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If you have the will power to follow a tight study schedule by yourself without the help of classroom coaching then Correspondence course + Mock Tests  + a membership of UrPercentile.com is enough. We will help in keeping the momentum on, but you need to be an active participant in the UrPercentile activities.

If you want to join a coaching institute we would recommend you to join around 5 months prior to the test. Before that you should concentrate on basics and clear all your fundamentals of all the sections. Start reading 2-3 good magazines and a daily newspaper regularly. Go through the study material you have and identify your weak areas and start working on these. Prepare a time table and try to follow it. Before you join the coaching institute all your fundamentals should be clear and you should have all your doubts ready for the coaching institute to clarify. This will make you stand out of the rest of the class, which will be a great morale booster.

Reasons why one should join a coaching institute for preparation.

Helps you to follow a schedule.

Helps you in keeping the momentum on.

You can compare yourself with others.

Can be in touch of what is going around .

Reasons why one should NOT join a coaching institute for preparation.

1.Time is wasted on commuting to classes.

2.Other students in your batch may not be of same level competence as you. Some of your batch mates may require more attention of the teachers and thus may slow down the process.

3.You have to follow the schedule of the coaching classes.

4.You have to spend time equally on all topics and cannot prepare depending upon you strengths and weaknesses.  

Things to remember before joining a coaching institute:

1.Check past records of the coaching center.

2.Check the facilities they have.

3.Check the number of teachers they have.

4.Talk to a few candidates who have taken coaching from that center before spending you time and money.

5.Make sure that the coaching center is easy to commute to. No point is spending 2 hours of traveling for a two hours lecture.

6.Go through the coaching material they use.

7.Know your batch size.

8.If possible check the batch profile.

UrPercentile.com conducted a poll on MBA aspirants on this topic . Here are the results :

QUESTION : Is joining a Coaching institute necessary to clear CAT ?

Number of MBA aspirant participated in this Poll : 535
Yes   :           37 %    

No    :           37  %
No, but I will still join one.       26 %

Comments on Coaching by UrPercentile Subscribers
Reasons why one should join a coaching institute for preparation:

  Discussion : Coaching
But today , we can not provide the amount of time necessary for self study, as it requires a lot of hard work and time.
  To Prepare in Group or Not
I am of  the view that self study & group study in combination both are important.

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