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1) Finalise the number of institutes you will apply to, the number of tests you want to take and the amount of money you are going to spend.

2) Understand what you deserve and what you desire, a mismatch between what you can get and your expectation will result in loss of time, money and effort.

3) When you have taken around 5 Mock tests, it will give you a fair idea of where you stand. You may give some benefit of doubt to yourself as you still have time for preparation and can improve a lot, but remember others also have the same amount of time.

4) Apply to at least one institute for back up purpose where you are sure to get call, if you necessarily have t to start your MBA next year.

The following is for reference only and is based on many assumptions and past cut-offs, so the outcome may or may not be in accordance to the recommendation below. CAT score is being taken as the basis below though not all the institutes accept CAT score.

Urpercentile.com recommendations are as follows, many of you may not agree with it and may have your own views and that is fine. We recommend not to go alone by our recommendations and also use your best judgment.

Ranking of Institutes
The list has been arranged in an order based on personal liking and preference of UrPercentile.com
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I am planning to apply to some top 10 so as to spread the risks.

  Tips for Applying to institutes
Read the prospectus, instructions  and the requirements carefully and follow them.

See the Ranking of Various institutes by UrPercentile.

A) If you expect your CAT score to be above 97 percentile you may apply to 4 institutes among the top 10 and 2 institutes ranked between 11 to 15 for back up purpose.

B) If you expect your CAT score to be above 94 percentile but less than 97 percentile you may apply to 4 institutes ranked between 6 to 20 and 2 institute ranked between 20 to 30 for back up purpose.

C) If you expect your CAT score to be above 87 percentile but less than 94 percentile you may apply to 4 institutes ranked between 14 to 28 and 2 institute ranked between 29 to 35 for back up purpose.

D) If you expect your CAT score to be above 83 percentile but less than 87 percentile you may apply to 4 institutes ranked between 24 to 35 and 2 institute ranked between 36 to 45 for back up purpose.

Some institute may have sectional cut off also, that is you will be required to get minimum percentile in certain or all sections.

Comments by UrPercentile Subscribers

Tulika : As the ranking of business school vary every year and even in the same year it varies from one magazine to other. And it is quite obvious as there is not a certain parameter to judge any institure. But before you lock any Institute, it is good to make your check list that will include

1. Course Structure (like MDI offers HR course separately & FMS offers MS course separately, and ranking may vary if go in detail) Internship facility ( like where people generally go for internship and the emolument theyget their etc)
2. Placement figure ( though they are very tricky )
3. Faculty Experience
4. Alumni network
5. Infrastructure.

I request other members to improve this check list.

And, it is imperative to know "why do you want to go for MBA" before selecting any institute. Since, any Institute can't cater all
desire, you should be completely thorough with your requirement.

Gopshc : I think the best way to select a b school is like this :-

The ultimate requirement of all MBA aspirants is a good career and not just a job so PLACEMENT TAKES THE FIRST SLOT. Check the placement records for the last 3 years and average salary whether it has increased every year or not. Do not go for placement guaranteed MBA or Placement Assurance MBA but only placement records.

Secondly the FACULTY MEMBERS appointed in B schools make a lot of difference. See a school which has a combination of full time, part time, visiting, industry professionals and overseas faculty who will impart good sessions rather than faculty who give you from the text books and some other examples. You need to carry the intellectual values when you are about to make decisions in the work place.

AN UPDATED CURRICULUM provides lot of impetus to the students and good word or mouth for the b-school. Look for latest electives of upcoming sectors like Insurance, Investments, International Business, Finance, Banking, etc...

INFRASTRUCTURE also plays an important role. Adequate lab, library with well stocks journals and magazines will help you a lot.

EDUCATION STYLE OR METHODS. Look for institutes which provide you a mix of classroom, discussions, self study and other aids

By far these are the parameters and some include the faculty research work and other developmental work while rating a b school

Hope an insight has been arrived at in selecting a b school

Jai : I think every A grade colleges like MDI or few other have got the overall placements of around 5-7 Lc with few of them even getting 9 some thing rest B-grade colleges always have got 4-5.5 Lc with few of them getting 6-6.5 and separate thing is Lateral placements for Exp ppl for whom the fig would get changed slightly... if u a fresher i think B-grade college would do so... dont let ur chance go if u not enough sure about ur next try ... about the interns all gud colleges get gud interns offer with most of them getting absorbed in their interns itself


A Paradise for MBA Aspirants