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After taking Mocks, analyse all the wrong answers. Check if it was wrong due to conceptual failure or due to silly mistake. If you didn't get the concept right, you know what you have to do. If the answer was wrong due to "silly" mistake, list it down in a dairy and maintain the dairy. After some time you will be surprised to notice that 80 % of the silly mistakes are of the same kind and that you have been committing the same silly mistake so often.

When I was teaching a student some time back, he used to always make the following mistake :

2% of 10 = 5 ( use to divide 10 by 2)

3% of 20 = 6.66

4% of 20 = 5

He had been doing it for long but never took notice of it. Though he very well knew that 2% of 10 is not 5 but whenever he was in a hurry or under pressure he used to commit this error. It was costing him a lot which he never realised. After I noticed him doing it a few times, we discussed about it and from then onward he used to take particular care while solving these problems. The point is , if you know the areas where you are vulnerable of committing silly mistake you must be extra careful and for that you must first know the areas where you are likely to commit a silly mistake.

To improve on Speed :

Don't worry too much about speed now, do it at your natural rate. Speed will improve with improvement is accuracy.

Try to improve on accuracy by avoiding silly mistakes.

Speed of reading or solving problems cannot be changed overnight and you will compromise on accuracy if you try to speed through the paper, but accuracy can be improved by taking a little bit extra care without investing any extra time.

A silly error prevented from occurring will give you the same result as increasing the speed.

A few seconds here and there can be saved by memorising short cuts, memorising tables till 25, square and cubes till 30, Pythagoras triplets, and other commonly used calculations.

Comments By UrPercentile Subscribers:

Hi, I appeared for CAT 2006 and to my surprise the paper had only 75 questions, the level of difficulty was pretty low. So my 1st plan to attempt the paper was that, i will go slow and attempt as many questions as possible with accuracy of 80-90 % .But as all that u think does not come true and same happened with me on D-Day. I made some horrendous mistakes in Quant and DI Section, and today i feel that those mistakes were due to lack of attention and sense of urgency. Because of this mistakes I am lost around 35 marks. So I suggest all CAT aspirants to take the test paying attention to all the instructions given in the test paper.

How Many Practice / Mock Test to Take
We recommend that you take at least 25 Mocks (including the past CAT papers ....

  Tips for Practice Test
Don't get bogged down on few questions, and Don't get demoralised if you are not able to solve a few quest.

  Improving Results of Mocks
Most important part is to understand your weaknesses and strong areas. When you have limited time .

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