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Hurdles for CAT
Our Hurdles are prepared on the basis of past entrance tests  papers.


Feedback on CAT06
Jjust chill and concentrate and study hard for other examinations like IIFT, XAT,SNAP, NMAT and FMS etc…,
CAT06 Feedback


Feedback on CAT05
Huge surprise this time around.There were only 90 Questions..Probably the first time in the History of CAT test.
CAT05 Feedback1

Tips by IIMA Students
Online Interview of IIMA 2004-06 batch Students(Tips from students of IIMA) 
  Feedback on CAT05
Below is our brief analysis on CAT 2005 with expected cut off for IIMS and comments from UrPercentile subscribers on CAT 05.
CAT05 Feedback2
  Feedback on CAT05
The CAT came, roared like a TIGER and intimidated us for two full hours and then went away.
CAT05 Feedback3

GD/PI Feedback
Members Sharing their GD/PI Experience and Other Information.


Feedback on CAT 05
According to our estimate the percentile outcome of CAT 05 will be as follows: A total score of 45.5 will be approx...
CAT05 Feedback4


Feedback on CAT 05
I got short listed for all 6 IIMs . Thanks to UrPercentile moderator and members for all the help and support. .
CAT05 Feedback5

Management Games at UrPercentile
Brain Storming Session at UrPercentile; SWOT Analysis of Various States of India.

  Feedback on JMET
So let me tell u somethin abt JMET.. well its maths is tougher then cat as they ask higher level .
JMET05 Feedback
  Feedback on JMET 05
The pattern was as defined in their brochure with almost no element of surprise in it, though the difficulty level in ..
JMET05 Feedback2
Online GD/PI by UrPercentile
Online Mock GDs: Should IIMs start engineering courses? GD-1; Cos Theta

Feedback on FMS(FT)/FMS(MS) 05
Placements 2005 was a resounding success at FMS, and was an affirmation of the faith of the corporate world.

FMS Feedback


Feedback on FMS(FT)/FMS(MS) 05
The difficulty level of both was almost same and the test was simpler compared to XAT and CAT this year.
FMS Feedback


Members Helping Each Other
Something more about ranking ; Surprise Elements in exams

Feedback on IRMA 05
There were 200 questions to be answered in 120 minutes.There were 4 sections and each question had 5 choices.
IRMA05 Feedback



Feedback on ISBAT 05
There were 225 questions to be solved in 3 hours. There were 4 sections and each section had time limit.

ISBAT Feedback

Feedback on CET 05
Wat i can say is atleast fill in the details online. the thing is that u need to come to mumbai or pune

CET Feedback
  Feedback on IIFT 05
About 900 calls were sent.Total seats being 180 (120 in Delhi+60 in Kolkata), the conversion ratio comes to 5:1, higher for Delhi Campus.

IIFT Feedback

Feedback on IIFT 05
185 questions of different weightage divided into 5 sections to be attempted in 120 minutes with negative marking of 1/3rd.

IIFT Feedback2


Feedback on MICAT
I got calls from XIMB BIM n GIM for XAT 94.02 and SIMSR for CAT 92.26.

MICAT Feedback
  Feedback on NMAT 05
NMAT -Dec 2005 pattern and difficulty level was as expected and as per their brochure. It was of 2.5 hours with 200 questions

NMAT Feedback

Feedback on NMAT 05
NMAT was not tough ...paper was easy but one needs to have good speed to get a call.

NMAT Feedback


Feedback on XAT
There were 127 questions and 1 Essay to be solved/ written in 120 minutes + 20 minutes. .
XAT Feedback
  Feedback on SNAP 05
There were 5 sections with 160 questions in total to be solved in 2 hours. There was negative marking of 25 %.

SNAP Feedback

Feedback on SNAP 05
SNAP was pretty easy.i hv attempted around 95 ques,varying 23 to 30 ques in each section...

SNAP Feedback2


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