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CAT 2007 (18th Nov 2007) :

CAT 2007 pattern was similar to CAT 2006 .

There are 3 section in the test each having 25 questions . Each correct answer would fetch 4 marks thus making the maximum total as 300 marks. There was negative marking of 1 marks for each wrong answer marked. Most of the question had 5 options to select from, except for 1 set of question in DS. With 5 options in each set and negative marking of 25% , random selection of answer would not have been a wise choice. With low number of questions in the paper the focus should have been on accuracy and not on speed.

The exam was for 2.5 hours.

The Details of the 3 sections are :

QA SECTION : Out of 25 question in total, 18 questions were on Algebra and Arithmetic, 3 questions on Geometry and 4 question on Data Sufficiency. The 18 question in Algebra and Arithmetic included questions on Number System, Averages, Time and distance, Area and volume, Stocks and shares, Permutation and combination, Percentages , Maxima and Minima , Equation and Inequalities. Most of the questions were time consuming and would have taken an average of 5 minutes to solve each question.

DI and DS SECTION : Out of 25 questions in total 21 questions were based on DI and 4 questions were based on DS. The DS questions were easier and less time consuming than the DI questions. The 21 questions of DI were based on 5 caselets based on tables. Most of the caselets required heavy calculations and the best way to go about these was by rounding of the digits and going backwards starting from the options given. Few inferences were also required to be made. It should have taken on an average 4 minutes per question to solve this section.

ENGLISH SECTION : Out of 25 questions in total 12 questions were based on RC and 13 questions were based on English Usage. In RC section there were 4 passages with 3 question from each passage. The RC passages were mostly lengthy and the options choices were confusing and close. There were a few direct questions as well. The passages were based on history, sociology, and philosophy. In the English Usage section there were questions on Grammar, completion of Paragraph, Jumbled paragraph and Sentence correction. English section was easiest in comparison to the other two section and it should have taken 3.5 minutes to solve each question in this section.


6 IIM calls : 130+ ( Equally well performance in each section)
4 or 5 IIM calls: 125 + ( Equally well performance in each section)
1 to 3 IIM calls : 120 + ( Equally well performance in each section).

Pattern of CAT - 2006
Cat 2006 was relatively simpler compared to the CAT exams held in last few years. Especially Quants and DI section.
  Pattern of CAT Prior to 2006
SUMMARY OF CAT 05: The paper had 3 section with each section having 2 sub-section.
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