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FMS (Jan 2006 ) :
Following is the analysis and feedback of FMS (FT) and FMS (MS). Both the test were of same difficulty level . Both the test had 175 questions to be solved in 2 hours , with 4 marks awarded for correct answer and -1 for a wrong answer. The difficulty level of both was almost same and the test was simpler compared to XAT and CAT this year. There was no sections as such and most likely there is no sectional cut off. There were no questions based on DI , DS or general awareness. Questions can be classified into following major categories :
1. PROBLEM SOLVING : Around 50 questions in both the test.
2. RC : Around 50 questions on RC in both the test.
3. ENGLISH USAGE : Around 25 questions in FMS(FT) and around 50 in FMS (MS)
4. LOGICAL REASONING : Around 50 questions in FMS (FT) and around 25 in FMS(MS)

Problem solving was on usual topics with less stress on higher level maths. Number system, Equations, Surds , compound interest , Simple interest, Pipes, P & L, Mixtures, Percentages, Distance, Time and speed, Work and time, Series, Co-ordinate Geometry, Circles, Triangles, Trigonometry, Ratio and Proportion , Set Theory. English usage had Antonyms and synonyms, analogies, spelling correction, Odd man out etc. Logical reasoning was on data arrangement (Single and double dimensional), puzzles and on other common topics.

FMS entrance test does not have any sections, but be ready for surprises. Competition for FMS is very tough and it ought to be with just 90 seats, good reputation, excellent placement record of the college and low tuition fees.

Feedback on Exams
  Feedback on FMS(FT)/FMS(MS) 05
Placements 2005 was a resounding success at FMS, and was an affirmation of the faith of the corporate world.

FMS Feedback
  FMS 2008
The difficulty level of FMS was same as of previous FMS but there was no question on Data Interpretation....

FMS -Delhi 2005 :

There were 175 questions to be solved in 120 minutes with no sectional time limit.
4 marks are awarded for each correct question and 1 negative marking for each wrong answer.
There were NO questions based on Data Interpretation, Data sufficiency General knowledge and Business Awareness this year. Questions on Data Interpretation, Data sufficiency General knowledge and Business Awareness were present in past FMS test papers.

Quantitative Problems : 50 questions
Reasoning : 50 questions
Reading Comprehension : 47 questions. There were three RC's in all,one of them was mammoth having more that 20 questions asked from it.
English Usage : 28 questions

FMS papers prior to 2005 this had following typical set up.

Usually there were 150 question with following break-up :

1. Quant, DI and Reasoning: 60 questions
2. English Usage & RC : 60 Questions
3. GK : 30 questions

Marking scheme  was +4 for correct answers and –1 for incorrect answers.

GK included : Business Awareness, Economics, Brands related questions, Companies details, Current Affairs, Science, Sports, Major events etc.

The papers till now had no Sectional Cut off and if it is same this year  the aim should be to maximise your total score by attempting more questions in the scoring topics and on topics you are comfortable at.

In Quant you may find more questions from higher school level mathematics like co-ordinate geometry, logarithm, permutation and combination, differentiation etc.

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