from it. As you learn more you succeed more in your life.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants