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1) Do NOT wait for the last date for buying ,applying etc.Apply at least 15 days before the last date when sending by post, there are very less chances of someone missing an exam due topostal errors but one should keep all precautions.

2) Read the prospectus, instructions and the requirements carefully and follow them.

3) Fill the form carefully and avoid any kind of type error. If you come to know of any mistake after you have sent the application form , do write to the relevant authorities and keep a copy of all correspondences.

4) Visit the official website of the institute and read carefully everything mentioned there.

5) Keep a photocopy of all the documents submitted including the application form and properly file all such documents with a proper index. You will need this at a later date and will help you in your interview.

6) At least 1000 candidates of all those who apply for various exams year miss their exams as they misplace the relevant documents/ roll number/ hall tickets etc.  We don't want any of the Urpercentile.com member to be among them. File your documents carefully and keep in a safe place.

7) Don't worry too much about the delay in postal delivery, there are very less chances of someone missing an exam due to postal errors. If there is delay in receiving the hall ticket, just keep sending a reminder to the institute every few days preferably in writing followed by phone call. Wish the institutes can make arrangements to download the Hall Ticket online.


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