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We would suggest you to start with the section in which you are most comfortable. It really boosts your morale when you see many questions marked on the answer sheet in the first 45 minutes. The time allocation would depend on the question paper that you have to solve. Don't predetermine the time allocation for each section. This is to be decided when you get the paper on hand. Even after you have started solving the paper you may have to change the time allocation for each section if you notice that there is not much time left for other section. If the paper is a tough one stress should be on accuracy but if  the paper is a simple one stress should be on speed. Make sure you don't PANIC while solving the paper. Don't worry about how your Mock test scores were, be positive. The bottom line is, it doesn't matter on how you have been performing till recently, it only matters on how you perform on the DAY.

To calm down, in case you feel tension and nervous during the exam, do this exercise , it takes 20 seconds only and helps a lot. Close your eyes, take 3 deep breaths and then start again.

Ones gets nervous because one is afraid of failure. Stay cool, everything will go fine. Think that you are taking any other Mock test. Don't be rigid on your plan or strategy of attacking the CAT. Spend a few minutes to go though the paper and make your strategy accordingly. Be flexible and be ready for surprises. Don't worry too much, if it is a difficult paper it is difficult for everyone.


Do your rough work as near as possible to the given question. This way there are less chances of you mixing the rough work of different questions. Some candidates think that as they are doing rough work it will not matter if the writing is not clear and this sometimes leads to candidates writing in such a manner that they themselves are not able to recognise what they have written ( example : writing 4 and then calculating thinking that it is 9). The rough work should be managed in a neat and clean manner. After a question is done with, circle or cross the rough work if necessary so that you don't confuse it with the rough work of other questions.

Tips to maximise your CAT score by Dilip :
Our main target is to clear the individual cut-off in all sections and then to maximize the score.I would say giving time at length, rather than in bits, would help (40 minutes first and then 10 minutes). But then, you need to be disciplined as you attempt the sections. No mulling or wasting time over questions. And remember -- you do not have to answer all questions in a set. So, consider giving 45-45-45 minutes across the three sections first. Then spend 10 to 15 minutes on the section that seems to be still in the red.After giving 45-45-45 minutues on all three sections , if you realize that you might miss a sectional cut-off then spend 5 mins extra on that section and remaining 10 minutes on your forte section where you can score better in less time. Otherwise if you feel that you have done enough for sectional cut-off then spend all remanining time (15 mins) on your forte section


Selection Of Questions In the Test
Selection of proper question during the exam is very important and may be the deciding factor.
  The Final Thrust
Prepare  your own priority list on the topics to be covered in the last few weeks depending upon your...
A Paradise for MBA Aspirants