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Managerial skills : People handling skill, proactive, Social behaviour, overall personality, sharpness of mind, ability to generate new ideas, ability to lead and work with a team etc.

Communication skills : Ability to comprehend the topic and what others are saying and communicate accordingly in a cohesive manner. Ability to put the, thoughts together and convey it to the rest of the group.

Theoretical knowledge about the subject topic.

The evaluator decides about the candidate by checking the following:

Did the candidate speak sensibly ? In GD, don't talk just for the sake of talking , you have to talk and you have to talk sense. Don't contradict yourself and make sure that you able to convey what you want to.

Did the candidate contribute positively to discussion ? You have to make sure that your contribution was positive and helped the group in having a healthy discussion.

How would the discussion have been, if the particular candidate was not there? If your presence at the GD did not have any effect on the small duration discussion, your absence from the MBA class for which you are competing also won't be missed much by others.

Did the candidate have the knowledge about the topic ? Basic subject knowledge is must to clear most of the GDs. Thoroughly read current affairs magazines and newspapers of past 6 weeks before attending a GD.

Was he acceptable by others in the group ? If the group members hear you, the evaluator will surely hear you. So you have to make sure that you are heard and acceptable by others.

Did the candidate understand the point of view of others, did he/ she listen to others, did he/she appreciate the contributions made by others ? You should not just appear to be a good listener, when you talk it should be clear that you have been listening to others.

Did he/she help the group to come out of a difficult situation or was he/she the one who put the group in a difficult situation? Help the group in case of awkward situation like a heated arguments between two or more candidates.
Guide the group to a correct procedure, for example if someone comes out with a idea of voting to decide the final verdict, politely tell that voting is no substitute of a discussion and we are here for a healthy discussion and we may also agree not to agree with each other.

Was the candidate able to guide/ influence the discussion ? The evaluator looks for the candidates who guided most part of the GD and decided the course of discussion. If you initiate the discussion there are very good chance that the discussion will go along the course you laid down.

What Role did the candidate play more often ? Try to play positive role for as long as possible.

Comments By UrPercentile Subscribers

Swati : In a GD, the evaluators are looking at:

1)       How much you are well versed with the topic.
2)       How can you manage yourself and the team when you are confronted with the situation when everybody has different opinion about it and steer the conversation and discussion smoothly.
3)       Out of the box thinking and creativity.
4)       Even if one has no idea of the topic discusses, then how one intelligently picks up threads from the initial discussion and builds his opinion on it.
5)       A good team player


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