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TIPS FOR RC :  BY  Purushothaman.R
Here is a way to improve our Verbal Ability as well as English Usage, which are very much essential for the forthcoming CAT. Do read the "Know Your English" section every Tuesday in the leading Newspaper, The Hindu . This section comes under "Book Review " which talks about various newly published books & related stuff.
This section covers the following :
1. Meaning of some of the critical words,
2. Correct usage of Idiomatic Phrases,
3. Correct pronounciation of difficult words etc..
I hope this will help us gain good amount of knowledge in English Language.


TIPS FOR RC :  BY  Prabhat Pandey
Do you know that most of us have mobiles with the calander and the planners. So, start making mini GK Encyclopedia within it making all the short entries in it which you think better to be recorded elsewhere.And most importantly those who have date of data phobias can easily help themselves with their gaudy gadgets. So what are you waiting for, Start packing up your bag and baggage for an exciting journey. Do multitasking also as make these entries only either in public or among friends and show your handy and costly mobiles to others as well.

TIPS FOR RC :  BY  Varma Ami, MBA Aspirant, Future Manager, Vijay Rawat, ILoveUrPercentile
The best way we can answer it is to read and comprehend every sentence carefully. That does not mean we try to learn the passages by heart, but understand the main idea of the passage. Most of the times the passages are very lengthy and also the topics are very uninteresting. The best way to solve long passages is to read the first and the last para of the passage carefully and just read the first line and the last line of the rest of the paras. This would help us get the gist of the passage. However, there are some factual questions which can not be answered without reading the passage entirely, so bottom line is that we need to increase the speed of reading so that we could save on time.

Underline / highlight or use rough paper to note important facts given in the passage. Do not underline or highlight  too much.

Read the questions first, it will give you an idea about what to look for in the passage.

Read the choices properly. For example if the choices given for a certain question are 
A) More than Two
B) More than Three
C) More than Four
D) All of above
and the correct answer to the question is Seven, you will have to select option D as correct answer.

Some reasons of slow reading are  Individual capability and familiarity with the subject topic, poor vocabulary leading to poor comprehension, lack of concentration and reading the lines more than once as a habit.

Try to anticipate what author is going to write next and try to predict future ideas in the passage and questions that can be asked as you read.

Eye motion speed should be maintained and going back to read the same line more than once should be avoided. Don't vocalise.

Use your left hand finger ( If you are right handed) to run along the text you are reading ,use right hand to write notes. Slowly you can start running your finger faster to improve speed.

Don't select the answer till you have read the whole passage. Relevant information may be anywhere in the passage and can be at more than one passage.

Don't waste time remembering details.

Tips for Improving English
The only way you can improve English language skill is by reading more and by practising more.

  What are Flash cards
Take a thick paper and make around 100 cards out of it of approximately 2.5inch*4 inch.

  Time Mgmt. During Preparation
Time Management is very important these days.To be a good manager you must have the ability..


TIPS FOR  VOCABULARY :  BY : Shrikant Vishwanathan, rememberme820, Manish Gupta.
Read as much as possible from whatever source you can lay hands on. Its not just important to read, but also understand the content. This helps two ways, first, assimilation of information required for the GD/PI rounds and second, improvisation of vocabulary

 List down and remember  synonymous  in group to improve vocabulary at faster rate.

Learn the usage of the same word from different sources.
Read, Read, Read- Repeat, Repeat, Repeat - Practice, Practice, Practice.  Read more, repeat the new words in your writing and daily work and practice.daily work and practice.

Refer to dictionary at least 2 times a day.

To remember a new vocabulary word you can link it to some other event, person, place etc  to remember it or can break the word into small fragments

Improve vocabulary is through Mnemonics, i.e, linking a word to something, say some sort of story. for example, meritricious, can be remembered as meri trishna in hindi. Now as we all know, most of our desires are only attractive in the beginning, but when they are fulfilled, they are hardly as good. so this way, we can remember relatively higher no. of words

Use flash cards. Keep in mind that many words have more than one meaning

For forming  paragraph or arranging sentences in sequence , try to guess  the answer before reading the options. Eliminate the wrong choices and then go ahead.

GENERAL TIPS BY : Abhishek Garg 
Focus on your strong areas, e.g. for me RC is pretty insteresting.... grammar i am mostly wrong. And, fill in the blanks like complete sentence, complete para... are also lucrative for me.
For improving grammar, i attempt those questions nevertheless being wrong,.. and correct myself after seeing the answer key.

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