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Jitentdra :   I m doing coaching at T.I.M.E and they have provided me with the material and  I also read times of India , Indian express and economic times and Hindustan times of Saturday and Sunday. In case of magazines,  I think business world and outlook money are the best. To make ur vocab strong read word power made easy  by Norman Lewis
Sapna :   Newspapers like The Economic Times, The Times of India keeps you updated for the GD  and PI which need to be done regularly and not just after the written tests, practice exercises on maths and verbal again to be done regularly, full length tests once the concepts are clear, etc.
Vivek : Hurdles of UrPercentile.com, Study material of IMS,  Times of India and  3-4 monthly magazines on various issues.
Manish : Study material of Career Launcher + Hurdles of Urpercentile, read through the UrComments series of Urpercentile  + Hindustan Times and frontline.
Asad :    In fact for preparation of test one has to put knowledge of his entire education. but as for as books are concerned GMAT helping books , books on mathematics and English language are required.

Avadhoot :       For English I am relying on my school preparation.  Not much into words and all. I have got both IMS and TIME study material.   I am good at quants and di/ds as I  had appeared for scholarship exams during school days even had cleared two NTSE written exams.  Pretty much confident about logical ability quant di/ds.
Mahesh : Generally editorials in various news papers give a good insight into the vocabulary. For a person like me who has been out of school for long now some books or even training material from various institutes for brushing up basics is also of great help.

Robin :  Test preparation for quantitative, data interpretation and verbal from ARUN SHARMA. Barrons GRE, GMAT. TIME mock tests and i am still looking for materials from IMS, TIME etc.

Prashant :†I am preparing R.S agarwal,12th standard maths along with the sakuntala devi puzzles for quant section. I am planning to follow any good coaching institute's material for verbal, analytical reasoning ,data interpretation and other sections. I read HINDU news paper daily. I also refer to magazines like OUTLOOK and FRONTLINE for exposure to current events.

Ashish : Well I have done Arun Sharma book in quant, I have also done†CF and IMS materials. Infact I have done all the material of CF and IMS in quant ,DI and verbal. Right now I am doing GMAT English so as to get the feel of critical reasoning and RC which is mostly Inference based.

Parag :†I am using the TIME coaching material for my preps, besides reading dailies.

Maalwika :†I have taken study material of IMS. Also using Barons for vocab.

Sourav :†Iím preparing from erudite, kolkata. Apart from erudite material. Iím also reading magazines like chronicle, business today, business standard, India today etc.

Vinoth†:†I am referring Kaplan/Princeton Review and other online materials published in ur yahoo group.

Pradeep : I have joined the coaching classes at CL (Career Launcher) for CAT 2007.†The study material is provide my them.

Aditya :†Reading stuff from IMS & Career Forum. Have also enrolled for SIMCAT+ in ims. Books :- Vedic Maths, R.S. Aggarwal for Apti, Outlook, India Today, Business World, etc

Niti : Hey guys, I am using arun sharma for quant and CL material for rest of the two sections..I do read HINDU and BUSINESS LINE regularly along with tit bits of novel reading...As of now am not using any other material to prepare specifiacaly for GK.

Books to be Read During Last 18 Months
Select any four, including 1 newspaper. :- Business & Management Chronicle .. Book18Mrbefore.htm
  Books During Last 12 Months
Select maximum up to  3 on different topics from the following:-Career Forum Study Material.
  Books to be Read atleast 1 Year Prior to Test
Word Power Made Easy by Goyal saab. Introduces the roots. 
A Paradise for MBA Aspirants