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Some of the companies ask fresh graduates to sign an employment bond for 2  or 3 years. It is very sad to notice that companies in this modern time are seeking bonded workers.  

Have a close look at the bond , consult your lawyer and if you find it easy to legally break the bond and you are ready to bear the consequences of breaking the bond, go ahead and sign it. Anyway a 2 to 3 years of work experience is just about the right time to start pursuing your MBA.

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Start with your job and at the same time start your preparation.  Do attempt the entrance exams each year for the next 2-3 years till your bond is over. Just a little regular input on daily basis would be enough at present to continue with your preparation. Identify the areas where you are weak and work on it. Pay more importance to questions where your accuracy level is low.

Most of the fresh college pass outs will get  a job that that does not require high managerial skill, don’t worry about it and continue with it and gain knowledge  and experience. Do give your best try for the entrance exam every year till your bond is over and when you get the final offer from a reputed institute you may sit down and decide about your next step.

A Paradise for MBA Aspirants