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FMS 2008

FMS (13th Jan 2008 ) : The difficulty level of FMS was same as of previous FMS but there was no question on Data Interpretation and Business awareness in this paper which were present in previous papers of FMS. The paper had total 175 questions and was to be solved in 120 minutes. There were 4 options given for each question and one correct answer was to be selected. 4 marks were allocated for correct answer and 1 negative marks for wrong answer. The paper was divided into 4 sections and candidates were expected to perform equally well in all 4 sections. It was mentioned in the instructions that to qualify for FMS, students should have secured at least 50 percentile in each section.

The 4 sections of the paper were:

1) Quantitative Analysis : 50 questions
2) Logical and Analytical Reasoning: 50 questions
3) Reading Comprehension: 40 questions
4) Verbal Ability: 35 questions

Pattern of FMS
Following is the analysis and feedback of FMS (FT) and FMS (MS).
  Feedback on FMS(FT)/FMS(MS) 05
Placements 2005 was a resounding success at FMS, and was an affirmation of the faith of the corporate world.

FMS Feedback
  Syllabus for the Entrance Test
The exam pattern for different exams is different and may change without prior notice.

Quantitative Analysis : The questions were based on  plane geometry , Menstruation, co-ordinate geometry , Numbers, percentage, , Interest , Stocks, and shares, Probability , Sequence and series, Sets, Log, Functions, Limit s, Integration and derivatives.

Logical and Analytical Reasoning : Questions were based on Family relationship, puzzles, cubes and dices, Liner an, matrix and circular arrangements and a few questions on verbal reasoning.

Reading Comprehension :  There were 5 passages in this paper and there were 8 questions on each passage. There were both direct as well as indirect questions. The passages were lengthy and thus time consuming.  The passages were based on psychology, sociology, economics, and philosophy.

Verbal Ability : It was a difficult section and required a very good understanding of the language and a very good vocabulary base. There were many questions based on idioms. The questions were of typically of same type as of any other Verbal Ability sections of any other MBA entrance exam but with higher difficulty level.

The expected cut off for MBA at  FMS by Urpercentile is a score of 322 . The expected cut off for the MBA-MS program is 304.

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